A little something written for the Spn_bigpretzel summer fun comment-fic meme over on LiveJournal. The prompt was ...

Sam and Dean find a kiddie swimming pool stashed in Bobby's garage. (Bobby used to use it to give his dog a bath.) It's *crazy* hot out, and...well, it's a POOL.

Simple really!

Disclaimer: I don't own them or a pool. I'm just hopeless.


Sam sighed through the cloying heat as he stood at Bobby's kitchen sink scrubbing his way through last night's dishes. Job done, he carefully wrung out the threadbare blue dishcloth then looked up with a yawn through the grimy window.

And froze.


At first he thought he might be seeing things; possibly he'd inhaled too much dishwashing detergent or something, but a brief shake of the head and a long hard rub of the eyes convinced him he wasn't.

Outside in the yard, Dean was sprawled in a deckchair with his feet immersed in a child's paddling pool. His arms lay folded limply across his chest, and with his head lolling sleepily on his shoulder, he looked ridiculously at peace.

Sam poured two glasses of lemonade, ice-cold from the refrigerator, and stepped out into the yard to make his way over to the pool.

He stifled a smile when he noticed Dean's jeans were rolled up to his knees; giving his comically pale legs a rare and much-needed exposure to the sun.

The coarse sandy hair over Dean's shins was standing perkily to attention from the refreshing chill of the cold water in the pool, as he sat, silently mouthing the lyrics to some song running through his head, wiggling his toes along to the bassbeat.

Sensing Sam's approach, Dean's eyes flickered open and he looked up from under a pair of sunglasses which rested crookedly on his forehead.

He smiled, gesturing toward the pool; "pull up a chair, Sammy; the water's awesome."

"Dude, you do know Bobby used to wash his dog in that?" Sam grinned.

Dean shrugged; "that's okay, in this heat my feet'll kill anything."

It was an invitation Sam couldn't refuse.