Alex sat on the ground pulling her legs to her chest.

"What are you doing?" Jadeite asked looking down at her.

"I'm lost…" She mumbled. "What do you care?" Jadeite sighed.

"You know my secret identity and I know yours. We might as well call a truce."

"Mines not secret… the Senshi part is."
"Are you going to keep arguing with me or do you want to go home?"

"…What were my choices again?" Alex stood up and smiled at him.

"Come on, you better tell the Senshi how nice I am for not killing you. You owe me one."

"I don't think you're as evil as you seem." Jadeite stared at her.

"Why not?"

"Well, even when you have the chance to harm me you don't. Like in school you could've easily token me down in my weak state but you let me go to the nurse instead." Jadeite stared in wonder. "Besides when I was on the ground a few seconds ago you could've kill me. But instead you offered to take me home."

Jadeite and Alex walked laughing and chatting. They were stopped by a purple haired girl with pink eyes.

"Hello." She said. Alex and Jadeite were silent. "What is a handsome dark general doing with a bunny?"

"He was helping me get home, I was lost." Alex tried explaining.

"That's how it starts." The girl said. Razors came out of her hands. "So she must die."

"Hey, I hate Lunarians as much as the next guy but, killing them is useless." Jadeite said not realizing why he was trying to defend the young senshi. Alex took out a bunny shaped communicator.

"Guys we have an emergency over here!" She yelled before the purple haired girl shot it out of her hand. "Ouch! That's it! Moon Bunny Make-Up!" Alex transformed.

"So when do you think the senshi will be here?" Jadeite asked.

"Don't know; I've been lost for a few hours."

"My names Hyacinth." She said. "Remember it for it will be the last name you hear." Alex took her fan.

"Moon Bunny wind!" Alex yelled. Hyacinth easily dodged the wind while sending an Energy blast at Alex. Alex tripped backwards onto the ground. Only to be kicked forward by Yoshimi.

"You found the bunny." Yoshimi said, she was in a black revealing dress that went to her mid-thigh. She glared at Alex who was on the ground frightened. She then turned to Jadeite. "Lord Jadeite!" She went to hug him.

Jadeite didn't know why but the sight of Alex scared on the ground with Yoshimi smiling made him angry.

"Who are you?" He asked coldly. Yoshimi blushed and smiled wider.

"Yoshimi, the dark princess." She introduced. "I'm way more worth your time than the bunny." Jadeite was still confused but just glared at Yoshimi.

"Leave the senshi alone." He ordered. Yoshimi's smile fell fast.

"Fine, Hyacinth, kill her." Yoshimi ordered. Yoshimi blasted Jadeite with a little energy to hold him back. Hyacinth took her claws and ran towards Alex, who screamed and released enough energy to throw her back just enough for the claws just to scratch the moon on her forehead. Alex's senshi form evaporated into her princess form.

Jadeite's memories came back. First of meeting a small girl in the earth kingdoms garden, then memories of them picking and joking on each other, slowly falling in love, then Anna Bell dead in his arms. Jadeite looked at Alex and glared at Yoshimi. He fought back the little energy Yoshimi had thrown at him and Picked up Alex's passed out princess form.

"Don't ever touch her again." Jadeite warned.

"That wasn't killing her!" She snapped. Yoshimi Pointed at the limp body. "Destroy her this time but leave Jadeite unharmed." Hyacinth lunched at them.

The senshi came to the battle just in time to see Jadeite dive for Alex's body and protect her.

"Leave my sister alone!" Usagi yelled guarding Jadeite who held Alex protectively. Usagi glanced back at Jadeite. "Let her go." Hailey moved towards Jadeite. He used his powers to disappear with Alex.

Yoshimi and Hyacinth both disappeared disappointed.

The senshi returned to the temple to find Alex asleep in her regular cloths on the steps of the temple. Hailey and Usagi ran to her. Alex woke up.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Well explain later." Usagi said. "I'm hungry!" Alex smiled and ran off with Usagi to get dinner.

"There's no doubt their sisters." Minako said following them.