Alex sat in Usagi's room. Luna and Cottonball were explaining everything to the both of them.

"Ok, let me get this straight." Alex said. "I was a princess in a past life, Sailor Moons my older sister, and I have to fight off evil?" Cottenball nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me about her? Better yet why didn't Queen Serenity?"

"The loss of Anna Bell was too great on everyone… Especially the Queen." Luna explained. "She knew she could save Serenity, but Anna Bell she did not know."

"None of us wanted you to remember, or you would've had a broken heart." Cottonball said.

"Why isn't Hailey in here? She's part of the family?" Alex asked crossing her arms.

"Luna, this is strictly for the moon sisters. You two." Luna explained. She looked to see Alex braiding Usagi's hair.

"Then he called her the weirdo of the night and I punched him in the jaw." Alex was telling her a story. Usagi winced.

"Did he go to school the next day?"

"Nope. And that year no one messed with Hailey." Luna and Cottenball smiled at the sisters getting along.

"You're really good at this."

"I braid Hailey's hair a lot. Yours is a lot longer."

"So you two have lived in the same house since you were three?"

"Yeah. We shared a room like twins."

"Cool, I hope I can get to know you and Hailey well, knowing we're kind of family now."

"Sounds like a plan." Usagi's phone began to ring. She answered it as Alex put her hair back in buns. Usagi put the phone away.

"Get transformed, an old enemy is attacking Mamo-chan's collage." Usagi said grabbing her broach. Alex opened a yellow phone.

"Hailey, meet us at Mamoru's collage. And be in the magic girl form." Alex said before hanging up and tacking her broach from her pocket.

"Moon Bunny Power! Make-Up!"

"Moon Eternal Make-Up!" Both girls transformed and ran to the collage.

Alex looked up at the youma. It was big ugly, and poorly clad.

"You can't be serious." She said to the other senshi.

"I'm will her on this one; you're insane if you think we can defeat that!" Hailey said hiding behind Alex.

"We were all like that at first, you'll be fine." Haruka said patting their shoulders. They heard laughing of four men and looked up.

"What are you doing back?" Mamoru yelled at them. "Answer me!"

"Taking over the world what does it look like?" Jadeite asked. He started blasting at them.

"Moon Bunny wind!" Alex deflected the attacks. "Hailey fight the Brunette or the flamboyant blond." Zoisite glared at Alex.

"Flamboyant?" Zoisite said glaring. "Who even are you?"

"In the present from the past Moon Bunny's here to kick some-!" Hailey covered her mouth.

"Moon Bunny?" Nephrite asked. "What about you?" He pointed at Eclipse. Hailey stood tall.

"I am Sailor Eclipse, Her and Sailor Moons Cousin." She said with a graceful bow. "And who are you?" Jadeite and Nephrite looked shocked, Kunzite looked unfazed and Zoisite looked interested.

"Aren't you a bit short to be a senshi?" Jadeite mocked looking at Alex.

"Aren't you a bit old to be harassing a group of teenagers?" Alex retorted. Jadeite laughed.

"When we rule the earth can we keep her as entertainment?" Jadeite said putting a hand on Alex's head. Her foot quickly met his stomach. "Never mind we can kill her along with the rest the senshi." Nephrite was laughing.

"Dude, she's like 3 years younger than you. Stop picking on the kid." He said blasting the surrounding building.

"Eclipse of Idiots!" She hit Nephrite on the head.

"What the hell twerp?"

"Moon Bunny, Eclipse, get back here right now!" Usagi ordered. Hailey begrudgingly went to her new found cousin's side. Alex was still repeatedly hitting Jadeite on his head with her fan.

"Call this thing off!" Jadeite said trying to shield his head. Mamoru came and dragged Alex over to Usagi.
"Let me at the creep!"

"Calm down." Usagi placed a hand on her shoulder. "We got to defeat them and stop them from blasting the building."

"Can't we just knock them out?" Hailey and Alex suggested.

"That's the best plan right now." Haruka reasoned. Usagi shook her head.

"We have to do this the peaceful way first." Alex looked at Usagi oddly.

"Screw that I'm knocking him out!" A white rose stopped Alex in her tracks shortly after she said that. Everyone looked at Mamoru but he pointed at a flag pole. A girl with short black hair and a green and blue fuku was sitting on the flag pole, she had a mask over blue-green eyes, the mask was a lot like Mamoru's

"Silly Moon Bunny~ you never learn do you? Fighting can only lead you so far." She jumped down with a graceful bow. "You have to listen to your sibling, she does know best after all." Zoisite stepped up.

"And who are you?" HE Asked, the girl turned her glance towards him.

"I'm surprised you don't remember Zoisite. I was a close friend after all." She said giggling with a wink. She turned to Alex and Hailey. "Don't rush into things." With that she ran off leaving everyone in silence.

"I say we call it a draw and try again later." Jadeite suggested.

"Agreed." Usagi said waving.

"Can I hit him one more time?" Alex asked before being pushed away by Usagi.

Alex tossed and turned in the bed she was sleeping in, like a nightmare or memory was taking place. Hailey slept peacefully.

Fire surrounded Anna Bell. She looked around in the smoke. Who could've done this to her family? She turned and saw a figure running to her.

"Anna Bell! Watch out!" The voice yelled. She looked behind her seeing her cousin laying dead o nthe ground.

"Tsuki?" She asked, tears flooding her eyes. "Tsuki! Wake up!" The figure behind her grabbed her arm.

"Anna Bell, get away from here!" The voice said trying to pull her away.

"We can't leave her!"

"I'm sorry, but she's dead, you will be too if you don't hide!"

"But-" Her voice got caught off by her own screaming of pain in her back. She fell into the figures lap hearing a giggle.

Alex woke up in a cold sweat. She looked around seeing Hailey still asleep. She grabbed a bunny plushy off the ground and clung to it crying. She wiped her tears and started walking to the kitchen. Rei noticed her leave her room.

"Is something wrong?" Rei asked once Alex had gotten some water.

"Just a bad memory." Rei was shocked by the answer.

"Your starting to remember so fast?"

"Yeah… Um Rei?"

"Is it normal to remember how you died?"

"Not with us, but since you died before Queen Serenity could help it may have caused a different awakening for you." She patted Alex on the head. "Now try to get some rest." Alex nodded.

"Thanks Rei." She hugged her and ran to her room.

"No problem." Rei whispered closing Alex's door.

Alex took a glance at the moon and crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.