Daniel's heart raced like none other in his chest, the warm hand around his throat not tight yet firm, keeping him down against his wishes. His head spun with confusion and fear, eyes wide as he stayed still. Alexander's face was merely directly above his, silver hair curtaining his face and brushing Daniel's cheekbones with that sly grace. Softly, the baron chuckled. "In truth, I was surprised to see your here. And seeing you in such an outfit is something I won't forget."

Daniel's cheeks flushed in sheer embarrassment as he attempted to move away but Alexander simply sat on his waist now, holding him down further. "Alexander, what are you-!" The hand on his neck wrapped around his mouth now, stopping his words and forcing them to come out muffled.

"Hush," he purred into Daniel's ear, making him shudder. "We don't need you causing an uproar in my new castle." Raising a hand to his own face, he took the golden mask off to further more reveal his cat-like yellow eyes and the rest of the strong-edged face Daniel knew so well. "Now," the elder began, looking over Daniel's panicked expression with amusement, "do you agree not to run or attempt anything in my room if I let you go? Or will you be as stubborn as always?"

Carefully, the younger one thought this over in his head. If he attempted to run, the door would probably be shut and Alexander would be in his way. Not to mention, he wouldn't be able to figure out where the artifact was. Slowly, he nodded in agreement, seeming to give up.

"Good boy," Alexander murmured before he dragged his hand off, momentarily let his fingertips brush Daniel's neck.

For a moment, Daniel could only watch the male before he swallowed dryly. "How the hell are you alive, Alexander? You were-"

"Yes, yes, I know. I was eaten by the Shadow, per say. But your dear pursuer seemed to have taken an interest in me at the last minute." Slowly, Daniel let this new information sink into his mind.


Alexander gave a grin that made a shiver run up the others spine. "I speak the truth, dear boy. Neither of us had become fully associated with the orbs powers. He left me alone after making sure none of its powers was in my blood. I woke up here and for the last few months, I've made it my new home."

Daniel resisted a shudder as Alexander ran a callused finger of his over Daniel's exposed throat. "And it seems you haven't forgotten me either." The male soon attempted to move, gritting his teeth.

"Of course I haven't. You made me a murderer, you sick monster!" He hissed his words in the male's face but the other merely gave a grin.

"Oh, you're still stuck on that? I'm surprised with you Daniel." Suddenly, he chuckled and ran a hand down the others side, feeling the tight fabric of the corset. Daniel jerked away from him to the best of his ability but he couldn't go anywhere with the baron sitting on his waist. "Of course, you surprise me even now, wearing attire like this," he purred.

Daniel's face flushed greatly. "That's because-" A finger set itself on his lips, stopping anymore words from leaving his lips.

"You're looking for the amulet? Yes, I know. But you're not getting it~."

"What-!" And Alexander's hand was firmly pressed once more over his mouth.

"Shh. Hush Daniel. You're going to attract unwanted attention." Daniel's bandaged hands flew to Alexander's hand, attempting to pry it off to clearly state his protests of anger but the hand merely pressed itself more against his lips. Now, the younger male began to thrash, wanting the other off him but his weight was firm on his hips and mouth, successfully pinning him to the bed.

Alexander chuckled, leaning closer to Daniel who attempted to sink further into the sheets. "And I don't think you'll be getting out of this little predicament you found yourself in, Daniel. Just face the fact that you'll be with me for a longer time than what you've ever planned~."

The archeologist held back a whimper that rose in his throat and naturally, he flinched when Alexander's hand rose to his forehead. His heart skipped when long fingers brushed his bangs away from his eyes and his surprise only showed through his hands which somewhat loosened on Alexander's. Alexander noticed and soon slowly dragged his hand away from his mouth, fingertips gliding over smooth lips.

"...How...did you know who I was?" Daniel asked, his voice quiet and eyes locked on the elders. He only got a smirk in response before a hand trailed to the bottom of the green dress. It made Daniel shudder as Alexander had decided it would be fun to trail his fingers down his leg. Soon clutching the bottom of the fabric, he lifted it up just enough to show the small splotches of ink that had clung to it. Not only was the male embarrassed about his stupid mistake but the fact that Alexander's eyes were on his face, his gaze watchful.

"You really were clumsy when forcing yourself to hurry." He gave a grin that made Daniel shudder before he let go of the fabric. "Always acting like a frightened rabbit, you are." Now he leaned over Daniel, gently sweeping at his bangs and letting his fingertips caress his face.

The male couldn't help but nearly relax before remembering who exactly he was with. But his hand was warm, gentle...a hand that had once reassured him... But a hand that had murdered perhaps hundreds of innocent bystanders.

Regaining his senses, he started to raise a hand to smack the others away. It was grabbed at the wrist and pinned down above his head while a pair of lips were harshly smashed against his own. Daniel's eyes flew open wide, meeting half-lidded golden orbs. His heart raced in his chest, he knew that and for a moment he just laid still, attempting to comprehend what was happening. And to Alexander's clear surprise, Daniel kissed back softly, showing his shyness in kissing another.

As Daniel felt his heart pound within his chest, he slowly took in breaths through his nose, allowing Alexander's intoxicating smell of roses consume him deeply. He couldn't help but silently admit that this was a smell...he had longed for ever since he took the amnesia potion. Full, red-colored blooms coated with a faint smell of expensive wine; a smell that could trance anybody for a long period of time.

It wasn't long before he felt a faint nip on his jawline, causing him to shudder. The warm breath of the baron covered the side of his exposed neck.

A chuckle sounded through Alexander's throat as he carefully licked the younger male's jawline. "This makes me wonder why you're not fighting any longer, Daniel. Have you finally given into me?" Daniel bit his lower lip.

"Of course not! I have yet to even find where you put the damn artifact! Until then, I won-" And he trailed off as Alexander removed the item from his back pocket.

It was gorgeous, sparkling silver and adorned with emerald, sapphire and diamond as big as his little fingernail.

That damned and sly man! He thought to himself with rage.

"Hm..." Looking up from the sparkling amulet, he found that Alexander's eyes were currently on his exposed throat, making him shudder. "Daniel, can you close your eyes?"

"I refuse to listen to you."

"Daniel..." Alexander murmured, seeming somewhat exasperated, "do it for the one whom took your first kiss?" He gave a smirk and Daniel's cheeks undoubtedly struck pink. Slowly, reluctantly, he let his eyes shut.

For a moment, the archeologist was certain he was going to be stabbed or perhaps worse, but slowly, something ice cold and heavy draped over his collarbone. Already, Daniel figured what Alexander was doing and his cheeks went even more of a solid red as he felt fingers brush over his skin.

"You mean a lot to me, Daniel. Why else do you think I would help you beat the Shadow?" Opening his eyes, Daniel frowned in confusion but relaxed under the male's touch as he felt fingers brush over his forehead once more, to flick away a few strands of stubborn hair.

"But...we only knew each other for a short amount of time." His cheeks went scarlet as the baron placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"All the more reason to feel connected to you, dear boy. And I'll show you that I mean what I say for the next few days." He gave a sly grin, showing that he had heard Daniel's first chat outside of his own home of Mayfair.

Daniel gave a small noise, related to a whimper of irritation. "Will you ever stop being so...difficult?" Alexander chuckled and let his forehead rest on Daniel's. "Sorry but you'll get used to it, I assure you...love." Daniel felt his heart race inside his own chest as they shared another kiss for the beginning of the night.


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