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~~Lunch Quad~~

Meg was about to go sit next to Veronica when she noticed Weevil and the rest of his bikers. She frowned.

Meg sat in between the rocks as her feet dangled in the sand, she held her guitar in her hand and sang softly,

"Come back, come back, come back to me Eli like
You would, you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside 'til I came out
Come back, come back, come back to me Eli like
You could, you could if you just said you're sorry
I know that we could work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you'd be here by now..."

She didn't want to sing the rest of the song because they didn't have the opportunity to create those images that Taylor Swift seemed to be describing.

"All it takes is an 'I'm sorry'?" A voice came from behind.

Started by the voice she jumped up a little. "What are you doing here?" Surprise was evident in her features as she tilted her head to look at him.

"I could ask you the same question," he counted and dropped down beside her.

She wrinkled her nose as he sat close to her but didn't move. "What I meant was why are you sneaking up on me?" Her voice held a little bit of sharpness but it sounded too cute for him to take offence.

His lip curved in a smirk as he slanted his head a little to look at her. "Does it only bother you because you were singing about me?" His voice held a mixture of amusement and smugness.

Her face turned a shade of red and if he had to question her she'd blame the sun. "I wasn't singing about you!" Her voice grew a pitch higher as she denied his words.

"I heard my name pretty clear." His grin grew as he watched her reaction.

"Really?" She tried her best to ignore the heat and colour on her face. "I don't recall saying Weevil."

He let out a sound that was between a chuckle and a disbelieving scoff. "Come back to me Eli?" Weevil was actually pleased when he heard her singing, especially her singing to him. Well, about him.

Meg rolled her eyes and replied, "Taylor Swift had a moment of insanity when she added it into the song." That wasn't true, Meg was a very big fan of Taylor Swift and practically loved every word the country singer had ever written.

Weevil had of course heard about the blonde country singer but her songs weren't really his thing so he never paid attention to it."Really? It was in the song?" His voice was disbelieving.

"Yeah," she mumbled out the lie. Well, when she first heard it she had though it was Eli but she later found out it was actually just the 'e' sound.

He smirked when he caught her expression. It was obvious that it she had lied but he didn't call her on it. "So you can call it fate," he suggested and her head snapped up to his with surprise.


His smirk dropped and his entire facial expression softened along with his voice. "I'm sorry Meg." Her eyes grew a little wide at his words. "I'm really sorry that I hurt you. I shouldn't have kissed Carmen back but honestly that was all it was, just a kiss. Spending the day with you meant so much more and it really sucks that I screwed that up." He confessed whole-heartily.

She was touched by his sincerity but couldn't help herself from questioning him. "You had a crush on her when we were younger," she stated.

"What?" He looked at her with surprise.

"What?" She looked at him back, expecting a reply to her statement.

"How do you know that?" He lifted an eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes. "I heard Felix talk about it, kind of thought it was a big deal."

"Well it wasn't," he frowned.

"I'm with Duncan now," she said, somewhat saddened by her not-single status at the moment.

"Do you want to be with Duncan?" He asked.

"Why wouldn't I want to be with Duncan?" She countered; clearly she wanted him to confess his feelings for her.

"Because he's a douche?" He provided a suggestion, a smirk on his lips.

Meg glared at him and defended, "He's a sweet guy."

Weevil snorted."Sweet guy? Sweet guys don't-"

Meg interrupted cut him off, "He had his reasons and it's not our business what went on with them during their relationship." She ended firmly.

Weevil took note of her expression and sighed. Duncan Kane wasn't worth him getting the silent treatment. "Okay"

She was surprised at his admission and softly asked, "You're really sorry?"

"How often do you hear me say those words?"

"Actually, this is like the first time ever." She let out a giggle as she felt accomplishment.

He smiled gently and admitted, "I really like you Meg Manning."

He was full of surprises and she felt a flutter in her tummy. She bit her lip, hesitant for only a moment and then confessed, "I like you too Eli Navarro."

Meg had felt extremely guilty about her decision but she knew she couldn't stay with Duncan when she liked Eli. She was going to break up with Duncan, in a completely dignified manner. But then someone attacked Lilly and then Duncan was accused of attacking his sister. She couldn't do it. She couldn't hurt him anymore than he already was especially when he was cleared from all charges. He was going through so much, he needed her, she couldn't just abandon him.

Eli wasn't happy with her decision and felt betrayed and hurt. He made it perfectly clear every time he saw her that he wasn't happy with her. He felt a need to hurt her like she hurt him; with words of course. But that was just between them. He never allowed any of his biker buddies to insult her.

And then Duncan became mean. He turned the school against one of her best friends and she couldn't just stand idly by. Every time she tried to talk to him about it he'd blow her off. Finally she had had enough and had called him on his crap in front of everyone.

Meg glanced around the room; she wasn't sure how she'd pull this off until Veronica had suggested that she sing about it. Meg had been very nervous and a week had past until she gathered her courage to break up with Duncan. He was a totally different person; he didn't even talk to her about his problems even though she'd wanted to help him.

With the help of Jenny, she was able to sing her break up song to Duncan.

"Give it up for Meg Manning!"

Duncan cheered for his girlfriend completely unaware that she was about to give him an ultimatum.

Meg stood with Jenny by her side and Veronica gave her an encouraging look from the table near the stage.

The music started and Jenny and Meg swung their hips to the beat.

Jenny strutted in front of the stage with confidence and began to sing,

"It took too long
It took too long
It took too long for you to call back"

Her voice was confident and firm as she sang.

Meg sucked in a breath and picked up the song from where Jenny left off. She tried her best to portray her role with the confidence that Jenny had.

"And normally I would just forget that
Except for the fact it was my birthday
My stupid birthday"

Meg achieved the firmness but the sweetness was still layered over her word. She ended the verse by tilting her head and looking at Duncan. Duncan looked confused, when was her birthday? He thought. If he did forget it, did she really have to sing about it rather than just tell him?

Jenny took over the song and moved her body to the beat as she sang."I played along
I played along
I played along
rolled right off my back"

Meg didn't know how but Jenny seemed to be smirking as she sang, for some reason the blonde head cheerleader didn't like the Kane heir.

Meg had played along with Duncan, she pretended everything was okay when it was obviously not.

"But obviously my armor was cracked
What kind of a boyfriend would forget that?
Who would forget that?"
Meg continued.

But now she wasn't going to pretend anymore, she needed to make Duncan see that his actions had consequences. She had once thought that Duncan would be the perfect boyfriend and he was until Lilly was attacked and she couldn't blame him for changing but now he was hurting Veronica and that wasn't right, especially since Veronica is his sister as well. Meg knew that Lilly would not be happy with her brother's behaviour.

Logan understood now, this song was a break up song. He felt sorry for his friend but he couldn't blame Meg. Duncan had not just being acting like a jerk to Veronica, he wasn't a very good boyfriend to Meg either; he only noticed her when he needed her to play the role of a girlfriend. That wasn't right in Logan's books.

"The type of guy who doesn't see
What he has until she leaves

No, Duncan had ignored all of her attempts at making him see that what he is doing is wrong. She hopes that he sees it now, maybe when she leaves he'll see the consequences.

Veronica wondered if she had given Meg good advice, but honestly it had worked for her.

Duncan's jaw was clenched, was Meg breaking up with him? Why did they all have to publically humiliate him? Why did they have to make it a big freaking show? Did they not care about his feelings at all? Of course the 'they' referred to Veronica and Meg.

"Don't let me go"

Meg's voice echoed. She wants to be there for him, really she does but she can't stand by and watch him hurt everyone, Veronica, Logan and himself."Cause without me, you know you're lost
Wise up now or pay the cost

She doesn't know what will happen after this, but she hopes that she achieves her goal.

Logan knew that Meg hoped for a picture perfect ending but he had a feeling that that wasn't going to happen. He knew that he'd have to be there for Duncan or else... Who knew what the guy would do?

"Soon you will know"

Meg's voice dragged out."You're not livin' till you're livin'
Livin' with me
You're not winnin' till you're winnin'
Winnin' me
You're not gettin' till you're gettin'
Gettin' to me
You're not livin' till you're livin'
living for me"

Meg and Jenny's voices combined together as they sang, Meg's sweet and harmonised voice with Jenny's confident and edgy voice. They sounded great.

Veronica hoped that this didn't back fire.

"This is the potential breakup song
Our album needs just one
Oh baby please
Please tell me"

Meg sang in a pleading voice. At first she was going to break up with Duncan for Eli but then she just couldn't leave him all alone and broken. She had thought that everything was starting to get better when the attacker was caught but then he'd changed and he started acting out. He needed to be pulled out of the fog where he thought he was right or that he was the only one hurting.

"We got along
We got along,"
Jenny sang.

Yes, they had gotten along; they were perfect for each other. He was a Disney prince and she was a Disney princess.

"We got along until you did that
Now all I want is just my stuff back
Do you get that?
Let me repeat that
I want my stuff back"

Until he became mean. Until he started treating Veronica like crap. Until he stopped caring about everyone. Until he switched off every emotion other than anger. Until he became vengeful.

"You can send it in a box
I don't care just drop it off"

Veronica knew that this was difficult for Meg. Duncan is going through a lot, no-one will deny that but it's as if he's pushing all the pain down deep inside and letting his anger cover it up. Veronica did love Duncan, as a sister. She didn't want to be his sister but she was and so she cares for him as such. She wants him to deal with it. She knows she's being hypocritical because she hasn't dealt with everything, she goes into Lilly's room and talks to her as if she's having a conversation but Lilly will wake up and when she does, she will not be happy with Duncan. Veronica really doesn't want Lilly to be unhappy. She wants her best friend to be happy when she wakes up and she wants everything to be okay again.

"I won't be home"

Jenny's voice echoed.

"This is the potential breakup song
Our album needs just one
Oh baby please
Please tell me"

Meg looked at Duncan as she sang, she watched his face turn red as he fumed inside. But she knew that she had to do this. She had to make him choose. She had to do something.

"This is the potential make-up song
please just admit you're wrong

Which will it be?"

This was it, this was the moment that Meg Manning gave Duncan Kane an ultimatum; either stop being a jackass that hurt her friends or they were done. Make Up or Break Up. She gave him the option.

"Which will it be?"Jenny's voice echoed after Meg's.

And that was Meg's break up song to Duncan. Unfortunately for Meg, he wasn't the Duncan that just avoided all of his problems and ignored his ex's and stayed away from awkward situations. He became mean, letting all his rage and pain onto the two blondes that he loved.

"Hey, you okay?" Cole asked with a soft smile, she glanced up at him and nodded.

It was the last week of summer vacation when Cole asked Meg out, she wasn't sure if she should have said yes but she knew that she needed a guy that didn't claim to hate her. Eli, Duncan... She just hoped that Cole really was a good guy.


Mac watched her best friend's little brother with suspicion and concern. Ever since the day he landed in the hospital and claimed to have no memory, Mac felt that there was something wrong. She had tried to tell Dick, but that only resulted in him getting mad at her.

The last time she attempted to make Dick realise that his brother might be a drug addict was at Shelly's party.

Parties and socialising was never something that Mac was fond of but she'd caved on more than a few occasions per her best friend's request. This time, she was here thanks to her new position as a cheerleader. She didn't understand how the 09ers partied when their Queen was lying in a hospital bed but she hadn't said anything. She knew that there were a few that were drinking away their pain; Logan and Duncan.

Mac frowned when she spotted Cassidy, he was alone and looking around rather awkwardly. She decided to talk to him. As she walked toward him, he moved away obviously not seeing her. She followed him silently he walked into Shelly's bathroom.

She frowned and then waited, after ten minutes she wondered if he was alright. She had decided to go and get Dick.

"Dude, chillax, Beav's a big boy he can take care of himself." Dick was clearly drunk and Mac grew frustrated.

"Dick!" She hissed. Dick ignored her. "Dick." She pulled him by his ear moving away from the crowd. He made a serious of 'ow' sounds but she refused to let go. Once they were alone she let go. Dick glared at her and she meet his glare with one of her own. "I think Cassidy is taking drugs," she told him.

"Duh, the doctor prescribed him," Dick looked at her as if she were the one that was drunk.

"No, I'm talking drugs, drugs, illegal drugs. He's always acting weird."

"Dude, he's just weird," Dick said and started to get annoyed.

"Ever since he was in hospital, he has been very weird. I kept a close eye on him-"

"So you're spying on my brother now?" Dick's voice grew a little.

"I was looking out for him! He's a kid and he needs help!"

"He's my brother! I'd know if something were wrong!" Dick's frustration started to show.

"I researched this Dick, he's showing symptoms-"

"Did you forget the part where the doctor has him on drugs? You cannot be serious right now!"


"No! Madison's a bitch but I don't tell you that she's on drugs. So what if Beav's a little weird? Huh? That's normal for him! You know what? Just leave me alone." And with that he walked away with a slightly angry Mac left behind.

Dick saw Mac look at his brother and knew that she was worried, but how could he tell her that it was a once of thing since he didn't admit that she was right that night.

It was half an hour later when Dick found his brother stumbling on the stairs, he pulled him up into one of the empty rooms.

Cassidy looked buzzed and Dick thought that he just had too much to drink that was what high school parties were for and hadn't he always encouraged everyone to drink? But when Dick looked at his brother, really looked at him, he knew that he had taken drugs tonight. But it was a party, and that was okay at party's right?

"Did you take drugs tonight?" Dick questioned him. Cassidy looked nervous. He never thought his brother would downright ask him that question.

"I-I-" Cassidy watched Dick's face for a second. He knew Dick better than anybody, even better than Mac knew him. And that's how he knew that he'd have to admit to it. "A couple of guys from Pan had some and I thought- I thought- it's a party right?" Cassidy asked with his voice laced with confusion, to emphasise that he didn't know what he was doing.

Dick slowly released his grip on his brother. "Did you take it with anyone or give anyone?" Dick wasn't sure why it felt wrong that his brother took drugs when he had gotten high on numerous occasions.

Cassidy wondered if he should tell Dick the truth and then figured that it didn't matter because his intentions weren't wrong and Dick would see that.

"I gave some to Veronica." Cassidy admitted.

"What do you mean you only gave Ronnie?" Dick's eyes widened as he asked his brother to clarify himself.

"I-I-I only wanted to make her feel better. She's is so much pain. The drugs that the doctor gave me helped, I thought this would too..." He trailed off.

"Those aren't doctor drugs, those are liquid x. That's drugs, drugs."

"I told you I just wanted to help her."

"Logan will fucking kill you man." Dick was frantic. "I'm gonna find Ronnie before something bad happens. Listen to me carefully, do not touch drugs again. I know it's hypocritical of me but I take it for fun and you're taking it for pain. There's a difference." The difference was that Dick was afraid that his brother would in fact become addicted to it. "And don't tell anybody, you hear me? If Logan finds out, he will seriously kill you."

Cassidy gulped he really just wanted to help the petite blonde, she'd never been anything but nice to him. Drugs had helped him. It made him feel good. He wanted Veronica to feel the same. Honesty, Logan didn't deserve a girl like Veronica. Veronica was an angel and she deserved to feel good and liquid x would have definitely made her feel good. So he might have a little crush on her, he wouldn't hurt her like Duncan and Logan have. He was the good guy trying to make her feel better.

No, Dick hadn't told Mac. It was a Casablancas secret. But the next day he had visited his best friend and apologised, he literally blamed it on the alcohol.

Dick had raced down the stairs in search for the petite blonde, so what if he was angry at her? He didn't want her to get hurt.

He scanned the room for any signs of the girl; it was difficult to spot her because he didn't even know what she was wearing. He made his way to the pool side and that's when he saw Logan carrying the blonde outside the gates of Shelly's yard. He let out a sigh of relief. He knew that Logan would take care of her. He just hoped that she was okay. Right now, he needed to make sure that his brother was okay and that Logan never found out that Cassidy was the one who gave Veronica the drugs. Logan wouldn't be as understanding. Dick knew that Cassidy just wanted Veronica to be happy, the way she always was. His brother was small and naive, it couldn't be held against him but Dick knew that Logan would hold it against him.


"Just admit it Veronica, all you ever do is dream about jumping Logan's bone, just because you're gonna be on the cheerleading squad again doesn't mean Logan's gonna be interested in you," Madison snared with Shelly by her side.

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Speaking from experience?" She quipped. "So Troy told you that the cheerleading gig isn't gonna cover up the wicked person you are?" She questioned and felt her lip curve slightly when Madison flinched. "I'm glad you realised that being a cheerleader won't get you everything you want, Maddie."

Madison huffed. "I don't want Troy back! I dumped him! And I get everything I was because I'm Madison Sinclair not because I'm a cheerleader."

Everyone knew about Madison and Troy's summer fling. It didn't even last for the whole summer.

"So you won't crumble and burn if I took your pom poms away?" Don't sell me crap Maddie, being a cheerleader makes you feel much more superior than being an 09er. "Oh and if it wasn't you with Troy, I wonder which other blonde cheerleader was with him. I mean, no one would dare touch your toys right?" Madison didn't know that Veronica was lying but it was nice seeming Madison's face go as pale as that vampire Edward.

Madison glared at her. "I don't care who Troy's with. I could care less about my scrappy seconds."

Veronica was surprised; it seemed as if she actually did care. "But it would be such a pity if he won."

"Won what?" Shelly asked with confusion

"You don't know?" Veronica gasped. "It's like a rule, the one who dates first wins."

"Right, so I guess Logan won," Madison remarked.


"He's dating Caitlin Ford, as of fifth period." This time Madison wore the self-satisfied smirk.


"It's not surprising; I should have known when he wouldn't date me. Obviously I'm on a much higher class than his liking. He only dates blonde sluts, first Lilly-"

The bell rang saving Madison from Veronica's wrath for the moment.

"Then you, and now Caitlin," Madison still finished it off, clearly ignoring the warning bell; which was more of a warning for her to stop talking if you asked Veronica.

Before Veronica could do anything the students were fleeing to class and Madison was gone.


Song: If We Were A Movie

Artist: Taylor Swift

Song: Potential Break Up Song

Artist: Aly and AJ