I don't anything at all! Sadly!

Glee Cast as Pokémon!

Co-written with sister Starslover17.

This is pretty much pure crack created because we were bored. Enjoy, comment as you will. Add any if you like or have suggestions.

Quinn: Pikachu

Rachel: Pidgey

Finn: Psyduck

Tina: Eevee

Mike: Persian

Puck: Arbok

Brittany: Ninetales

Santana: Charizard

Kurt: Bulbasaur

Blaine: Charmander

Mercedes: Nidoran (F)

Sam: Squirtal

Rory: Houndour

Joe: Noctowl

Sugar: Jillypuff

Sue: Fearow

Will: Muk

Emma: Mew

Artie: Growlith

Sebastian: Rattata

Lauren: Machamp