Jadeite walked with Alex through a park. The cherry trees were blossoming.

"You know one of the reasons I wanted to come to japan was to see these beauties in person." Alex said amazed.

"Doesn't surprise me. I remember you were fascinated by earth flowers." Jadeite said.

"And you thought I was an idiot." Alex recalled. "Then I called you a meanie."

"I find it hilarious to this day. You said red roses were a bloody moon. And now your sister's boyfriend throws them to save her ass." Jadeite said laughing.

"Ok, when you poured the pedals on me after pushing you in horse crap was uncalled for."

"You push me in horse shit." Jadeite said. "How is pouring a bucket of rose pedals on you mean?"

"Because it took days to get all the pedals out of my hair, I couldn't talk to anyone on the moon for weeks!" Alex said laughing. "Mom was so pissed! I got lecture about not going to earth; which I disobeyed. Many, many, many, times." They both laughed.

"Hey your first Sakura festival's this weekend. If you can get a kimono I'll take you." Jadeite said.

"I'll get a kimono." Alex said. They heard a whistle and saw a girl with tanned skin, freckles, orange hair and bright smile. "Sol!?" The girl wore shorts and a tank top like she was on a jog.

"It's Solntse in this time. So Sol still works." She hugged Alex. "How are you?"

"Great how about you? Wait, you remember past life's. Oh my gosh! We should set up a group date at the festival with me and Jadeite, Hailey and Nephrite, Terra and Zoisite and You and Kunz." Alex said.

"Wait Kunzite's still alive?" Sol asked. "Oh my dear! I've missed him so much. Wait who the hell are Hailey and Terra?"

"Oh, Hailey is Tsuki and Terra is Gaia. My names Alex now."

"Alex… That's so cute!" Sol said. "Oh Hey Jadeite, I barely noticed you. We should get the old group together!"

"Wait, where are you staying?" Alex asked. Sol took a letter out of her pocket.

"Um… With some chick Named Makoto… She needed a roommate and I heard you name on the news and I could resist going to school with you!"

"Wait I know a Makoto. She's Jupiter."

"No fucking way!" The two girls seemed hyped.

"Shit, I just remembered I skipped out on a senshi meeting…" Alex said. "I am not going home for a few hours."

"Oh, you're going to that meeting. You forget who you're talking to." Sol threw Alex over her shoulder. "See you Saturday Jadeite. Tell Kun-Kun I said hi~"

"Hey girls, look what I brought." Sol said opening the door. Everyone looked at Sol amazed.

"Sol!" Terra ran to her hugging her. "Omg!" Soon the room was filled with five girls squealing. Summer hugged Sol's waist.

"Before I forget, Jadeite asked me out on a date to the festival Saturday, and you girls are going to meet your past boyfriends to get caught up." Terra and Hailey looked shocked.

"We don't have kimono's…" They both said.

"Kimono shopping!" Minako yelled. "I'm going to make you girls look adorable."

"So what's going on?" Haruka asked. Alex explained everything.

"Rei, can Hailey and I hold a sleep over with the girls for old time's sake?" Alex asked.

"Sure, just don't stay up too late." Rei said. Sol and Makoto were taking about living arrangements. Terra and Hailey were talking about Zoisite and Nephrite. The rest the senshi were laughing. Cottenball looked at them.

"Rei, I think you should refuse Alex, because she ran from a meeting." Cottenball said.

"I only left because in all the meetings you guys say I shouldn't be in battles. I mean Yoshimi causes them all!" Alex grunted.

"Wait Yoshimi?" Sol asked. "That bitch is back?!" Everyone looked at her. "Oh, Yoshimi was a witch who lived in Jadeite's village and developed a crush on him. She once challenged Anna Bell to a sword fight and lost. She's had a grudge against her since. She was the one who killed Anna bell."

"I knew something about that girl stunk!" Alex announced. Rei sighed as everyone filed out.

"I'm leaving with Makoto to get my uniform and other things." Sol said.

"I need to get my and Summer's stuff from our house too." Terra said. Hailey and Alex nodded.

Soon they all gathered in Alex's room. Gossiping, doing girls things and playing video games.

"So what do you guys remember?" Hailey asked. "From our final battle I mean. I remember running looking to make sure Anna Bell was alright, and then something hit me. I can only remember Pain, Anna Bell yelling for me then Nephrite trying to keep me awake."

"I remember Zoisite Trying to hide me and Teresa in a safe spot." Terra said.

"Then an explosion happened and I think we died." Summer said.

"I remember flames surrounding the castle while I was in my room, I climbed out the window went looked for everyone, saw Tsuki dead and Jadeite tried getting me to run until Yoshimi killed me." Alex said.

"I was riding Blaze over the fire searching for the people in charge of the earth rebellion. Kunzite saw me and tried warning me; someone shot me down off of Blaze." Sol said. They all stopped.

"So what am I going to do while you're on your group date?" Summer asked.

"Hang with the senshi who aren't on dates." Terra said. "Or Mamo-bro will take care of you."

"I'm ok with that." Summer said. She crawled into her sister's lap. "Can I sleep with Cottenball?"

"Sure." Alex said putting the bunny on Summer's lap. They all giggled.

"So what other games should we play?" Alex asked.

"I dunno." They all mumbled.

"So what are you guys going to look for after school with Minako?" Summer asked. "I'm going with the cutest thing I can find."

"Something with flames on it and some whitish blue hints. Maybe some clear sashes…" Sol said thinking of her home planet and Kunzite. "And Some of my home's colors as well." (A/N: They wear some of their own aspects, their guy's suit color, and the color of their crystal)

"Something with hints of green and Magenta on it, and some rocks or leafs on it. And I ain't wearing no long kimono either I'm going for one that you wear cool shorts with!" Terra said.

"Something with black's and greens on it, and some white moons with stars. And some yellow hints." Hailey said.

"I want to look for something with greens and whites on it. And red. And some yellow and blues… Maybe some cherry blossoms on the bottom or white pedals…" Alex said. "Maybe we could look for necklace's with the guy's crystals on them." Summer looked at them.

"Ya'll are so cute." She mumbled. "But not as cute as Cottenball." Cottenball went back to sleep.

Meanwhile at the Shitennou base. Jadeite was just getting back.

"Guy's help me get Kunzite out of his room." Zoisite yelled. "He won't leave."

"Is he still sulking about Sol?" Nephrite asked.

"Yeah, it's depressing because he's supposed to be the leader." Zoisite said. Jadeite came into the room.

"What's going on?" Jadeite asked.

"He's not coming out of his room." Nephrite pointed at the door.

"Oh, yeah. I got good news for everyone." Jadeite said. "So we're going on a group date with the girls this weekend. I was talking to Alex about taking her when Sol showed up. She said to tell 'Kun-kun' hi." Kunzite rushed out of his room.

"Solestia's back?" Kunzite asked.

"Yes, and she's the one who asked for it to be a group date." Jadeite said. "Speaking of which we need kimono's."

"Let's go, I'm not going to see Terra looking like this?" He pointed at his general uniform. "We're going shopping tomorrow while they're at their school."

"You just want to see Terra in her uniform." Kunzite said.

"And you don't want to see Sol in hers?" Zoisite asked.

"I withdraw my comment." Kunzite said. Everyone had a good laugh.

"So how exactly are we going to get with them without the senshi attacking?" Kunzite asked.

"Well, Alex ran away from a senshi meeting, Sol like's to do what she wants, Terra just hangs with Summer and when she's not she's joking with Zoisite in battle, and Hailey just follows everyone else around. The Senshi think they can handle themselves. So we shouldn't be bugged." Jadeite reasoned. Everyone nodded.

"Should we get them flowers?" Nephrite asked.

"You remember what happened last time."

In the castle garden the four couples met. The four general's nervously held flowers behind their backs. Gaia ran into Zoisite arms.

"Zoisite!" Zoisite barley caught her. She felt the thorns from the fresh picked white roses in his hands. "Ouch!"

"Gaia I'm so sorry!" Soon this happened with all the girls and their guys.

"That's was horrible…" They all murmured.

"So shopping for clothes tomorrow." Zoisite said. The rest groaned a bit.

"Which one?" Zoisite held two kimono's in his hands. A green and Magenta one and a just Green one. Nephrite choose a yellow, Jadeite choose Red and Kunzite choose a light white like blue one.

"Just choose the Green one!" Nephrite yelled. They heard a group of giggling girls enter the shop. They hid behind some clothing racks.

"I can't believe you're going on a group date." Minako fangirled. The group of five laughed

"I want them to be happy." Summer said.

"I told you to pick quicker!" Nephrite whispered harshly at Zoisite.

"Hey at least we can see them in their adorable uniforms." Zoisite mumbled. The group looked at the girls.

"I'm going to look to see if the sashes we want are here." Sol said sneaking off.

"I'm gonna see if they have the Kimono's." Terra said running to the designs department.

"I'll go get the necklaces." Hailey said.

"I'll get us the hair accessories'." Alex said. Minako had given them each a list of what to get. The guys took the chance to pay for their things and sneak out. Alex looked through the accessories. Hailey and Summer needed ribbons for their hair, Terra asked for a pin with flowers, Summer asked for flowers, and Alex herself needed chopsticks and some small pins. She collected the things. She saw the others with the things.

"You're going to look great." Minako assured. The girls nodded. "And I talked with Hotaru, she said it would be great to hang out with our little baby princess."

"You got to promise to behave." Terra said.

"I know, I know." Summer said. They handed her things to her. "I'll be spending the night over there."

"Ok, have fun my little spring flower." Terra said giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"I'll take her so You girls can talk more about your dates." Minako said winking. "And what you might do after the date."

"Oh my gosh Minako!" Terra said bright red.

"We're still in middle school!" Hailey said covering her face.

"I haven't even kissed Jadeite yet!" Alex blurted embraced.

"I'd love to see Kunzite shirtless." Sol said. Everyone looked at her. "What? I'm just saying, my boyfriend's hot!" Minako soon took Summer out to pack and walk over to the outer senshi's house.

"So whose place we staying at tonight?" Hailey asked.

"We can bunk at mine." Terra said. "My parents in America gave me and Summer our own apartment, it's in Mamo-bro's building too."

"I was going to stay with Makoto tonight since I'm going to be living with her." Sol said. "So I'll see you at the park"
"Rei need's to help us with our Kimono's." Hailey mumbled. "You're lucky your family in America was form Japanese decent."

"Yeah, they made me wear long kimonos all the time. So I just wanna wear something shorter." Terra joked. "Hey, this is the first time ever any of us are going to see you with the moon's traditional hairdo of buns. Why didn't you ever wear them before?"

"Easy, it didn't suit me. When I was little I had hair as long as Serenity's, but one day some of the kids in the kingdom threw food at me and it got stuck, so mom had to cut my hair and it took forever to get it long enough for just one bun." Alex said. "So I just ran around with my hair down." She opened the bag the clerk gave her. "Also I found this cute tiara's for our hair that had they guy's crystals in them. Mine and Tsuki's also have Moonstones in them. Sol's has Sunstone and Terra has a bunch of rhinestones." Every giggled. They all got their separate things and split to their separate living places.

Alex unfolded her kimono. It was red with cherry pedals on the bottom, the lining was white. Her sash was white and faded to Yellow at the end. She smiled at it. She glanced at the clock. Dinner would be ready soon. Alex decided to change before dinner. She placed her brooch on the dresser.

"Alex, are you going to the festival?" Cottenball asked. Alex nodded. "Good as a royal in the future you'll need to make appearances." Alex threw a pillow at Cottenball.

"I don't want to worry about that now." Alex mumbled. She finally put on a mint colored tank top and white pants with green and yellow hearts on them. Alex put her arms behind her head and rested back on her pillow. She put her iPod in and started listening to it. She hummed along. Cottenball gazed at her princess. She hadn't changed at all. Running from meetings with courts, sneaking off to play with her friends and the guy her caused her death, coming home and not caring about the royal affairs and just relaxing. Cottenball curled up on Alex's lap. Alex sat up hearing a knock on her door.

"Bunny-brain, dinner." Rei said. She knew Rei was joking with the nickname. Alex stood up and walked outside of her room. "Your crystal?" Rei asked. It was glowing. "What are you doing?" Alex held her hands up.

"I'm not doing anything!" Alex said. She walked slowly to it. She picked it up and put it in a pocket. It dimmed so that it wasn't noticeable. "I'll have Cottenball check it out after dinner." Her belly grumbled and the crystal glowed a bit brighter. "Definitely after dinner."

"What's this?" Makoto asked Sol pointing at a large golden flamed mirror with Phoenix on it.

"The sun mirror, I used it to check on my princess and on earth."

Princess Sol looked in the ancient mirror.

"I want to see earth." She mumbled. Soon her reflection was replaced by a shocked boy. He had tanned skin a general uniform and long silver hair. He just stared at the princess in the mirror, her yellow dress flowed like a flame to orange.

"Hello…" He mumbled.

"Hi…" Sol mumbled back. "I guess my mirror works. I asked to see earth. And if it didn't work I still get to see a handsome boy."

"You are looking at earth, my name's Kunzite." The boy said. He looked quite a few years older than Sol. They both placed their hands shocked up to the mirror.

"Hello Lord Kunzite, I'm Solestia." The girl said.

"Sol-est-E-ah?" Kunzite asked.

"Yep… You can call me Sol though." She mumbled. She blushed hard and wiped the mirror's image to make it disappear.

"I haven't used that in ages." Sol said. She blinked. "Makoto, do you have a mirror I wanna see if it still works."

"Ok…" Makoto picked a mirror up.

"I wanna See Makoto." She said looked straight into the mirror. Soon Makoto's image appeared in the mirror.
"Cool!" Makoto said.

Summer ran through the Hall's with Hotaru.

"I haven't had this much fun since Chibiusa last visited." Hotaru said laughing.

"You just need another girl in your house. You should spend the night at My place sometime." Summer said.

Yoshimi tugged on her hair.

"UGGG! That stupid bunny!" she was throwing things all over.

"Princess you're going to lose your hair." One minion said.

"I want that bunny dead!" Yoshimi screamed into a pillow. "And I want it done now! As Soon as she's out of the picture I can get what's rightfully mine!"

"Princess, I think you may want to rethink your strategy." Another one said.


"If you remember Lord Jadeite has someone close to him he doesn't remember." It said. "One that would gladly take Anna Bell of your hands…"

"That's right." Yoshimi said. She started getting to work on her new plan.

Alex was now in her room. Hailey had joined her.

"It stopped glowing." Alex said picking her crystal up.

"Your mother always swore that those crystals were more like second stomachs." Cottenball giggled.

"And here you were all worried something was wrong." Hailey sighed. "Sometimes you amaze me, other times… Not so much." She kissed her cousins forehead and went to her own room.

It was painted a deep indigo and covered in fake stars. Of course her window had no paint or curtains. Her bed had glow in the dark fabric on it and she replaced the celling light with a moon. The rest the furniture was painted with white glow in the dark paint so she could feel like she was in her mother's castle, the new moon kingdom. Hailey looked at her closet. Covered with drawings of her memories'. One of her and Nephrite dancing, one of Sitting in the lap of her Aunt Serenity and getting her hair brush and one of Her Royal mother holding her. She smiled. Hailey took a deep breath and crawled into bed. She glanced at her Kimono. It looked like the night sky with Yellow trimming and a purple Obi. She smiled to herself.

"Tomorrow's a big day."

Tiem for Long ass A/N

First off. The colors for Kimono's and shit are using the colors on the Guy's Uniforms and crystals from what I've googled.

Secondly. Their deaths are as follwoed

Solestia/Solntse = From fallign of Her Pheonix Blaze

Summer/Teresa and Terra/Gaia= There was an earth (or moon in their case) quack and what they were hiding under colapsed.

Alex/Anna Bell = Yoshimi blasted her

Tsuki/Hailey = She was stabbed in the back, by whom is unknown.

Thirdly= I own nothing! Nada. Only Yoshimi, Alex, Hailey, Terra, Sol, Summer, Cottenball, and the dude mentioned here.

Also I do own Serenit (the princess) adn Anna Bells Grandma Selene. She's important to the plot.