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Kim sighed happily as she finished up the bacon, egg and cheese burrito Shay had made for the three of them while Ron had showered. She licked her lips and glanced over at her fiancé where he stood looking out of the window of Shay's... Of their Paris apartment. The concept, one she was still getting used to, made the red-head smile and look sightlessly back down at her Mk. IV Kimmunicator, remembering something from the prior evening when they'd spoken to Dr. Kopffall. They'd called her from the library, and when she'd asked about it, Kim had mentioned it was Shay's apartment. When Shay had adamantly reminded her that everything she had was Ron and Kim's, it had started a distinctly different conversation between them and the psychologist than what the call was originally for.

Granted, they'd still spoken to her about the deaths that had happened in Lille, but it had gone quite well. It still bothered them, obviously, but after spending the prior day recovering from the trip from Amsterdam to Paris, and staying in the whole day just to decompress, it had been easier to talk about and come to terms with. Even if they hadn't needed to deal with the events of the prior day, they'd have probably stayed in anyway! The apartment was amazing, with an even bigger workout area than the Amsterdam home and a kitchen that Ron had compared favorably to the one at Señor Senior, Sr.'s villa. They'd also had a great time watching movies on Shay's living room entertainment system... Though, to Kim's regret, they hadn't broken in the bathroom.

They'd decided the day before to go and explore the neighborhood around the apartment, which had Kim feeling quite hyper. It helped that the day had dawned warm and bright. Birds out and chirping happily away in the positively balmy - for Paris in mid-October - twenty-one degrees Celsius. The sky was partly cloudy, but the clouds were of the fluffy, pleasant variety that Kim loved. The noonday sun streamed in the large window, only visible because the heavy drapes had been pulled back and the blinds moved aside. While that only left their privacy to the high quality tint on the window proper, Ron didn't seem worried about anyone spying on them; Shay had assured them they were covered in truly one-way tint, and he was wearing his cargo pants. Kim, on the other hand, was enjoying the freedom of walking around their shared apartment in the buff, something that she'd have never considered, but their girlfriend had drawn out of the both of them.

"It's a beautiful day out..." Ron said in a serene tone, unconsciously mirroring Kim's thoughts as he glanced back at her, openly admiring what he saw. She was laying back in one of the beanbag chairs, nude except for the towel wrapped around her hair. He held up his old, red jersey, a teasing smirk touching the edges of his lips, "You sure you're okay with me wearing my old standby?"

"Doy!" Kim said with a chuckle, gazing up from her Kimmunicator, "According to the blogosphere in Paris, we're big news." She shrugged at Ron's raised eyebrows, her smile becoming a bit strained, "And ironically, dressing casual will probably shift attention away from us, since the last several times we've been seen, we've been pretty dressy..."

"Good point, KP!" Ron chuckled, slipping on his old red jersey, giving Kim an unobstructed view of his impressive and, to her, perfect body.

That's when she noticed he hadn't slipped on the long sleeved, navy shirt he used to wear under it, "Aren't you going to feel a bit underdressed, Ronnie?"

"Nah," Ron answered, "it's kinda warm out, and I don't want to force a shower before we go to dinner tonight just 'cause I'm a bit ripe..."

"Oh?" Kim prodded, setting the Kimmunicator aside and standing, before tossing the towel into the hamper nearby and sauntering over to him with a nice sway to her hips, "Aside from our timing waking up this morning, I thought you'd jump at the chance to get a shower together later..."

"Well..." Ron drew out as Kim slid her hands under his jersey and placed her hands on his chest, his arms circling her waist, "I said I didn't want to force a shower, KP... As for going willingly? That's a whole 'nother issue!"

"That better be the case!" Kim hissed in a mockingly severe tone, curling her hands in a clawlike fashion and raking her fingernails down his chest lightly before resting her hands on his firm belly, "I've been enjoying my morning Ronshine in the shower..."

"Oh, you don't get enough Ronshine from our nightly showers, Princess?" Shay's voice called from the den between the bedroom and bathroom, drawing the teens' attention.

"No, do you?" Kim asked, letting out a sigh of pleasure as Ron moved his hands down to squeeze her rear. She looked back at him and leaned up, giving him an intense kiss for his action.

"Jury's still out on needing that much Ronshine," Shay called out teasingly as she walked from the bathroom towards the bedroom, drawing a snort from Ron as he and Kim leaned back from each other a bit, still gazing into each other's eyes, "but I know I missed my Kimness this morning, so a shower this afternoon sounds good..."

"I can't wait!" Ron chirped, earning a tickle to his sides from Kim. The tickling didn't last more than a second as Shay swept into the room, again drawing Kim and Ron's attention.

"What do ya think?" Shay asked as she did a little twirl to show herself off. She wore a deep maroon colored strapless summer dress that went down to just above her mid thigh. The color, a medium-dark yellow, worked in an oddly complementary fashion to Shay's pale complexion. While the dress itself was cut so that it followed her curves nicely, it had plenty of motion and flow. That allowed the twirl to flare her skirt out and show off her nicely toned rear and the boyshorts that were just a shade lighter than her own skin. The hem and neckline had narrow lace edges, and when the dress fell back to its natural drape, drew attention to her long, athletic legs and allowed a tantalizing view of her cleavage. The back of the dress had a scallop that went just low enough to hint at her sexy, well defined back.

"Badical!" Ron offered, his eyes sweeping up and down her body before giving a low, approving whistle.

"Woo!" Rufus called from his travel cage, giving two thumbs up.

"Uh, huh." Kim muttered stupidly, her jaw hanging open in a mix of surprise and heartfelt desire as she stared at her lover. Shay blushed and bit her lip at the reaction her outfit had garnered, and Kim finally swallowed against the tightness in her throat to murmur, "Wow..."

At that simple announcement, Shay's eyebrows drew together and her eyes drooped, the expression making her look like a hungry cat. The look was heightened when she slinked forward and slipped up behind Kim, her hands sliding around Kim's waist and under Ron's arms. Her left hand slid up to gently cup the very underside of Kim's right breast, while her right gently trailed through the 'KP' trimmed into Kim's mostly bare mons. With the barest hint of a chuckle, the former thief moulded herself to Kim's body, which pressed Ron's hands more firmly into her rear. When Ron leaned forward to gently nibble at her neck, a small, almost protesting whine escaped from Kim's throat. "Just 'Wow...'?" Shay teased, leaning in to whisper into Kim's ear, almost humming in pleasure as Ron's hands pressed against her mons, "Y'like what you see, hmmm, Cupcake?"

"Wha?" Kim blinked, the sensations driving her to delicious distraction. Shaking her head a bit, she leaned back into Shay to try and look up at her. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, the older woman teased the top crease of her labia, making Kim close her eyes and moan softly, squirming at the tantalizing sensations her lovers' fingers sent through her body. "S-Shay... D-do I have to e-... Even digni-..." The older woman's fingers dipped a bit lower and applied knowledgeable pressure just beside her clit, drawing a gasp from the red-head and an approving growl from Ron. To avoid stuttering, Kim finished in a rushed squeak, her words blending together almost unintelligibly, "Dignify that with a response?"

"I dunno, Kimmie," Ron chuckled, his breath tickling her neck, the use of Shay's pet name driving her arousal up a notch. "I guess..." he continued, raising a hand up her left side with teasing softness, while he interrupted each word with a brief pause as he kissed his way down her heaving chest. "Your reactions... Could be... Saying..." He began to nip at her flesh the lower he moved, and the lower he moved, the further his hips moved from hers. The further away his hips slid, and the more pressure Shay applied to her clit. Before he was halfway to her chest, his nips were almost bites, and his hands were kneading with almost painful firmness on her ass, "A lot more... Than words... Ever could?"

As he finished, his hand reached her left breast, his thumb and forefinger squeezing with firm, sharp pressure while seemingly trying to suckle her whole right breast into his mouth. The sensations from her breasts, while painful to most women - Shay included - actually served to spur Kim's arousal. The addition of softly pulsing kinetic plasma on the red-head's hard and oh-so-sensitive clitorus intensified things dramatically, making her gasp and mewl, her body shaking in a sure sign of an impending orgasm. Then, incongruously, her mind latched onto the fact that they had been planning on going out so Shay could show them around the neighborhood.

Almost against her will, her mouth opened and she gasped out, "I t-thought you were... Were going to show us-ss... A-around today, S-Shay?" Swallowing against the physical and emotional tension building within her, she added, "B-but if you two k-keep this up, I'm... G-God, I'm going to make a m-mess all o-over all of u-us!" She followed her declaration with a low, deep moan, God damn I'm so friggin' close!

"Mmmm..." Shay murmured in agreement, the tone of her voice snapping Kim's eyes open almost as fast as the lessening of the plasmic massage she'd been delivering. Kim's eyes widened in horror as Shay smiled down at Ron in seeming complete sincerity. "She has a point, Ronnie..."

"Hmph..." Ron blinked up at her in seeming incomprehension. Then the pressure of Ron's right fingers lessened on the stiff peak of her nipple, his suckling breaking completely as he answered, "I forgot... But she has a point; if we start this, we'll have to change, and shower, and by the time we got all done with that, it'd almost be time to go to the clubs!"

"Guys?" Kim pleaded as she paled slightly. She shoved her hips forward to try and get more pressure from Shay's finger. Unfortunately for her, the woman's palm was placed firmly against Kim's pubic bone, keeping her fingers at a pressure she wanted to give to Kim, much to the heroine's dismay, "C'mon..."

"Yeah, Shay, c'mon!" Ron agreed with her. She almost smiled at him, but then she felt his hands on her hips, pushing her back against Shay again with a glint in his eyes that made her whimper, "I mean, you'd better let Kim get dressed..." he glanced down and gave a smirk that wouldn't have looked out of place on Shay's lips, "Well, cleaned up and dressed..."

"No!" Kim hissed at him, squirming even more against her lovers, "Please, just... I'm so close, guys, can you please finish me?" She heard them chuckle and a small knot of worry formed in the pit of her stomach. She knew they were just as aroused as she was! She'd felt Shay's hard nipples on her back despite the bra and dress, and had felt, and could still see Ron's swollen member tenting his cargo pants.

"Payback's a bitch, Kimmie," Shay murmured in her ear, "But I'm worse..." With a dark chuckle, Shay slid her left hand up and, to Kim's surprise, roughly cupped her left breast, tweaking the nipple with a firm, twisting squeeze, "Not only did you get some some from Ronnie this morning, while I didn't any from either of you, you teased me after you took your shower! I think I'll just leave you like this and keep teasing you..." She began to stroke Kim again, one slow stroke each time she spoke, Kim moaning as each one drew her closer to a climax she knew would be powerful, "All... Day... Long... If... I... Have... To..."

"You wouldn-..." Kim started, but was silenced as Shay leaned over her shoulder and captured her lips, the older woman's tongue gently probing her mouth with gentle caresses.

After a several seconds Shay pulled back, her right fingers tracing up Kim's mostly bare pubic triangle to rest on the point of her hips. The action drew a long shiver from Kim, but with some difficulty, she held back a protest, which Shay noticed, "Good girl... And, yes, I would..." She captured Kim's lips again, for a few seconds, before breathing softly, "And I am..."

"You're horrible..." Kim moaned in protest as Shay let go of her and stood back just enough for Kim to turn around. Rufus chittered out some laughter that Kim ignored, her attention on her lover, who was staring at her with an openly wanton expression. Kim had a good idea as to why: she was flushed, her chest was heaving, and a sheen of sweat covered her body, and Shay had mentioned several times how arousing she found that look on her. That very openness drew a grumble from the painfully aroused a red-head, and she looked down at the floor in annoyed embarrassment, "That's so evil!"

Shay laughed delightedly, reaching out to caress Kim's cheek and draw her gaze upwards. "You can take the woman away from her evil deeds, Pumpkin," she whispered, leaning in to give her younger lover a peck on the lips, "but you can't take the evil completely out of the woman."

"Besides," Ron chuckled as he came up behind Kim, planting a soft kiss to her shoulder, "you and I both know we love that bit of evil in our girlfriend..."

"Shut up, Ronnie!" Kim said, but couldn't quite keep the agreeing giggle out of her voice as she turned on him, leaning up to kiss him softly. She'd have tried for more, but his hands were on her hips and holding her in place, which drew an annoyed whine from her.

"Sorry, KP," Ron snickered, "You know I like teasing you, and with how much Shay loves it..." Kim frowned as he shrugged, then began to sink her face into her infamous puppy dog pout. Ron beat her to the punch, however, by digging his thumbs into the crease between her legs and her mons pubis. The action made her squeal and giggle against her will, before finally jumping back and glaring at him, "Besides, it's only for a few hours..."

With a huff, she relented to their decision with an angry, frustrated pout, "Okay, fine! I'll go clean up and get dressed..."

"We'll be cleaning up in the kitchen, Princess." Shay called with a far too innocent expression on her face.

As Kim stomped her way to the bathroom to once again clean herself off, Ron leaned in and whispered into Shay's ear, "Wanna have a li'l fun while she's busy?"

Shay raised an eyebrow questioningly, though she didn't bother to hide the smirk that replaced her over-the-top, sweetness-and-innocence smile, "Like what?"

"I didn't get a chance for some pumpkin pie before her shower..." Ron murmured, his bland expression and delivery drawing a playful snicker from Shay, "And I'm sure you'd like the edge taken off before we deal with KP tonight..."

"Mmmm..." Shay murmured, surprising him by capturing his lips in a heated, if brief, kiss. When she broke away, her smirk errily similar to the old, evil smirk she's wore when they'd first met, "Seems like I'm not the only team member with an evil streak..."

"Hey, I like my Key lime pie, too." Ron said, smiling as she blushed despite herself.

To hide her delighted embarrassment, she rolled her eyes and scoffed, before grabbing him and dragging him along, "Well, let's go, Sport!"

That said, the two dashed out of the bedroom as quietly as they could, just in time to hear the showerhead being removed from its holder. Rufus, forgotten by the two humans shook his head in a mix of consternation and amusement, wondering if he should just prepare to watch TV in the den when they came back. Giving one last glance towards the bedroom door, he shook his head, a stray thought making him giggle briefly, I wonder how things will be when Ron and Shay start copulating, too...


She was hungry. Hungry and tired and hurt and lonely! Hungry because the automatic food dispenser wasn't working. Lonely because her Mistress had been - except for two woefully brief appearances - gone for four whole months! And the first of the last two times she'd seen her Mistress, Mistress had been distracted and angry about something and barely paid attention to her! She'd thought she'd done something wrong, and angered her Mistress, but the servants, especially Gerald, her best friend among her Mistress' servants, had assured her she was fine, and Mistress was just busy.

And, yes, she normally wouldn't be lonely, with her Mistress' servants to keep her company... But her Mistress seemed to have lost interest in her, and that hurt, and led her to be so lonely. She loved her Mistress, and had known that her Mistress loved her, at least until the second of her last visits. Then Gerard had told her Mistress was coming home, and would be so happy to see her that she'd purred almost a whole morning!

But then... Then a woman had come to her Mistress' home, and Gerard said it was the Mistress. But she hadn't smelled like her Mistress, but... But she had smelled like Mistress, too! So she'd smelled... Wrong. Off. Yet right. It confused her so much, especially when the woman Gerard had called Mistress had spoken. Her voice had been wrong, all wrong! It had sounded lower, as if used to yelling, and harder. Well, at least at first. Then, when she'd balked at the hand of the woman who was her maybe-Mistress, the voice had become right.

She'd jumped up into her Mistress' arms, purring her delight and love at the woman, and that love had been returned! Well, mostly... But she'd been distracted again! And then she'd smelled something odd in her Mistress' scent, a scent she found almost completely foreign to her: sadness and fear. That was terribly odd, and wrong! Those were scents she'd never smelled on her Mistress since her Mistress' parents had, as the humans said, disowned her. It worried her, because her Mistress was normally so strong! Even when she had been put in the different place, where she couldn't follow her Mistress, after Mistress had been caught going against the Human Greater Pride's rules, she'd only detected worry, not sadness or fear.

And then her Mistress had started talking nonsense! About how she had to go away for a while, how she hoped she'd be back, eventually, but had something important to do. Something so important that she might die in the process. Then her Mistress had offered her to Gerald, and she'd accepted, as she did like Gerald. But when she'd looked at her Mistress, begging for an answer, she discovered that the answer would never come. Something else that Mistress had never done, hiding something from her! Then... Then her Mistress had scared her to the bone by crying as she left, as if she knew she'd be gone forever!

But, since she'd passed leadership over her to Gerald, she'd gone home with him. She wouldn't consider him her new Master, not yet; she still loved Mistress above all others, but she had at least given him leadership, but only as one would with a friend among the pride that was more capable. And humans were, she hated to admit, more capable of things. Like feeding her water and delicious food and keeping her waste box clean. At least he'd taken the automatic food and water machine, since he'd be gone for long stretches to take care of Mistress' home. She didn't mind, the sound of the machine was a comforting familiarity to her. Things had been fine for almost two weeks when the men and women in blue jumpsuits had come, asking Gerald to come with them to answer some questions about Mistress!

He'd given her the warning to hide, and had told them that he had to set up the food and water dispenser for her. They'd agreed, one of the men had come in with him. The man had been big and fat and very unkempt looking. But, underneath the fragrance he wore, he had smelled very healthy, unlike most big men like him. After setting things up, Gerald had done something that surprised her by activating the automatic kitty door for her. It was somehow tied to her fancy collar, a way for her to approach the door and leave or enter, but no other animals could. She liked it, as it allowed her to go outside to the roof of the building he lived in. She knew not to go too far, of course, despite her Mistress having lived in this city for some time. After all, there were other cats out there, mean ones, and dogs, all of which might hurt her. And that didn't even take into account the mean people that could do worse, too!

But now, Gerald had been gone for two days, and she was again worried, and the food dispenser was either empty or broken. On the first day Gerald had been gone, the fat man had come back with another man, a taller, thinner man that her Mistress would have found very attractive. They'd called out to her, with the name her Mistress had given her, but she'd held firm. Gerald's warning was one he'd worked out with Mistress, and it told her to hide unless and until Mistress or one of the servants came to call to her. The tall man's voice was so soothing, though, sounding a lot like Mistress' father's voice in tone and accent. Then he'd called someone, a person that looked like Mistress had when she'd looked and smelled not-quite-wrong!

But the woman hadn't called out, so she'd held firm, though it had been even closer than the man calling her. And now, it had been two full days since, and she was outside standing on the roof of the building. She had a great view of the street below, and the park surrounded by buildings across that street. She was just about to go back inside and play with her scratching post and hangy strings, to distract herself from her worry, when she spotted four someones across the way that were familiar!

The thief Shego, who she knew of from TV and her Mistress' ranting about that 'prison' thing, Kim Possible, who had stopped her Mistress from violating the Human Greater Pride's rules, and Ron Stoppable, who owned the only rat she liked, Rufus and Rufus himself! They could help her, she knew they could! And as much as she liked the naked mole rat, she knew that he didn't return her feelings, but she also knew he believed in helping out, just like his Master and Mistress!

She just had to convince him that she meant no harm, and that she didn't want to rekindle the one sided love affair she'd desired. With a despondent groan, she thought about how to approach them. After all, if she came out openly, they might not listen to her. But she couldn't be too sneaky, or she'd end up making things worse! But they were in the park, and there were all of those trees over there...

Maybe she could get Rufus' attention from one, and have a conversation with him first? Maybe he could convince them all to listen and help her out?

She nodded in agreement with that plan. Carefully, she descended the street face of the building, and seeing that the street was clear of cars, dashed across. Carefully making her way towards the center of the park square, she climbed up a tree and waited. While she wasn't the most patient feline in the world, Debutante would not fail to get help for Gerald... And maybe her Mistress!


Shay bit her lip to keep from laughing at Kim's antics while they walked to the Place des Vosges. The red-head was still hyper, and in an effort to calm down, or so she claimed, she had the punk band Pennywise half blaring out of her huge, custom made headphones. At least, they were huge to Shay's eyes, not to mention loud as hell, since the music was clear despite them being around her lover's neck. From what she could tell, they were of the exacting quality she'd discovered her lover demanded of audio devices, which drew another near chuckle from her.

Shay hoped that their jaunt would calm the overly-precocious teen down. Their first stop was a beautifully kept square, and the former thief loved it, both for its shadetree park and the beautiful architecture surrounding it. It was calming, the small art galleries in the surrounding buildings tended to be interesting and some of the food was quite good.

The security consultant allowed a smile to blossom when Ron deflected the jade eyed ball of energy for the fifth time. She'd been trying to find out why Shay wasn't as on edge as she was, and was apparently petulant enough to be on the verge of begging on her hands and knees. His newest evasion was accomplished by pointing out another trio sitting hand in hand on a bench and enjoying the unseasonably warm day. Unlike the three of them, this trio was a male-male-female trio. The woman was fairly plain looking, and rather chunky, but had an attractive air about her. She was walking with two rather fetching men, one younger than her and the other older by about the same difference as Shay had to Kim and Ron. They seemed oblivious to the outside world, lost in their mutual admiration.

"That's ferociously sweet!" Kim enthused, a big smile on her face as she reached out for both Ron and Shay's hands. As her lovers reciprocated the gesture, she turned a smirk to Ron and raised an eyebrow, "And don't think you got away with distracting me!" Ron winced at the declaration, reaching up with his free hand to rub the back of his neck self consciously, a sheepish chuckle escaping his lips.

"Me, distracting?" he asked as Kim continued to stare at him levelly, "That's just something I do on missions, right?"

Rufus, hanging out of his familiar old pocket, laughed and chirped, "Bust'd!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Ron sighed, then gave Shay a wink before looking back at Kim, "Um, what was it you were asking, KP?"

"I was asking," Kim muttered in a rather flat tone, "if you and Shay did something while I was cleaning up and getting dressed."

"Oh, that!" Ron barked a laugh of obviously false humor, earning an elbow in the gut from Kim. He let out a whoosh of air, using his free hand to rub his belly and giving Kim a sour look for a moment, before again laughing sheepishly. He coughed nervously as Kim kept her level gaze focused on him, glancing about as if looking for help. Shay shook her head to let him know she wouldn't help him out, again biting her lip to keep from saying anything. She did, after all, want to see how Ron handled the red-head after the state they'd left her in at the apartment. "Well, you know how much I love eating-..." he looked around, suddenly conscious of others in the area "Er, pumpkin pie, right?" Kim flushed but nodded, and he continued with a wink, "And if you noticed, I didn't get to this morning, right?"

Kim made a strangled sound of embarrassment and nodded, the flush becoming a rather brilliant flush, while trying to hide her face behind her hair. It seemed she was only now realizing that, indeed, she hadn't given him time to do that. The reaction drew a snicker from Shay, and she glanced over Kim's bowed head to wink at Ron, who winked back. Nicely done, Doofus...

"Well, anyway," Ron continued, a big smile on his face, "since Shay didn't get any today, and both of us did but I didn't get to do that..."

"But..." Kim protested in a comically quiet, protesting squeak, a look that was half-annoyance, half-sheepish realization on her face as she glanced between them, "I was just excited to head out, I didn't even... We could have wai-..."

"Nah," Shay said in a dryly level, if amused tone, "we wouldn't have left the apartment if we'd've stayed in, and today's perfect for visiting the Place des Vosges..." She pulled Kim's hand up and kissed her knuckles gently, her eyes sparkling with both mischief and love for the younger woman, "Trust me, Kimmie, you'll love it!"

Kim sighed and grumbled a bit before leaning into Shay's shoulder, dragging Ron closer to her before shifting her balance and leaning against his shoulder for a moment. Shay had been confused for a moment, then realized it was, essentially, a gesture much like a hug had the red-head's arms been free. With a big sigh, she "Okay, sorry I teased you Shay, but I didn't know you'd be so horny..."

"Princess," Shay laughed delightedly, before laying her head against Kim's and purring out to her, "if you haven't noticed, I'm as easy to get goin' as you are..."

"Okay, fine!" Kim surrendered, though the laugh in her tone took any potential sting out of her loud delivery, "I'll stop moping..." She waited for a moment before adding, "So long as you two promise we'll shower together later..."

"Doy!" Shay and Ron said at the same time. The laughter between the three of them and Rufus was soft, but drew smiles from most of the passing pedestrians. A few gave dismissive or disgruntled expressions, which drew a soft sigh from Kim, but Shay ignored them. If they were jealous, they should get their own hot girl and boyfriend; if they found it disgusting, well, they didn't have to watch them like hawks.

Before Shay could get annoyed thinking about people who wanted to stick their noses into her business, they rounded a familiar building. Smiling, she gently pulled on Kim's hand and nodded to their right, "There it is, guys."

"Oh, wow..." Kim murmured as they rounded the building fully. The square the park resided in was about one hundred and forty meters across, and the park proper was a little over one hundred. Except for a break along each 'face' of the park were trees cut into a square shape, with benches underneath them, offering a resting place in the shade. Barely visible from their position across the narrow street was the tops of much taller trees growing in a circular section in the center of the park, where a statue of a man on a horse was visible. Halfway between each corner and the statue were four fountains. While fairly small, it was inviting and quite lovely, which drew a smile from Kim, "This place seems..." Kim cocked her head slightly, her face screwing up as she sought the word she wanted to use. A brief moment of contemplation later, she smiled once again, "It's peaceful, despite how many people are here."

"That's why I love it, Princess." Shay chuckled, squeezing her hand three times, "And I love you."

"Love you both." Kim said, smiling impishly up at her pale lover.

"Love ya both too." Ron chuckled as they made their way into the park proper, dropping each others hands when walking through the gates. The park had perhaps forty people in it, but wasn't crowded in the least. "Hey, I'm going to go check out that statue of that guy!"

"It's a statue of King Louis the Thirteenth!" Shay called out to him, and he waved back in thanks. She reached out and put an arm around Kim's shoulders, shaking her head at their boyfriend's antics, "He's distracted by the weirdest things..."

"Eh, admit it," Kim murmured, leaning her head against Shay's shoulder and reaching up to grasp her hands, "you love his childlike wonder."

"Childlike's about righ-..." Shay started, but a shocked, quiet voice behind them stopped her.

"Shego, es zat hyu?" Shay briefly wondered how Kim would react to the woman as they both turned, and then realized she had no idea how to react herself. Especially when the woman boldly stepped forward and placed her hands on the pale woman's shoulders and kissed her cheeks, "Oh, my God, it es, it's so good to zee hyu!"

"R-Rosamund?" The woman behind them was quite stunning; tall and statuesque in a lean, healthy looking fashion. She had a sculpturally beautiful face, piercing, glacial blue eyes and natural looking, platinum blonde hair. Her feminine curves were clearly defined despite the billowy blouse and loose, flowing skirt.

"How haff hyu been, my dear?" the woman asked, "Hyu look incredibell, an' not nearly as depressed as hyu looked when we went our separate ways..."

"I'm doin' a lot better since getting with Kimmie and Ronnie..." Shay said simply, the note of happiness in her tone almost drowning out the aura of smugness at the answer.

"Zso I gathered from your interview!" She giggled, then turned to Kim as a blush spread across her cheeks and nose, "And where are my mannars? I am Rosamund Favreau, and hyu are Kim Possibell, non?"

"Oui, c'est un plaisir!" Kim said, taking her hand out of her artist's bag after turning down her music, before leaning in at the same time as Rosamund and exchanging cheek kisses with the older woman. The pulled back, tittering slightly as the red-head glanced at Shay. The pale beauty knew she saw the blush crawling up her neck, and shook her head stiflingly, "I'd continue in French, but I'm a bit rusty..."

"Well, hyur prunciation ez quite good!" the woman nodded pleasantly as if to affirm her own opinion.

"Well, the French language teacher at my high school was a native of Marseille..." Kim gave a shrug, earning a laugh from Rosamund and an indulgent chuckle from Shay.

"So," Shay prodded, her blush receding slightly, "Favreau? You landed ol' Skinny Jeans?"

"Oh, oui, but Reno, 'e ez not zo skinny, now..." she giggled, holding an arm up and flexing, before dropping her hand to show off a fancy but elegant wedding set, "'E gaff me 'is grandmother's engagement and wedding bands!"

"Wow," Shay blinked, then snickered, "I told you he was good!"

"Oh, shush, hyu!" Rosamund laughed, rolling her eyes. When a young pair of voices called out to her, she turned with a huge grin, "Oh, Shego, zess ez my zson and my niece!"

"Hi there!" Shay and Kim called out at the same time, which made the young boy hide behind his mother's legs, peeking out at them shyly. He was incredibly cute, with big, blue eyes much like his mother's, a scruffy mop of brown hair and a skinny build. Kim leaned down, holding the left side of her headphones against her collarbone to silence it even more, while using her right braced against the artist's bag as an odd sort of support. Holding out a hand, she gave the boy her most winning smile and said, "I'm Kim Possible, who are you?"

"J-Jason..." he squeaked, blushing and hesitantly stepping from behind his mother to take her hand. After a moment, he asked, in English that was surprisingly less accented than his mother's, "A-are you the real Kim Possible?"

"Yep!" Kim smiled as she let go of his hand, grabbing Shay's left and pulling her down with her, much to Rosamund's amusement, "And this is my girlfriend, Shay Gottlieb."

"H-Hello." he said again, holding his hand out.

"Hello, Jason." Shay smiled down at him, shaking his hand with appropriate seriousness for a moment before standing back and looking back at Rosamund, "He's cute, Rosie!"

"Yeah," Kim agreed, a twinkle in her eye that held a complex string of emotion that Shay couldn't quite follow, "he'll be a heartbreaker when he's older."

"That's for sure!" Shay agreed with feeling, "How old's the heartbreaker in the making?"

"'E whill be five in about two weeks." Rosamund agreed, "As for being a heartbreaker? He probably whill be, jus' like his fazher." Shay nodded, as if that didn't surprise her in the least. Then Shay looked over at the girl with an appraising gaze. To her eyes, and relative to Rosamund and Kim, the girl was almost plain looking. She was about fourteen, almost as tall as Shay despite her age, but build much like Kim, though less outwardly athletic. Despite that, she appeared to be quite healthy, and the excited expression on her face spoke volumes as she stepped forward, "This ez Nicole, and she ez quite a fan of dzhe botzh of hyu and your boyfriend..."

"My boyfriend whill not behlieve I met hyu!" the girl gushed, sharing cheek kisses with the older women.

"It's no big," Kim chuckled, "Would you like an autograph for proof?"

"Would you?" Nicole squealed in an oddly quiet manner, then blushed deeply as she began to dig through her small, if fashionable purse.

"Speaking of sweethearts," Rosamund prodded as she glanced about, "where ez Ronald Stoppabell?"

"Exuding childlike wonder at the statue..." Shay declared airily, pointing towards the center of the park.

"Shay!" Kim gasped in mock surprise, slapping her shoulder. Unfortunately, unable to hide her own mirth.

"Zso, 'e ez much like Frederick?" the blonde asked, waggling her eyebrows at the pale woman.

"Cuter and smarter than Frederick." Shay said with an impish grin, drawing a delighted chortle from Rosamund.

"Would you like an autograph, too, Jason?" The shy boy nodded, smiling brightly at the teen heroine. "Helen, would it be okay to take a page from your book for Jason's autographs?"

"Of course, of course!" she tittered, the delight at Shay signing her book clear as day.

Shay smiled at the scene, signing a new page for Jason when she felt a buzzing from her handbag. She pulled her phone out and, with an annoyed expression, unlocked the touch screen and let out a long suffering sigh, "Hello, Greg..."

Kim's attention snapped to her girlfriend at the name, then back to Jason, who was positively glowing with happiness to see two of his heroes names on the sheet of paper. "We'll get Ron and Rufus to sign it in a minute, too. Sound good?"

"Yes, ma'am!" he said excitedly, hopping from one foot to the next.

Kim turned to give Nicole a wink, but was surprised to see her and Rosamund's attention elsewhere. Then she heard a startled curse from Shay that made her even more confused, "Look, Greg, I'll call you back in an hour, something's come up... Yes, I promise! Bye!"

Kim turned to see Ron making his way over to them, an oddly shaped ball in his hands that Rufus seemed to be talking to. When he got a bit closer, they heard the plaintive meows of a cat, followed by a confused, worried Ron speaking in a stressed, sing-song voice, "KP? We have a problem!"

"What the hell?" Shay asked before thinking, before glancing at the young ones and Rosamund.

The older woman smiled and shook her head reassuringly, "They hear worse from Reno, Shego..."

"Isn't that..." Kim started, and both Rufus and Ron nodded in a worriedly excited manner.

"It's Debutante, Camille's cat..." Ron's simple declaration made Shay and Kim both bristle, then glance around the park as if searching for someone. "She was sitting in one of the trees and tried to get Rufus' attention, but the branch broke, and, well..." Ron shrugged helplessly, as if uncertain how to proceed. Shay turned to Rosamund and opened her mouth, but the older woman beat her to the punch.

"I take et dziss ez Team Possibell buzinez?" Rosamund asked in a slightly worried tone. Shay was about to tell her when Rufus piped up, waving his arms to get their attention. "We can always meet up later?"

"Sure, what's your number?" Shay asked, preparing to save it to her phone. The older woman gave her the number, but held up her hand, "This might not take too long, how long you gonna be in the park?"

"A little while?" Rosamund said uncertainly, glancing at Helen and Jason.

"Okay, I guess find a spot and we'll get back with ya!" Shay replied when both children nodded, then turned back to Rufus, "So, you can understand what she's saying, Bud?"

"No' worry!" When everyone's attention was on him, he began to sign in a very rapid fire fashion, "She was trying to get my attention when the branch she was on broke and she fell on Ron. She also said that Camille left her with her butler, Gerald, and that Gerald is missing. I think GJ may have taken him in, but I am not certain." Rufus glanced back as Debutante, annoyed at being ignored and being held in a gentle but restrictive hold, howled and hissed at him. Rufus blushed slightly and murmured, "She also said Camille looked different the last time she saw her, and sounded and smelled different. She said that a big fat man in blue and a man I think was Will Du came over, so maybe we can call him?"

"Not a bad idea..." Kim murmured, glancing down at her wrist Kimmunicator. Before she activated it, she glanced over at Rosamund,her son and niece, who were sitting a short distance away, then over at Ron, "Hey, Ron, Rufus, could you sign your autograph for the kids as part of Team Possible while I get ahold of A-... Er, Will?"

"Sure thing, KP!" Ron enthused, glancing down at Debutante, then at Shay, "Er, Shay, could you?"

"Give her here, Sport..." Shay chuckled, holding her hands out.

Rufus had dashed away at the first mention of autographs, but turned back to sign at them, "Let me finish and I will translate for Debutante."

Shay nodded as the blond had passed Debutante off, the cat grumbling in discontent. The pale woman glanced down at the fuming, hairless feline and muttered, "Don't glare at me, cat... Your momma was a royal bitch to me in lockup, but I don't have any issues with you... Yet."

Debutante glared up at her for a moment before snorting and turning her head away with a flick of her ears. Shay snorted in return as she felt Rufus climbing up towards her shoulder, before gazing at her younger lover, What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?


Kim sat down on a bench well away from anyone else and hit the main button on the wrist Kimmunicator. A few moments later, Wade's face popped up, and other than looking a bit singed he was fine. Before he could say a word, Kim's face crumpled in a mix of concern and amusement and she asked, "Wade, wha..."

"Small accident in the lab..." Wade answered as Kim stared at him, incredulity clear on her face. Then a series of pops interrupted him, and Drakken ran by in the background, huge rose petals around his neck. The former, and probably still mad - if working for the good guys - scientist was waving at what looked like large honeybees as he ran off trailing smoke behind him. Vivian Porter and Oliver were right behind him, the former carrying a fire extinguisher, the latter an odd electronic device. As she watched, one of the outsized bees exploded in an electronic burst, and Wade winced, "Well, a couple, really."

"Er, everyone okay?" Kim asked, then shook her head, "Y'know what? I'm not even gonna ask..." Wade smiled and nodded in understanding, but raised a hand and gave her a fifty-fifty gesture. Shaking her head, the red-head sighed and plunged on, "Anyway, could you get me in touch with Will Du, please and thank you? It's about possible confirmation we have of his concerns discussed in Amsterdam..."

"No problem, Kim!" the genius chirped, and an instant later, the GJ splash screen replaced his visage as the call connected.

"Good afternoon, Kimberly." Will said, his accent the one she normally associated with him, "To what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Camille Leon's cat, Debutante." Kim answered, angling the camera to show the fuming cat held in Shay's arms, "According to Rufus' translation, she was trying to get his attention when she literally fell into Ron's arms." Rufus winced and hid in Shay's hair as Debutante hissed and yowled at the statement. She bucked as if ready to jump after Rufus, but with a half-glare from Shay she calmed down, pouting up towards the shoulder Rufus was hiding on. Kim rolled her eyes and continued, "Anyway, we were worried that Camille might be around, but she told Rufus that Cammille's been missing, as has her butler, Gerald."

Will nodded and pursed his lips, before signaling someone off screen. A moment later, Betty Director appeared, which drew an excited, purring mewl from the hairless cat. "So this is Ms. Leon's cat, Debutante, then?"

The comment stopped Debutante from speaking, and made the cat's face scrunch up for a moment, before she let out a confused, plaintive whine. Shay grimaced slightly, glancing between the cat and the screen, shrugging when Betty raised an eyebrow. "Odd..."

Kim was about to speak when Shay piped up, "Hold on, Rufus is translating..." She glanced at Betty and Will, "Do either of you know American Sign Language?" Both nodded, so she kept quiet as Rufus translated Debutante's latest string of seeming complaints.

"She says, 'That woman looks like Mistress did when I saw her last. I do not understand what is going on.'" Rufus paused, his face worried as he continued, "She is very distraught, worried about Camille and Gerald."

"Debutante seems more intelligent than most cats." Will observed, earning a series of grumbles, a growl or two, and many flicks of the ears and tail from Debutante.

Rufus giggled, translating for her, "She said you are smart for a male human. She also said, 'I was picked up from a place that bred many, many cats like me, but they did something to our minds. I've always been smarter than most cats, almost as smart as Rufus.'" Rufus blushed slightly, then added, "She is as unmotivated as Shay was as a villain."

"Hey, now..." the former thief grumbled, flushing slightly as both Will and Betty tried to hide their amusement, "Oh, come on, not you two as well?"

"If th' shoe fits, Nahghtlahght..." Will said, a touch of his accent showing through.

Betty, however, kept her humor mostly off of her face as she spoke, "Be that as it may... Debutante?" The cat turned to stare at her, distaste and annoyance clear in her bearing, possibly all directed at Betty, "I know I resemble your... Mistress, Camille Leon's last form, but I assure you that we have done nothing to harm Gerald. In fact, we believe he may be in danger from your mistress, merely by the fact that we... Approached him with questions."

Betty glanced about as if taking in the scenery near the four of them, then sighed softly, "Kimberly, Shay, would Team Possible be willing to bring Miss Debutante to a local GJ office for debriefing? I know you're still on vacation, but she has information which could prove valuable, and, frankly, we believe Camille has become unstable. She could even be a threat to Debutante, so we may have to house her until the level of threat is assessed."

"I'm fine with it." Shay shrugged at the agreeing look from Kim.

"Me too." Ron agreed, making Shay jump slightly and give him a rather dirty look. The blond blushed slightly and shrugged, before looking down at the screen, "When do you want us to bring her by?"

"We'll be there in about an hour and a half." Betty said as Will typed in an address, "We'll arrive by tube at, call it 3:35?"

"Sounds good." Kim said, glancing over at Debutante, who seemed bored with the whole situation. However, the twitch of her tail belied that appearance, drawing a smirk from the red-head, "I think we'd better take Debutante for some food, she seems hungry."

The cat's ears perked up at that, drawing chuckles from everyone, much to the cat's apparent chagrin. She hid her chagrin by turning to lick at her left upper-leg. Shay shook her head at the cat, then glanced at the screen, "Well, I guess that's settled, then! See you two in a bit." She glanced at her lover and their boyfriend as Kim hung up, shrugging slightly, "Well, I want to catch up with Rosie, you think one of you could get her some meat, cooked but with no spices?" She glanced at Debutante, "What kind of meat?"

Debutante made an odd sounding, grumbling meow, and Rufus translated, "Chicken. But she says she likes spices."

"Sorry, cat," Shay murmured with a slightly wider smirk, "we don't know what spices are safe for you, and don't want to make you sick, so you'll have your chicken plain." Shay pursed her lips, "And why no fish?"

Rufus translated an annoyed, purring meow and tail flick, "She dislikes fish."

"Um, okay?" Kim blinked, before shrugging and leaning up to give her lover a kiss, "Where should I go, and do you want me to tell Rosamund we're free for about forty-five minutes to an hour?"

"Sure," Shay nodded, then pointed over to a small bistro a bit down the street to the southeast, "Go there, show them this card, and tell them Ms. Gottlieb wants some take out. Get the four of us something, and include a plain, unspiced chicken breast in the order. Tell them it's for a cat, they'll understand."

"Something they're used to hearing from you?" Kim teased, tittering in delight when Shay blushed.

"One of the two girls that got to see my bedroom at the apartment had a cat that preferred chicken..." Shay informed her with as much dignity as she could muster. Kim nodded as Ron and Rufus chuckled, which made Shay blush even deeper. "Get goin', Princess!" she urged, balancing Debutante in one arm while reaching down and tickling Kim's midsection with the other.

Kim let out a put upon squeak before sticking her tongue out and trotting off. Shay glanced at Ron when he laughed, cocking her head at him when he turned back to her, "Seems she's forgotten all about her little arousal problem..."

"Oh, I'll make sure she remembers on the way to the GJ office..." Shay promised, a devilish smirk on her face as they made their way over to where Kim was speaking to Rosamund, her son and niece.

Debutante just looked back and forth between the humans, wondering why she smelled such oddness from them. She got the impression that they were Kim Possible's mates and, at the same time, that they were like hunters on the prowl for the same red-head. She glanced at Rufus and voiced her confusion, to which he answered, "Humans in love are hard to understand."

For some reason, the statement put her more at ease than she figured it should have...


"They are on the run!" Pipes of the Upperclassmen exclaimed happily as WWEE Zeta agents ran back towards their transports.

"Do we follow 'em?" Mechanic asked, her tone hyper.

"Let them go, we've done what we were asked to do." X declared, smiling at his son and daughter-in-law as they hovered near the entrances, several agents unconscious on the ground about them. They could follow, of course, but they had been asked by GJ to watch after the facility, not pursue the bad guys.

"That is what we were asked, correct?" Junior asked, earning a grumbling assent from his wife.

"Very good, Pipes!" Triple-S congratulated him, smirking at how far his son had come since meeting his wife.

"Okay, so, like, how long until the GJ troops get here?" Bonnie asked, huffing slightly at being denied the chance at more combat, something Triple-S had noticed was like a melding of Kim Possible and Shego's-... Rather, Shay's attitudes.

"ETA is fifteen minutes." Triple-S declared easily, "So stay on guard. I suggest position three for you, my dear, and position seven for Pipes."

"Roger." Bonnie sighed, shaking her head in mild annoyance, "Pipes, baby, you're so rubbing my legs tonight."

"Well of course, my darling wife!" Junior said easily, "So, my lessons from Mr. Midas are paying off then, yes?"

"Oh, in spades!" Bonnie sighed dreamily, then sobered slightly, "Are we still going to Paris day after tomorrow?"

"Yes, I have business, that will take a good portion of the morning," Triple-S sighed, sounding almost annoyed with the thought of what he was going to be doing, "But afterwards, I am sure we can spend a few days there, and on Thursday, I have set up an appointment for you and Junior with Françios. Afterwards, I am sure we can enjoy the Champs-Élysées... Among other places."

"Sweetness!" Bonnie crowed, giggling happily, "We'll have to call Kim and company and let them know we're coming!"

"That I am thinking is a very good idea, Love!" Junior enthused. By his tone, he sounded as if he were about to say more when he made an odd, cut off blubber of nonsense, before muttering, "That is very strange... X, can you get Wade Load on the communicators? I am picking up an encrypted signal that is coming from the direction of the villains' escape!"

"One moment." Triple-S said, calling up the young genius. While the call went through, a thought occurred to him, "Pipes, find a position that allows cover, but also allows you to keep tapped into their communications."

"I am already on my way, X." Junior replied, a smirk on his face in the small video link in the lower left hand section of Triple-S' screen. He smiled back, then his eyes widened in surprise as another transparent window opened, showing not Wade, but Drew answering the call.

Without preamble, the former mad scientist answered the unasked question, "Dr. Load is busy sleeping, how can I assist you, X?"

Triple-S smiled warmly, "We have picked up some encrypted villainous communications, Dr. Lipsky, and were hoping to decrypt them..."

"So I see," Drew drew out, having noticed the feed that Pipes was picking up, frowning slightly, "Oddly, this is quite similar to one I used about a year ago, and sold to the WWEE when I was short on cash and Shego was unwilling to float me a loan..."

He began to type, glancing up as Triple-S chuckled softly, "That makes sense, since it was Agent Alpha leading six or seven squads of Zeta agents." Triple-S supplied, earning a distracted nod from Drew.

"Here we go!" the blue man declared with a big, toothy grin, before sending the decryption algorithm to their suits. Triple-S waited and was rewarded with a very frustrated man with a barely noticeable Japanese accent yelling into his communications system.

"...-o know where in all of the Hells were you and your men, Tripe?" the agent demanded. Triple-S was surprised to see him identified as Agent Alpha on the communication signal, indicating that Gemini hadn't modified Drew's original encryption much at all.

"I told you to give us six more hours, Alpha!" the sound of Agent Delta's exasperation was palpable as she answered, "We're halfway across the continental United States and the entirety of the Atlantic! It would take us five hours to cross that distance in our transport, and we still have over a half hour of fitting and gear checks!"

"You said you could be here in short ord-..." Agent Alpha started, his tone dangerous, but was cut off by an outright frustrated Agent Delta.

"And I told your precious Alpha Three when he called that it would be a total of eight hours, and to tell us when you were planning to move!" Triple-S winced at the tone, familiar with it from his late wife; it was the sound of a woman preparing to verbally rip a man to shreds, "And you have the gall to ask me where I was when you didn't even follow standard procedure?"

"Your procedure, you useless bitch, is to listen to my orders and act accordingly and with alacrity! I ordered you to be here, or tell me that you would not be here!" Alpha snapped, the rising aspect of his vocal pitch adding an unexpected viciousness to his voice, "Not to give me approximations that sound more like excuses! If you can't even follow a simple order, why are you in the WWEE in the first place!"

"I wish they had video!" Bonnie growled, more to herself than anyone else. Triple-S had to agree as he settled into his new position. There was something off about the conversation, but he could only chalk it up to missing the opening.

"You tread dangerous ground, Alpha!" Delta snapped back, though there was a dark tone of amusement in her tone, "Gemini may have been killed, but his other half has managed to contact me! She has ordered us to work together, under her leadership, as the rightful heir to Gemini's power base!"

"And she will be out of contact for a week or more as she recovers!" Alpha grumbled, "Leaving me the de facto leader!"

"Right..." Delta said in a drawn out fashion, before huffing indignantly, "Well, Alpha, the next time you think you might need backup, call me well before doing the operation, or it'll end up another cluster fuck, just like this one! Agent Delta, out!"

"Don't you hang up on m-..." the loud hiss of someone intentionally squelching a radio transmission interrupted his impending diatribe. There was a moment of heavy breathing before Alpha began to curse and rant about the woman he considered an ineffectual American whore, so Triple-S closed down the feed. Glancing at Junior, then Drakken, he grated, "We should probably record the feed, but I'd rather not listen to any more of that."

"Yes, Papi" Junior muttered in a tone very similar to his father's.

"Indeed," Drew agreed at the same time, "even at my worst, I would never sink so low as to call a woman names such as that... But you're right, Senior, his ranting might reveal something useful."

"Quite, Drew, quite." Triple-S agreed as the scientist cut the connection. Seeing that Junior was on the roof of the facility they'd been called to guard, he continued to the team, "And it seems GJ is on their final approach. Let us all form up on Junior." Triple-S grimaced as he caught the jerky nod from the small video link to Bonnie, even as she muttered what he guessed were rather obscene invectives, her voice inaudible with 'MUTED' in bold capital letters below her name. Seeing his attention on her, Bonnie flushed slightly and unmuted her line, smiling sheepishly as Triple-S asked, "Are you alright, my dear?"

"Yeah, Daddy," Bonnie sighed, frowning, "I just hate assholes like that." She paused for a moment, her livid features calming even as she glanced away from his steady, understanding gaze, "Not just because of how they treat women, but because, well... I used to say similar things about people."

"But you have much changed, my love!" Junior countered, "And that changing is bettering you, yes? You have mended broken bridges, and constructed new ones you have never expected, so it is, as you say, all good!"

"Well, yeah, bu-..." Bonnie started, but Triple-S cut her off with a gentle, yet firm tone.

"And always remember, that the way you were is in the past, my dear," Triple-S paused to let that sink in, before concluding in a softer tone, "so while you should never forget where you where, you should move forward with your new-found outlook on life."

"Yeah, I know." Bonnie flushed at Junior's enthusiasm for her and Senior's stern but optimistic declaration, then glanced at her father-in-law. Triple-S gave her that loving smile he so favored, and she sighed happily, "Thanks, love you guys..."

"As I, you, my dear." Triple-S chuckled, coming in for an easy landing beside his son, "Never doubt that."

"I still wish I had the words to let you know how I feel for you, that they would come so easily to me as they always have to my father, my Beautiful Orchid..." Junior declared softly as Bonnie landed next to him, "But I have not the tongue nor the skill of wordplay in English to do so..."

"Um..." Bonnie blushed slightly, and Triple-S had to force himself not to laugh in the way only an indulgent father could at what he felt was coming. He sighed happily as Bonnie's next words proved him right, "I... I'm not the best at speaking Spanish, Baby, but I do understand it really well... Does that help?"

"It is a very big help, Bon Bon!" Junior crowed, his face beaming in indescribable joy. Barely a second later, he began to hum, as if seeking out a specific tone, and began to sing. Triple-S, and from the look on her face, Bonnie, both prepared to lower the volume on their suit coms. Both nearly fell over, however, when Junior's voice came over the coms, but not from pain or fear as they had half expected.

The voice coming over their coms was nothing like what they had expected. Just a little above a whisper, the quiet voice of Señor Senior, Jr., scourge of GJ's supermax facility in southeastern Colorado, had taken on a beautiful, sweetly high-pitched tone that shocked them to their souls. His voice, and his words, were as loving, as intimate and romantic as any performer of love ballads could ever wish for, and he seemed to be completely oblivious to it. "Oh, my God..." Bonnie whispered softly as the words began to settle in, tears springing to her eyes as her husband poured his heart into the song, "Junior, that's beautiful..."

Triple-S had to agree. He'd heard his son singing in English, and as much as he loved him, he cringed at the mere thought of his son's voice singing. However, in that moment, he had a small epiphany, one he had to, once again, thank his daughter-in-law for. His son, while he enjoyed being a hero, had bemoaned never truly having a singing career. Now that he knew his son could sing in so... So breathtaking a manner, and on the fly like he was, he had much to contemplate.

Foremost in his mind, however, was whether the three of them could pull off being both superheroes and family members to the next Spanish language singing sensation to hit the music world?

Author's Notes

And another chapter down. Again, fairly slow, but a few more points of import, and fun, for everyone. Starting with poor Kim, who found out you always have to be careful when grabbing the tiger by the tail. Then there was Debutante, who seems a bit lost without her Mistress. But, after a brief interlude with a lovely woman from Shego's past, it seems she has a chance to at least find out what happened to her Mistress, non? And, of course, there's the Upperclassmen, classy and heroic as always.

As always, thanks to Neo the Saiyan Angel for her flow/feel beta work! And remember, everyone: there's lots of fics out there so keep up the reading, and if ya like a fic, give the author a review!