I curl up outside the door to the Medi-Lab. Mummy should be out by now. She should! I bite my lip. I don't want Mummy hurt. She can't be hurt. Mummy's in…inde-thingummy. Like Captain Scarlet. Only not dying horribly every episode. Mummy curls up and watches that with me when I'm ill. And Thunderbirds, and Stingray, and Fireball XL5, and Joe 90. Taz says they're stupid, but that's because Taz… doesn't appreciate entertainment of a high calibre than blowing up stuff. Or something… Mummy said that to me.


Daddy's standing there. I hold out my arms and he kneels down to hug me.

"Is Mummy alright?"

"I…I don't know, Cat. Here."

We sit with our backs to the door, Daddy hugging me. Aunty Kitty comes over with Ollie.


Ollie snuggles up between us, leaves tickling my nose. Normally I'd push him away but instead I hug him. I'm not going to moan, because Ollie doesn't understand. Daddy hugs us both and rocks slightly. Aunty Kitty bends down and kisses his head before turning to go.

"Aca's a survivor, Kurt. We all know that. She'll pull through. She has to."

Daddy doesn't look up so when he speaks, he does it into my hair.

"Thanks, Kitty. I hope you're right."



"If Mummy… If Mummy dies, what will you do?"

"She won't. I promise you, Cat. Uncle Hank won't let her die."

I sit in silence for few minutes.



"Can we go and sit somewhere else? I don't like it here."

Daddy picks Ollie up in one arm and walks to Mummy's office. I jump up into the chair she keeps for me and swing around, glancing up at her old video collection. Jubilee likes to tease Mummy about having videos but Mummy likes them. She says they remind her of when she was little. When things were good. And then she hugs me and tells me that now things are good again, we can watch videos. I can't sit still any longer so I jump up and grab a video down at random and shove it in the player.

They crash him, and his body may burn.
They smash him, but they know he'll return
To live again.

I rewind it back to the beginning and stick my thumb in my mouth as Captain Scarlet chats to Captain Brown. Daddy makes an odd noise when Scarlet shoots the bad guy in the opening sequence.

"Cat, you watch this?"

I pull my thumb out of my mouth.

"Mummy loves it. I love it."

And then I stick my thumb back in my mouth. The first time I watched this, Mummy sat next to me and hugged me when it was scary.

If I concentrate hard enough, I can feel her hair tickling the back of my neck.