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Birthday Cake

"What happened to the cake?" Sharon gasped looking at the empty plate.

"I don't know it was here an hour ago?" Reim said. "I don't know what could have…" He stopped his thought. No wait, he did know what might have happened to the cake. He turned around to see Break sitting in a chair with a fork in his mouth. He slowly licked it as though he was savoring the flavor of something that he just finished.

Sharon turned around to glare at Break. He finally looked up at the two; his red eye was big and watery as though he was a puppy. He left the fork in his mouth because he wasn't ready to let the flavor go. But this tactic wasn't working. Sharon's eyes were filled with rage and you could see sparks of fire in them. Liam was just staring in complete disapproval.

"Break," Sharon started. "what happened to the birthday cake that was here?" Break shrugged.

"Did you eat it?' Reim asked. Break looked down.

"BREAK!" Sharon shouted. "That was for my grandmother's 85th birthday!" Break looked back up with that one puppy dog eye. "Don't look at me like that!" Sharon pointed her finger at him. "You shouldn't have eaten the cake." Sharon got her fan, ready to strike Break.

"My word what is all the noise in here." Sheryl was wheeled into the room. All three looked at her.

"Well um…" Sharon looked down while twiddling her thumbs, she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "Break ate your birthday cake." She was acted like it was her fault.

"Oh did he now?" She was smiling for some reason.

"Yeah" Reim scratched the back of his head.

"Well in the truth is, I let him eat the cake. I didn't like the flavor of it." Sheryl was then wheeled out of the room.

Sharon and Liam stared at her as she left with their mouths practically hanging open. When they looked back at Break he was still sitting the fork in his mouth. He took it out and smiled.

"Any more cake?" He asked holding out his plate.

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