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Chapter Fourteen

Cal felt relief surge through him at Gillian's first words; her voice was strong and the use of the word 'Hello' was their code for 'I am not being coerced'. He had not expected her to be coerced given how he had set this up but it was reassuring to know that he was right. He casually fed her the next line,

'All right, darlin'?'

'I'm fine, Cal. I've got a few bruises but that's all.'

Cal struggled to keep his face still as the knowledge that she hadn't been raped was countered by wondering how she had come to be bruised. Forcing himself to keep up his façade of casual concern, he said,

'Nothin' else?'

'No, though I'll no doubt need a few therapy sessions to help me process the kidnapping.'

Cal thought furiously as he processed what Gillian was saying and what it really meant; something had happened that she would need therapy for but the 'No' at the beginning of the sentence meant that it wasn't a direct result of the kidnapping. Puzzled, he asked the next question in their code,

'You getting enough to eat?'

'Yes, though I'd love a hot chocolate at bed time.'

So, whatever it was had happened at night. Cal felt his blood run cold as various very unpleasant scenarios ran through his brain. Outwardly, he grinned, saying,

'You and your sweet tooth. Hot chocolate? Are you sure you wouldn't rather have chocolate cake? Or is bed time the wrong time for cake?'

'It's never the wrong time for cake, Cal.'

No new information there but they'd known when they devised the code that they wouldn't be able to cover everything. Cal carried on, saying,

'Aside from being cake-deprived, anything else?'

'I'm just a bit bored. I wish I'd picked up my book from my bedside table.'

'Not another of your trashy romances? I don't know how you can read that rubbish.'

'They aren't trashy and they make me happy. I'd only just started my new one and I think it's going to be really good.'

Cal felt his heart rate pick up; there was a clue to Gill's whereabouts in the book or on her bedside table. Smirking, he said,

'Let me guess, innocent maiden ravished by a handsome knight?'

'Really, Cal, you should try reading one sometime; they're the perfect antidote to our work.'

The clue was definitely in the book. Smirking again, he said,

'Maybe I'll read it after you've finished it, if you'll agree to play the part of the innocent maiden afterwards, that is.'

'Nice try, Cal, but I don't think so.'

So her assailant had been male. Not surprising but useful confirmation.

'You don't know what you're missing, darlin'.'

'No, but don't worry, Cal, if I want to find out I'll just ask one of your many one night stands.'

Gillian's voice had a truly authentic edge to it and Cal felt a surge of hope at the jealousy that he could hear concealed in it. He responded automatically, even whilst he noted that Gillian thought that the threat to her had passed,

'Oi, no need for that! Here am I negotiating for your release, at great personal inconvenience may I add, and all you can do is insult me.'

'You poor baby,' said Gillian insincerely.

Cal put on a look of mock offence, saying,

'You just don't appreciate my finer qualities.'

'Cal, you're an arrogant narcissist with control issues. I think I appreciate you plenty.'

'You know you miss me really.'

'I do, which just means that I need psychiatric help.'

Cal could hear the gang members sniggering at Gill's sarcastic replies and he smiled inwardly as he remembered how much fun they'd had devising the code, trying to make it sound natural and believable. Gillian had really enjoyed working out the various insults that they could use to convey information. Cal now knew that she had not been questioned at all and was generally being left alone. They had reached the end of the scripted part of the code and they were getting short of time so Cal moved on to the information that Gill needed to know,

'I've reached a deal with your kidnappers so, all being well, you should be out of there in a couple of days.'

'Thank you, Cal.'

'Yeah, well, you keep your chin up, all right? I'll see you soon.'

'I will and you try not to alienate too many people.'

'Who? Me?'

'Already, Cal? I've only been here for a couple of days. Who have you annoyed now?'

'Nobody important.'


'Just the DEA and the FBI.'

'Well the DEA never give us any work anyway and the FBI work always seems to turn out to be a poisoned chalice so I suppose it could be worse.'

'Bunch of wankers the lot of them.'

Cal saw Tyrell reaching for the phone and said quickly,

'Gotta go. Bye, Gill.'

'Bye, Cal.'

Tyrell ended the call and Cal waited until he'd put his phone away before saying,

'She's alive, like you said. Just one problem; would you mind explaining to me why she's bruised? I watched the footage of the kidnapping and your lads did it so smoothly that I don't suppose she had a mark on her. So where did she get the bruises from?'

'There was a misunderstanding,' said Tyrell.

'Now that's a lie,' said Cal, 'So what was it? Did you decide to have some fun?'

Tyrell glanced sideways, looking annoyed and ashamed and Cal pounced,

'It wasn't you, was it? One of your boys disobeyed you, didn't he? Who was it?'

Cal glared at the gang members and realised almost immediately that it was Nathan, the man who had spoken so disparagingly about Gillian.

'It was Nathan, wasn't it?'


'Did he rape her?'

'No, it wasn't as bad as that.'

Cal caught the expression on one of the female gang members faces and said,

'She's not quite sure that she agrees with you. Must have been something pretty sick then.'

Cal turned back to Tyrell and continued,

'So what was it? What did he do to her?'

'He held her down and put a cushion over her face,' replied Tyrell reluctantly.

Cal turned away from Tyrell and went over to Nathan, saying,

'You enjoyed that, didn't you? Having the power of life and death over a helpless captive? It turned you on, didn't it?'

'No, I was just messing about.'

'That's a complete lie. Just thinking about it now is making you aroused. See his nostrils flaring?' said Cal to the room at large, 'That's arousal. You're a sick puppy, aren't you, Nathan?'

'Fuck off! I just wanted to make the white bitch pay for all the times I've been called a worthless nigger, that's all.'

'Another lie. You love the idea of torturing and killing women, don't you? Don't bother to try to hide it, it's written all over your face.'

'I don't have to explain myself to you.'

'That's true but how are you going to explain yourself to Tyrell when you go back and kill Gillian tonight. That is your plan, isn't it?'


'You all saw his eyes slip down and to the left then? He's lying.'

'What? No I'm not.'

'Another lie,' said Cal glancing over at Tyrell, 'And after you've killed Gillian, you're going to find someone else to kill, aren't you? Because you're a psychopath and you won't be able to stop yourself.'

'No, I'm not. You're mad.'

'No, I'm not, son. You're the one who ought to be locked up. Tell me, have you chosen your second victim yet?'

Nathan's eyes slipped across to Tyrell and Cal immediately said,

'Did you see that? He looked over at you, his next victim is going to be a relative of yours.'

'What?' said Tyrell.

'Yeah, I'm right, aren't I, Nathan? Who will it be? His girlfriend? No. His sister? No. His mother? His mother. Because you have a thing about maternal figures, don't you? You want to torture and kill Tyrell's mum. The thought of having her helpless and dying at your hand is such a turn on that you can barely contain yourself. Pupils dilated, nostrils flared and he just licked his lips. If we stripped him now, I bet he'd have a semi.'

'You sick motherfucker!'

Cal hit the ground as the gun fired, covering his head with his arms. There were two more shots and then a body hit the ground a few feet away. He looked up cautiously and saw Tyrell leaning over Nathan's body. Getting to his feet he said,

'Is he dead?'


Tyrell looked at Cal and Cal could see the rage dying down and being replaced with confusion. Cal quietly said,

'You just saved your mum's life. And Gillian's and who knows how many more besides.'

'You're sure?'

'Yes, completely.'

Tyrell gestured brusquely at the body and said,

'John, MJ, get rid of the body.'

Cal turned away from the corpse and said,

'You'll call me with the place and time?'

'Yeah. Get him out of here.'

Cal stood quietly as they put the hood back on his head and let himself be led to the waiting car.

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