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Chapter 2 – Hermione's First Moon

"Whoa. Careful." Remus said, gripping her tighter as she stumbled when they landed. He was incredibly aware of the position they were in. Her pert chest was pressed firmly against his broad one and his hands were on his hips, trying to steady her.

Hermione was trying with all her might not to breath. But when she stumbled and Remus pulled her closer, she involuntarily gasped and Remus' scent invaded her senses once more. She looked up at him and had to hold back another gasp as she saw his eyes had changed. His normally cobalt blue eyes had gone gold. She wondered briefly if her eyes had changed as well… Until Remus' lips crashed against hers.

He knew they had to prepare for the upcoming night. He had yet to take his Wolfsbane potion and he needed to tell Hermione what to expect. He had felt the shift in his eyes and when Hermione opened hers… Well, the bright gold looked amazing on her. That, mixed with her smell that was enveloping him, had made her completely irresistible to both him and Moony and he couldn't stop himself from pressing his lips to hers.

He was a damn good kisser. Hermione hadn't a coherent thought in her mind. She felt Remus' tongue against her lips, begging for entrance, which she happily granted. She moaned immediately. He tasted a hundred times better than he smelled. She felt him pulling back and the growl that ripped itself from her throat surprised her. Remus simply chuckled.

"We need to prepare for the night." He said simply. It took all his will power to remove his hands from her hips and step back. "Our eyes have already changed. I need to take my Wolfsbane potion and tell you what to expect." He paused. "Unfortunately you won't be able to start taking Wolfsbane until next month."

"Why not?" She asked. She wanted to ask for a mirror but she felt it would be silly.

"It can be damaging to someone who's not a werewolf, which your technically not yet. Not until your first transformation is complete." She nodded and he didn't miss the hungry look she shot him. He could smell her arousal as if it were a flower beneath his nose and he knew she could smell his just as well. He continued talking, trying to take his mind off of it. "The transformation itself is very painful." He busied his hands with the potions in his bag to stop himself from crossing the room and pulling her into his arms.

'But we want her!' Moony demanded.

'Now is not the time!' Remus replied. He placed the potions for the morning in a drawer and then unstopped and drank his Wolfsbane, grimacing.

"When you can take the potion, be prepared. It tastes like troll dung smells." He told her. "When the wolf comes out, it's very… strange at first. It feels sort of like an Imperius curse; watching everything that you do, without being able to control your actions. Even with the Wolfsbane, the wolf is still there. In that case, it's more like doing Occlumency, almost like having two people in your head at once; you and the wolf." He paused. "It can be scary not being able to control your actions but the calmer you stay, the easier it will be. In certain circumstances, the wolf can still break through the Wolfsbane potion and, on rare occasions, can break though even though it's not yet the full moon. Moony does it quite a lot but you can always tell by my eyes." He grinned at her and his golden eyes sparkled.

She tried desperately to stamp down the tingling that had spread across her body at his smile.

'We will have him.' Said a quiet, rough voice in her head. She hoped that her shock didn't show on her face. Was this the wolf?

'Of course it is, silly girl. Who else would it be?' The voice responded to her unasked question. Remus was talking again but she couldn't pay attention due to the rambling in her head. She was quite glad Remus couldn't hear it. 'Such a beautiful wolf-man. We want to run our fingers through his hair and feel his strong arms. Can't wait to rip his shirt off and touch his chest. Such beautiful eyes. And-oh! Wonderful arse!' She thought as he turned around. 'Can't wait to meet the wolf… What was his name? The wolf I mean not the man. Moony! That's right. Can we mate with him?'

"Hermione!" Remus called. She shook her head quickly and focused on him.

"Sorry. She won't shut up." Hermione said, blushing. He grinned wolfishly.

"And what exactly is she saying?" He asked, his voice husky once more. He and Moony had a good idea of what her wolf was saying, judging by her increasing arousal. The wolf in Hermione trembled with excitement as Remus stepped towards them.

'Behave!' Hermione told her wolf firmly.

'Not a chance!' The wolf replied. Hermione felt a strange shifting in her head and she watched in dismay as her body took the last few steps towards Remus, ignoring her protests that now was not the time. 'Now is the perfect time.' Her wolf said smugly as Remus' hand raised to her cheek. 'Now sit back and watch Mia work.'

'Is that your name?' Hermione asked. She felt the wolf nod and turn it's attention to Remus.

Meanwhile, Remus was dealing with his own battle against Moony but it was halted as Hermione stepped towards him, determinedly.

"Mia says that you have an amazing arse." Mia said. Hermione felt like she should blush at the words coming from her mouth but Mia was pretty much in full control.

"Mia?" Remus asked, quirking an eyebrow. "Is that you're name, beautiful?" Moony asked.

"It certainly is." Mia replied. Remus chuckled as Hermione's flickered back to brown for half a second.

"Don't fight it Hermione." He murmured. "It'll only make it harder on you."

"But-" Hermione said before Moony silenced her with a bruising kiss. Mia squealed in delight and kissed him back eagerly, wrapping her arms around his waist. Moony buried his hands in her hair and pulled her closer. Remus jumped slightly when Mia firmly gripped his bum but Moony growled appreciatively, trailing a hand down her side.

Remus suddenly ripped himself away from her, panting.

"It's starting." He said. "Take your clothes off quickly so they don't rip." He quickly stepped into the next room. Sure enough, Hermione heard Mia howl triumphantly in her mind before a searing pain ripped up her back. She quickly pulled her clothes off then shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to see her skin rip itself apart as the wolf emerged. The transformation probably only took around a minute but the pain made it seem so much longer, hours longer.

Remus was by her side the instant his transformation was done. He sniffed at her before lying down next to her, waiting for her to be done with the pain. When Mia rose unsteadily to her feet, Hermione was shocked to see large paws rather than feet and hands. She saw something out of the corner of her eyes and Mia quickly spun around, gripping her tail between strong jaws and grinning wolfishly. Moony barked a laugh.

'She's a beautiful wolf.' Remus thought to himself tracing the dark brown wolfs body with his eyes. He could tell that Mia was in full control now and he was waiting for her to challenge Moony. She suddenly turned towards him, her eyes bright. 'Here it comes.' He braced himself for an attack that he knew Moony would win. He just hoped he didn't hurt her too bad.

Mia shocked Remus, Hermione and Moody when she pounced on him, not in a show of dominance but in a playful sort of way. Moony forced out a growl and Mia rolled off of him immediately, rolling over to lay on her stomach. Moony surprised them all by biting the back of her neck just enough to cause discomfort but not enough to break skin. He was showing her that he was the dominant one, while still being careful.

'We can't hurt our mate, afterall.' Moony told Remus, who fully agreed. Mia growled playfully and nipped at him before turning and bounding downstairs. Remus chuckled. She was such a pup. He quickly chased after her. He knew that there would be no more sexual advances until they were in their human forms. She was, for all intents and purposes, still a pup. It was her first moon and she had to get used to her new form before the nips would stop being playful and start being… more. Both Remus and Moony knew this but that didn't stop either of them from admiring her, wolf and human form.

They chassed each other around the Shrieking Shack for about an hour before jumping up onto the bed and curling up together. They slept soundly for most of the night. Remus woke just as the moon was going down. He jumped off the bed and pulled the blankets over Hermione just as his transformation started again. He quickly ran to the other room, knowing they would both be in a state of undress. It killed him to hear Hermione's whimpers of pain that turned more and more human every second.

He felt his transformation finish and the emotional numbness settle in while his bones groaned in protest as he pulled his jeans on. He pushed the door open to see Hermione pull an over-sized shirt over her head, tears streaming down her face.

"Are you alright?" He asked gently. She shook her head and laid back down on the bed. He sighed. She must be in terrible pain. He quickly pulled out a pain relieving potion, unstopped it, and helped her drink it. Moments later her face relaxed, the lines of pain disappearing. "Better?"

"Much." She said before yawning.

"Would you like to take a nap before heading back to the Burrow?" She nodded and patted the bed beside her. He smiled and laid down next to her.

'Until next month, Moony.' Mia said, contentedly. Taking her last chance, she seized control of Hermione's body once more and snuggled into Remus, her head resting on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, before drifting off to sleep.

"Hermione!" Harry called, spotting her and Remus come up the lawn. He started towards them but froze a few steps away when he saw how exhausted she looked.

"Hey Harry." She said, forcing a smile. Remus was right. She was incredibly sore and although she knew she should be happy to see Harry she simply couldn't get up the energy to actually be happy.

"How was your night?" He asked tentatively.

"It was…" She paused, considering her words. "Interesting."

"You look exhausted."

"That's because I am."

"Molly has breakfast ready inside if you guys are hungry." He told them both.

"That would be great." Remus said. His stomach rumbled loudly in agreement and Harry chuckled, leading them up to the house. When they were seated at the table, Molly placed full plates in front of them and Remus dug in gratefully.

"You're Hogwarts letters came today." Molly said, handing Hermione her envelope. Hermione set it on the table in front of her and turned towards the plate. She wasn't really in the mood to eat. All she wanted to do was go upstairs and sleep. She started pushing the food around her plate until she felt Remus' hand on her knee. She looked up at him.

"You need to eat." He said gently. "I know you don't feel hungry but if you don't eat now you won't be able to get any sleep later." She nodded and took a small bite. The flavors exploded in her mouth and she suddenly realized just how very hungry she was. Remus chuckled as she dug into the plate in earnest.

When the food was gone, she leaned back in her chair and stretched carefully, wincing as she did so. Thankfully, Molly choose that moment to place pain relieving potion and a pepper up potion in front of her and Remus. Hermione quickly tore the stoppers off and drank them, ignoring the foul tastes as the pain receded from her body and she felt a bit more energized. She reached out and picked up her letter, tearing the seal open. The envelope felt strangely heavy.

"I was thinking we could go to Diagon Alley today." Molly said. "That is, of course, if you're up for it Hermione. If not it can wait til tomorrow or the next day."

She felt cheated as she pulled out the shiny Head Girl badge. She should be ecstatic over this, but instead she simply felt a mild sense of excitement. There was a letter congratulating her on becoming Head Girl as well as the letter they got every year listing their needed supplies. She frowned as she pulled out another letter, this one directly from Headmistress McGonagall.

They all looked up as an owl swooped into the kitchen, dropping a letter in front of Remus. He flew around for a moment before finding a place to perch, waiting for a reply. Hermione turned her attention back to her letter as Remus opened his.

Dear Miss Granger,

I have been informed of your unfortunate accident over the summer and I'd like to tell you how deeply sorry I am for you. Being a werewolf is no walk in the park. Having said this, I will completely understand if you decide to turn down the position as Head Girl. If you decide to do so, the position will go to Miss Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw, and you must send the badge back with the owl I have sent to Remus.

I find myself in need of a Defense teacher once again and he seemed an appropriate choice as he can be there to help you adjust as well.

Awaiting your decision,
Minerva McGonagall,
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

She looked over at Remus to see him finishing his letter.

"Are you going to take the job?" She asked. He looked at her in shock and she gestured to her letter. "McGonagall told me. I've been offered the Head Girl position but she said that I can decline if I feel it'll be too much to deal with this year." Remus nodded in understanding.

"I don't see why not." He replied. "I did love teaching." He smiled and Hermione felt his hand on her leg once more. "And if I accept it I can be there to help you." She nodded, not trusting her voice. She had to wonder if it was Remus touching her leg or Moony, but then, she decided, she didn't particularly care. It felt nice either way.

"I think I'll give the Head Girl position to Luna." Hermione said, thinking out loud. "McGonagall's right. Head duties on top of being a new werewolf would be completely draining."

"Luna?" Harry asked. "Was she McGonagall's second choice?"

"It would make sense." Ginny said immediately. "Luna's very bright for being as… unique as she is." Ron snickered and Molly smacked him on the head.

"Luna is a lovely girl." Molly said. Hermione looked up at Remus, who was deep in thought.

"Will you take the job?" She asked again, quietly. Remus stood up from the table.

"I think I'll escort Hermione up to her room and get her settled. I'm sure she could do with a nap." He said. Molly nodded in agreement and turned to do the dishes. Hermione followed him quickly and the scrubber started scratching at the plates, starting another headache. She followed him upstairs silently and he closed the door behind her when they stepped into the room. She sat down on her bed and patted the spot next to her. Remus smiled, seeming sad, but he sat down next to her anyways.

"What are you thinking?" She asked finally, after studying his face for a moment.

"The pros and cons of taking this job." He replied, staring at the wall in front of them.

"Like?" She probed.

"Pros being that it would keep me busy and give me some money. I really do enjoy teaching as well. And I would get to spend more time with you. Help you through the next few months as you adjust. Cons being that the castle reminds me so much James, Lily and Sirius. And that I'd be around you more often." He said the last part slowly, unsure of his words. She frowned.

"Why is being with me a pro and a con?" She asked after a moment of silence. He smiled, looking tired.

"As much as Moony wants you… it could get us into a great deal of trouble." He replied.

"How so?"

"Well, for one you're underage-"

"I'm 17." She replied quickly. He sighed.

"And I'm 37." He replied. "Not only that, you'd be my student."

"There's no school rules against a student and a teacher dating." She argued.

"You'd know." He said, grinning tiredly at her. "It would still be frowned upon. I'm sure there will be plenty of people that think I'm being biased towards you. Not only that but I'm a werew-"

"Don't even use that excuse." She interrupted him. "I'm a werewolf too."

"I'm almost twice your age, Hermione!" He said, his voice almost pleading. "And I'll be your teacher. It wouldn't be right." Mia growled in Hermione's head and took partial control of her body. Remus gulped as her eyes took on a gold tint.

Mia turned and swung her leg over Remus lap, straddling him. Hermione felt herself blush a bit but Mia ignored it.

"Don't you dare tell me that this doesn't feel right, Remus Lupin." Mia leaned down and captured his lips. Remus groaned and deepened the kiss without a thought, exploring the inside of her mouth and wrapping his arms around her waist. Despite Remus' words that feelings were dulled after the full moon, Hermione was definitely aware of the heat and fluttering in her stomach. In their heads, Moony and Mia cheered. Mia released her hold on Hermione and faded away. The kiss turned sweeter and softer and finally Remus pulled away, breathing heavily.

"Was that you or was that Mia?" He asked after a moment. "Because that's another problem I'm having. I don't know if it's just Mia and Moony that are attracted to each other or if it's us." He looked into her eyes, glad to see the gold tint gone.

She pulled up all of her Gryffindor courage and raised her hand to his face, placing her palm on his cheek and brushing his lips gently with her thumb.

"Mia just gives me the courage to do what I want." She said finally. She leaned forward slowly giving him plenty of time to pull away if he wanted. He didn't and so Hermione pressed her lips to his once more. He moaned into her as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her closer then ran his hands up her sides. Her hands flew to his hair, running her fingers through his deliciously soft blonde locks. He growled as her nails scrapped against his scalp and neck. Not breaking their kiss, he lifted her off his lap and flipped her over, settling his weight on her carefully.

He had never felt this alive so soon after the full moon and he knew in an instant that it was because of the amazing woman beneath him. He pulled back slowly and looked down at her. She was beautiful. Her hair was tousled from him running his hands through it and her lips were swollen and redder than usual. He gently kissed her once more.

"I've a letter to send." He said, pulling away from her and sitting up. "It seems I have a job to accept."

"Now, what do you all need?" Molly asked as they stepped into Diagon Alley.

"Mostly books." Ron said, frowning down at his list.

"Ron and I need our robes adjusted." Harry added.

"And can we stop by the shop?" Ginny asked, referring to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

"I'd like to stop by Quality Quidditch Supplies, as well." Said Harry.

"Ok." Molly said. "First stop, Gringotts. Then we'll go by-"

"Oh! I need to go to Slug and Jiggers!" Hermione said, cutting Molly off. The older woman glared at her for a moment and Hermione blushed. "Sorry." She said quickly.

"Then we'll go by and see George and go to Madame Malkins." Molly continued. "We'll get your books and hit the Quidditch store and the Apothecary on the way out."

"Why do you need to go to the Apothecary?" Remus asked Hermione curiously.

"I want to buy ingredients to make the Wolfsbane potion and the pain relieving potion." She replied. "And maybe the pepper-up potion." She paused. "But probably not because it's cheaper to buy it already made than it is to buy the ingredients."

"Hermione," Remus started. "The Wolfsbane potion is quite difficult." She stopped in the street and stared at him. "What?" He asked, shifting from foot to too nervously.

"You don't think I can do it?" She asked, feeling slightly hurt.

"No, no. That's not what I said." Remus said quickly.

"I'll test it first if you're worried about it not working." She said, continuing walking.

"I never said I was." Remus repeated. "I simply said it's difficult potion. I don't doubt your ability one bit but I know that the potion is really time consuming." He said, clarifying himself. She shrugged.

"It's a whole lot cheaper than buying it every month." She said. The reached Gringotts and Harry, the Weasley's, and Remus went down to their vaults while Hermione exchanged 100 Muggle pounds for Wizarding money, which equaled out to 20 galleons.

When they returned they went across the street to say hello to George. He had just reopened the shop last month in anticipation of the kids getting ready for school. Shortly after the war, and Fred's death, George decided that the best way to remember his twin brother was to continue the dream that they had worked so hard to bring to life. The shop was an amazing success so far and George was considering opening a slightly small shop in Hogsmeade as well.

"To be closer to the kids." He had said. There was a decent sized crowd in the store, mostly kids buying their school supplies. They wandered around the shop for a bit and Hermione picked up some spell-checking quills.

Remus grinned as he saw the shelf of love potions. He picked one up and made his way over to Hermione.

"What would you say if I asked you take a love potion for me?" He asked quietly. She looked up at him in shock.

"Why would you want me to do that?" She asked curiously. "You know I already have feelings for you."

"Oh come on. It could be fun." He winked at her and covertly grabbed her bum. She laughed and the group slowly made their way up to the cash register and George.

"Hey guys." George said, smiling brightly as they walked towards him. "Fancy some Skiving Snackboxes?"

"George, don't you dare give those to your siblings!" Molly yelled. Hermione placed her quills on the counter and George rang her up, placing a box of Daydream Charms in her bag as well. He handed it over to her with a wink.

"On the house. Be careful with those now." He said as she blushed. Remus quickly handed him the money for his love potion, ignoring George's questioning looks and hoping to Merlin he didn't say anything. Thankfully, he kept his mouth shut. They quickly made their way out of the shop and Harry and Ron rushed off the Madam Malkin's to get their robes adjusted, Molly and Ginny following them.

"Would you like some ice cream?" Remus asked Hermione. "I was thinking some chocolate chocolate chip sounded delicious." She smiled.

"Sure. We can split one if you like; I'm still mostly full from lunch." She laughed. Remus nodded and crossed the cobble stone street to buy a large ice cream. They decided to wander down the street a bit since Harry and Ron would take a while. Hermione ran inside to let Molly know before they started walking. She had to admit, the chocolate was delicious. They passed Eeylops Owl Emporium and she stopped to look in the window.

"Thinking on buying an owl?" Remus asked, taking a scoop of ice cream. She shook her head.

"Just thinking about Crookshanks." She frowned. "I miss him." The big ball of, usually angry, fluff had disappeared halfway through sixth year. She had to assume that he knew he was getting old and wandered off to pass away without upsetting her too much.

"He was a smart cat." Remus said. "He hated Pettigrew, or Scabbers as Ron called him." Hermione smiled at the memory.

"Yes. He did." She sighed and turned away from the shop front. They wandered back down the way they came and sat down on a bench outside Flourish and Botts. Remus had noticed the strange looks they were getting and it was really getting to him. It simply increased his worry over their age difference and what everyone would think of them. Some people were quite obvious about their stares and whispers and he had to wonder why Hermione hadn't noticed yet.

"-looks old enough to be her father." Hermione heard someone say. Her head whipped in the direction of the voice and Remus looked over at her. She glared at the gossiping, old hags and they quickly walked away. Hermione turned to see Remus watching her nervously. She looked down at the ice cream and repressed a smile as she scooped up a bite.

"Open up, love." She said, holding the spoon out for him. She saw a few people stop to watch out of the corner of her eye. "I don't care what they think, Remus." She almost whispered. She knew his ears would pick it up though. He smiled softly, pushed his worries aside and took the bite off the spoon. When he had swallowed the bite, he kissed her on the nose and she giggled.

The sound of a bag dropping in shock made them both look around to see Harry staring at them, Ginny at his side.

"Wh-what?" He said, sounding confused. He stepped closer to them. "What was that?" He asked, sounding angry.

"Flirting?" Hermione said, phrasing it as more of a question. Harry glanced around at the people watching them.

"Let's get in the store." He said quickly. "Molly knows where we're headed." He lead them to a secluded corner of the shop and turned angrily. "When did this start?" He whispered furiously.

"Just before the full moon." Hermione replied.

"We haven't officially started a relationship." Remus added. "We're just… testing the waters, so to speak."

"And it didn't occur to you to tell me? Any of us?" Harry replied. Hermione shrugged.

"We figured we'd tell everyone if or when we actually start a relationship." She told him. Harry stared at them for a moment as if deciding whether to believe them or not.

"Trust me Harry." Remus said. "You'd be one of the first to know." The words seem to make him relax a bit.

"I'd better be." He said finally.

"Well, I think it's great." Ginny said. "You two would be good together."

"Who?" Ron asked, coming up to them, followed by Molly.

"No one." Harry said. He pulled Ginny and Hermione down the row of books quickly, looking for their books for this year.

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