~~Veronica's POV~~

"Come on Veronica Mars," Lilly turned to me with her bright sparkly eyes. "You have been sulking for way too long. It's about time you realize that you are red satin and not yellow cotton!"

I couldn't help the infectious smile that crept on my lips. Though, my spidey senses were totally telling me that she was up to something.

"Lilly..." Sigh. Nothing I said would make her back down.

"Live a little Veronica Mars! You'll be thanking me," Lilly winked as we get to our seats.

Please don't let it be a blind date! Please don't let it be a blind date! I squeezed my eyes in a silent prayer.

"Lilly!" I whispered. "Duncan and Logan are here!" My eyes widened pointedly in their direction. "How do you suppose I get over him, when he's right there?"

"Chill-axe Ronica, what's the point of getting over somebody if they don't know you're over them?" She brushed it away with ease and waggled her eyebrows. Ah oh. "And well it will be fun."

Remind me never to mope around Lilly Kane ever again. She's going to torture the depression out of me. And my autopsy report will state; Veronica Mars: Death by embarrassment.

"Lilly-" I started but a muscular voice echoed through the room in interruption.

"Next up we have, Veronica, Veronica Mars!" The MC announced.

My eyes widened.



My eyes snapped to hers.

She let out her bubbly grin and enthusiastically shouted, "Go, let your inner rock star out!" She threw her hands up and made a 'v' sign.


"Ah we have a shy girl... let's give her a shout out; Come on out, Veronica, Veronica, Veronica!"

The crowd chanted my name, Lilly pushed me toward the stage with a thumbs up.

Oh boy. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe, Mars.

The music started. Eyes closed, images of Lilly and I being goofy, dancing and singing in her room filled my mind.

Exhaling a deep breath, I looked at the screen and started to sing,

"I can't believe I hung around with you
All this time"

Naturally, my eyes fluttered to Duncan and Logan's table. Tears stung my eyes; Duncan's got a blank expression, but the redness of his face gave away his embarrassment. Why? Why was he trying to hide? He was always open, honest, and kind. Not evasive, and just bluntly rude.

"You drove me crazy with your O.C.D
Boy you're out of your mind"

Logan sent me a half-reassuring grin and a half-I-can't-believe-you're-up-there smile. A grin spread through my face, the unshed tears absorbed and I twirl my hair. A sense of confidence burst through me. Logan always had a way of bringing out my confident, relaxed and carefree side.

"I'm countin' on UFOs to beam me up
I just don't know"

I shook my head; I really didn't know. Why did he break up with me? Lilly continuously reassured me that there's nothing wrong with me. But when your boyfriend suddenly starts to avoid you, a girl can't help but wonder. Maybe something was wrong with him? Did he cheat on me and couldn't find the guts to fess up? But it's Duncan. Duncan Kane. He's perfect, everyone thought so. Including me, that is until he trampled all over my heart.

"How long I can take your shit? I'm over it
Boy, you gotta go"

I did a small bye-bye hand wave gesture and smiled when Lilly mimicked my action.

How could I have been blinded to Duncan's flaws? Lilly always pointed out that he was a goody-too-shoes and a mama's boy...

...But those are good qualities. Maybe his shit was that he's perfect.

With a slight frown, I glanced at the guy half of our 'fabulous foursome'. Duncan pointedly avoided looking at the stage; at me.



That was his shit! Okay, stop with that crude word, Veronica.

My lip curved.

"It's over, we're over"

The beat got to me, and my feet moved to the rhyme.My voice got louder with the words.

These were the words that Duncan didn't say.

The words that I needed to hear.

Why couldn't he say them? Sure, he didn't like arguments, and I guess break-ups fall under that category...

...but he cared about a person's feelings. Why did he suddenly stop caring about mine?

"Just like in Crimson and Clover
Been sinking, I'm thinking"

I blinked away those thoughts, shimmied down to the floor and made a thinking face.

Humour, always pleases the crowd.

"How the hell did I get so stupid?"

I poked my head with my index finger, while I jumped up and down.

Logan let out a laugh and Duncan looked at Logan in betrayal. Logan slapped Duncan's shoulder and through my awesome lip-reading abilities I caught the, 'lighten up, man.'

"It's the end, Ex-Boyfriend
I don't care what you think of me now"

I realized the truth to the words; I don't care what he thinks, not now.

Not since he looked right through me in the hallway.

Not since he ignored my calls and pleas of what was wrong.

Not since he'd said he loved me and just left me.

Not since he can turn off his emotions while I'm left clueless.

I'm going to regret these words but Lilly was right. I needed to let my 'awesomeness shine' instead of behaving in the way that I'm expected.

"So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song"

Duncan Kane, I am officially breaking up with you.

When did Duncan become the stoic one of the two?

Lilly beamed up with pride, I felt a sense of accomplishment. She danced along with me, and did I mention that my best friend is amazing?

I swallowed my giggle and continued with the song,

"One more thing before you go
Would you please give me my records back?
No Doubt, The Rolling Stones
Blondie, Jet, and Back in Black"

Come to think of it, I would like my CDs back. Ah, I finally see the benefit of my best friend being his sister.

"You can keep the dog we bought"

Sorry hon. Back-Up is mine.

Back-Up wasn't much of a fan of Duncan anyway. He loved Lilly and Logan. But Duncan? Not so much. Maybe, with a sixth sense dog-super-power, he knew that this boy was going to break my heart.

Perhaps I should take Back-Up's reactions to people more seriously. As of now I, Veronica Mars, will not date any boy that my dog, Back-Up Mars, does not like.

Damn, am I going to end up a spinster?

"And the message I keyed in your car
Don't hang around, don't hit on my friends
They know how small you are"

A giggle passed my lips as I did a little jump. At least I don't have to deal with my best friend dating my ex-boyfriend. But there's no doubt that the 09er girls will be all over him come Monday.

Hopefully, Duncan still cares about Lilly's opinions and does not date Madison Sinclair.

No, I will not go there. I'm not ready for that... yet. Duncan Kane has class. He wouldn't date so soon.

Then again, I never imagined he'd break up with me… without even telling me. So much for class.

"It's over, we're over
Just like in Crimson and Clover"

I'm okay with us being over, I guess. But it really hurts that, I not only lost my boyfriend, but one of my best friends.

"Been sinking, I'm thinking
How the hell did I get so stupid?"

I guess when you think you're in love you can get pretty stupid. I was blinded by Mr Prince-not-so-charming.

But y'know we were happy. I'm pretty sure I wasn't deluded about that.

"It's the end, Ex-Boyfriend
I don't care what you think of me now"

I could regret the way things turned out and be bitter or I could be happy with the memories we had and move on…

"So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song
So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song"

The latter sounded better. He was my friend before he was my boyfriend... maybe we could go back to that?

He made his choice to not be my boyfriend. I don't think I could trust him like that… And that fact makes me sad because I've never been unable to trust someone that I labelled as my friend, unfortunately I can't say that any more.

"It's over, we're over
Just like in Crimson and Clover"

We're over and I don't think I can go back. I don't think that I want to go back.

"Been sinking, I'm thinking
How the hell did I get so stupid?"

I glanced over at an ecstatic Lilly, who danced along to my voice. I am lucky to have her as my best friend… If Duncan weren't her brother, I'm pretty sure she'd have sent him to the hospital.

"It's the end, Ex-Boyfriend
I don't care what you think of me now"

Maybe this could be the start of a new Veronica Mars or at least a different side of me that I'm yet to discover but Lilly had already known I had.

How is it possible that she knows me better than I know myself?

Lilly smiled, bright-eyed, happy.

I smiled back, genuinely appreciative of her.

I could deal with Duncan not being my boyfriend but I don't think I could ever deal with Lilly not being my best friend.

"So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song
So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song
So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song
So long, you're gone
This is our break-up song"

Time to move on, I actually do feel better now, who would a thought? Lilly's plan actually worked.

"This is our break-up song," I ended the song with a little bow.

The crowd yelled out their cheer with cat-calls and applause. As I came off stage, Lilly's arms engulfed me and she squealed, "Veronica Mars that was so awesome! I knew you had it in you!"

She gushed on about how successful her fabulous plan was. I laughed along until I spotted Duncan and Logan headed toward us. Well, toward the exit, I suppose.

Logan smirked, while Duncan brushed past me. It's his standard setting ever since I became Miss-Invisible-Girl to him.

I snuck a glance at Lilly, she had a smug smile and proud eyes; clearly unaffected by Logan's presence. That's how I want to feel about Duncan. And this was a good start.

Logan's feet dangle, he's about to follow Duncan but obviously doesn't want it to seem like he's ignored our presence.

"Hey Ronnie, you're really know how to up-chuck to the boogie of the beat," he chuckled. "I think I'm the one who has your Rolling Stones CD," he winked.

Lilly laughed and pulled me toward a table. I shook my head , a smile graced my face. Logan Echolls sure is something.

"Come on Veronica! Let's celebrate!"

Well Lilly Kane… She is something else entirely. And that's why she's my best friend.