A white-blond haired girl about the age of fourteen grabbed a pet carrier and backpack arriving at Japan. She had a strawberry pockey in her mouth. She was wearing a cream colored sweater dress, and white legging along with cream flats. Her hazel-red eyes scanned the crowed. Her little white rabbit had a golden crescent moon on her forehead. It looked at crowed more carefully than its owner. Right by her was a black haired girl of the same age wearing a purple sweater dress and black leggings and black flats. She held up most of her hair in two buns the rest fell down her shoulders. She had midnight blue eyes.

On a rail of the celling a purple haired girl with pink eye's looked at the crowed spotting the girl.

"Oh I found her, Princess will be so pleased~" The purpled haired girl said sending a youma to handle the crowd. "Find the bunny and harm her so she won't bother princess again."

The youma was covered in purple and black. It saw the white haired girl humming something. The black haired one screamed

The bunny slipped out of its cage seeing the youma.

"Cottenball, come back!" The white haired girl giggled running after the rabbit. The youma jumped in front of the girls causing them to scream. Cottenball jumped in front of the demon. "Cottenball get out of here!"

"I will not lose you again!" The bunny yelled. The girl froze.

"You talked…" The black haired girl shivered.

"Alex, catch!" The white haired girl caught a brooch with a bunny shaped crystal in it. "Just yell 'Moon Bunny Power Make Up!' Hailey catch this and Yell 'Eclipse Power Make up'" Hailey's was a black circle with a silver moon in it.

"Moon Bunny Power Make Up!" Warm ribbons, yellow, and cream, white and pink, surrounded Alex, turning her cloths into the super fuku senshi wore. Her ribbons were a light pink, the collar was yellow, her skirt was the same as Sailor moons, but where Sailor moons skirt was blue hers was cream. White ballet shoes made their way onto her feet, the ribbons tying a bow at her ankle. The bow on her feet had a crescent moon on it. He chest bow had a pink bunny with a crescent moon, and her forehead held a golden moon. Next bunny ears and a tail formed on her head and hind end. Silk gloves mad their way up to her wrists. Alex opened her eyes to be completely red. She knelt down and held a pink fan with moons, and bunnies on the paper, and fluff on the rim, covering her mouth. Alex gasped feeling a large energy surrounding her burst out.

"Eclipse Power, Maka Up!" Black, yellow and purple ribbons surrounded Hailey. Her outfit matched Alex's in her own ribbon colors. She had her hair up in purple ribbons to hold pigtails. She held a black disk in her hand. She had a silver moon on her forehead though

At Rei's temple the senshi were studying.

"Artimis, look at this…" Luna said pointing out a dead rose blooming white, fading to yellow at the ends. It had black moon dust on it. "This energy isn't natural."

"It's like the energy from the moon." Artimis said picking it. He sniffed it. "It reminds me of poor Little Anna Bell And Tsuki."

"Who are Anna Bell and Tsuki?" Minako asked, gaining the rest the group's attention. Luna sighed and her moon started shining.

"Lunar mind meld…" Luna showed an image of a girl a few years younger than Serenity with red eyes. She wore a spaghetti strap version of the moon royalty dress. She had white hair that went to her mid back. By her was a girl the same age with black hair in buns wearing a dress like Queen Serenity's but with a purple shoal over it. "Anna Bell died shortly before Serenity. And no one knows what happened their cousin Tsuki."

"If they have been reborn like all of you that, make's a new problem. When she was born part of the silver Crystal broke off and made the bunny crystal, Anna Bell never really got the hang of using it so the energy spilt out at random." Artimis added. "And if it is, that might mean some one's going to be after it. Tsuki got the Eclipse Crystal. Like Anna Bell it spits out energy at random."

"We have to find them…" Usagi's moon appeared and she fainted. The rest the senshi planet signs started showing up as well and they followed in suit. The cat's looked worried. They felt the energy and followed their owners. Mamoru was last to faint.

"What's going on!" They asked the bunny from a bystander's point of view, they would look insane. Cottenball told them to quit her yapping and fight. "Why are we being attacked? We just wanted to visit Japan."

"You gonna fight that thing or what?"

"Uh, yeah, sure…" I sighed. I waited for some instructions on what to do. Cottenball must've sensed this and her ears droop. Hailey grabbed my hand and reassured me we'd be ok.

"Just use your instincts!" She yelled.

"Moon Bunny… Wind?" I said unsurely waving my fan. Pink colored wind blow out towards the Youma. "What just happened…?"

"Eclipse of Evil!" Hailey yelled throwing her disk at it. It turned into white and black moon dust.

"Well that went well. You ok?" My pet bunny asked. Hailey went white.

"Yeah, and YOU CAN TALK?" I yelled.

"Yes but calm down." I took a deep breath and Cottenball said relax out of the transformation. I listened to her and saw everyone talking like nothing happened. I sighed and collected my bags. I skipped onto the way to the temple and had a conversation with my cousin. We stopped in front of a large temple. The old man said that his granddaughter was studying with friends in her room. When we opened the door they were all passed out on the ground. Cottenball went over and nudged a black cat with a yellow crescent moon on its forehead.

"Sleeping on the job are we Luna?" Cottenball asked the cat.

"Cottenball? What are you doing here?" The cat named Luna asked. "And who are those girls."

"Alex, Hailey, meet my good friend Luna. Luna, meet Alex and Hailey, Sailor Moon Bunny, and Sailor Eclipse." Hailey and I waved. Luna blinked.

"They look exactly like Tsuki and Anna Bell." She said purring.

"Why are all these people passed out?" Hailey asked. I nodded at her question.

"Oh, we felt a really strong energy and we all passed out." The cat said.

"Oh, I can explain that, Moon bunny had one of her energy spurts again." Cottenball said pointing at me.

"So they have been reincarnated, this is bad. You know what happened last time…"

"Oh, that won't be able to happen again, he's not here anymore to distract Anna Bell." Cottenball said. Hailey shrugged at me. A girl with blond hair in buns and tails streamed down to her ankles. She opened her eyes. They were a deep and pretty blue.

"Luna, what's going on?" She asked. She looked at us.

"Usagi meet Alex and Hailey. Hailey, Alex, meet Usagi." Luna said. We both waved again.

"Girls, say something, this is Sailor Moon…" Cottenball said. Hailey and I watched Tokyo news just to see Sailor Moon. Both our eyes went wide. Hailey grabbed my hand and hid behind me.

"Uh, Hi we're huge fans and…." I said blushing from embarrassment. "Well it's super nice to meet you and an honor, and …. Hailey, your turn!"

"What? No! You're so much better with people than I am. I'll just say something to embarrass us!" Hailey panicked. Usagi giggled.

"Hey, I'm just me, no need to get like that." She said trying to comfort us.

"Oh, paid no need to that, they've always acted like that. I swear their total opposites. Alex is friendly, and loves techno, Hailey's shy and loves classic. Alex has white hair, Hailey as black. Alex has red-ish eyes, Hailey has blue." Cottenball explained. I stuck my tong out at her and Hailey hit my arm.

"Usagi's very different from her past self. She's a klutz, dimwitted and can't be serious to save her life." Luna said.
"Hey! I can be serious." Usagi said. We heard a 'yeah right' from a girl with black hair who woke up. "Rei-chan, you're so mean." They argued until everyone else got up. Hailey made me do all the talking while she hid. There was a sandy blond named Haruka, an aqua haired girl named Michiru, A bright blond named Minako, a dark blue haired girl named Ami, a brunette named Makoto, a black haired girl named Hotaru, a white cat like Luna named Artimis, a green haired lady by the name of Setsuna, and a black haired guy named Mamoru. Cottenball introduced us. Luna whispered something to them about Hailey. The outer senshi, Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru and Setsuna, all jumped up and went to attack her. I blocked them by spreading my arms in front of Hailey.

"Move, she's the daughter of something evil." Haruka said.

"I could say the same about you but doesn't mean it's true." I said. They all looked at me shock. "Anyone else wanna bully her? I have to warn you the last guy who did that got a black eye!"

"Alex, you're too violent." Hailey mumbled. I giggled at this sending the group into confusion. Haruka flung me over her shoulder and place me across the room from Hailey. Michiru held up and Aqua mirror.

"I can't be sure this is Nehelenia's daughter." She looked closer in it and held up her transformation item. "She is!" I started freaking out over them going to attack Hailey.

"What's going on?" Hailey asked stepping back. Cottenball jumped in front of her.

"Let me explain before you do anything!" Cottenball yelled. "Someone calm Alex down." Hailey rushed over to me.

"Hey, look I'm just fine; it's probably just a misunderstanding." She said hugging me. "Now take a deep breath." I did as she instructed. "Cottenball explain now!" She said glaring at our bunny.

"She is Nehelenia's daughter, but when Nehelenia was still good, in a past life. When she turned evil she gave her daughter to Queen Serenity to care for." Cottenball explained. "She was closets to Princess Anna Bell and they treated each other like twins. They treat each other the same way in this life. Hailey's one of the only people who can calm down Alex when she gets all worked up. We're lucky we could stop it in time, she has large energy spurts when she's like that." Hailey stood up.

"I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding, Alex and I have no memories of our past lives." She said bowing. I throw a book at Haruka. She barely dodged. Hailey sighed and looked at me. "Once again, too violent."

"I know." I said smiling.

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