This is my story about the Hunger Games people going to see the Hunger Games Movie! I don't hate the hunger games; I just thought that it would be fun to write a humor story like this! SO, I do think the movie wasn't the best, because the book is always better, but that is my opinion.

P.S. Don't read if you have laughing problems.

Once upon a time there was a small little town called District 12. In this little town there lived a girl named Katniss, and a boy named Peeta. They "loved" each other very much! One day Peeta was going over to Katniss's house, - wait, WHAT? WHO WROTE THIS? THIS IS SO RETARTED! GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!

So, anyway, they are all going to see the new movie in town called, THE HUNGER GAMES! OOOOHHHH!


"Where are we going," Cato asked Clove, (otherwise known as Barbie and Ken), as they were skipping hand and hand down the sidewalk to the movie theaters.

"I have told you one million times Ken, WE ARE GOING TO THE MOVIES!" Clove yelled again, even though she knew he was going to ask again 3 minutes later.

"SHUT UP" some random person shouted at them," AND SKIPPING IS FOR BABIES!"

"WHO SAID THAT?" Clove yelled as she pulled out her bow and arrow, (which she sucks at shooting).

She aimed at the man who had yelled at them as she fired. Instead of shooting him, she shot some old hobo in the face. He screamed and ran around for five seconds before he fell over dead by a pole.

Ken and Barbie entered the line to get there tickets when they spotted Katniss and Peeta.

"Hi, Peeta how are you?" Peeta asked himself.

Silently, Katniss walked over to Peeta and pulled out a cane. She tapped him nicely on the shoulder, and as he turned around she wacked him over the head with it, (very hard).

"Oww," screamed Peeta, "You hit me, that is naughty and you shouldn't do it."

"Why don't you go suck my (giant horn blows)?" Barbie yelled.

"Because, you are a (another giant horn blows), and your (horn again) is disgusting!" Peeta screamed right back. He was getting impatient, so he decided to cut in line.

"Hey, what the -word incomprehensible- do you think you are doing?" The man Peeta had cut in front of asked.

"Going to the movies, what are you doing?" Peeta said.

"Are you mental or something, you can't cut in line!"

"You must be mental, because, I was here first." Peeta said.

"That's it, I'm not putting up with this, HEY, SOMBODY COME AND GET YOUR MENTAL FRIEND." The man said.

"Do you want an arrow straight though your face?" Clove asked, "Because I can put one there if you want me to."

"No, no, I didn't mean any harm, I'm just going to- (the man runs away so terrified that he pees his pants before he gets home.)

"Well, he is a peabrain," Peeta said while laughing so hard he falls on his face.

"Hey, Peeta, good boy!" Katniss told Peeta while giving him the dog treats that he loves so much.

As they were all waiting in this very long line, still, they spotted Finnick and Annie walking toward them. Katniss acted like she didn't know them, and Peeta ran over to Annie and asked for more dog treats.

"Hi Peeta, how are you today?" Annie asked.

"Great, how are you Ms. Annie?" Petta said.

"I am fine, what are all of you guys doing today?" Asked Annie.

"We are going to the movies; we are watching the Hunger Games! It is supposed to be really good!"

"Well, can we join you, we have nothing to do today, and we were just walking to town anyway."

"Sure, why not?" Katniss said, "Why not add some more hobos to the count today?"

"I don't think we should Annie, I don't think certain people want us here." Finnick said.

"Like who, they all seem very nice," Annie said turning around to face them. Katniss looked awfully mad, like she was going to explode; Peeta was chasing a butterfly until Barbie slaps him across the face. Ken (Cato), was trying to get a cat out of a tree so he could eat it (while he is climbing, he has a fork).

"Well, I'm staying, what about you Finnick?"

"Yes, they all seem like very nice people." Finnick says.

Just then Ken walks up with the cat on his fork, and asks for a match so he can cook it.

"Cato, my darling, how did you manage to get the cat on your fork from the tree?" Barbie asked.

"I took my fork, and nicely STABBED its little round furry head!" said Ken.

"I think we should go now, Annie, I don't think it is safe here." Finnick said while carefully dragging her away.

"Awwwww, I wanted more dog treats!" Petta exclaimed while crying about how unfair the world was.

They all finally got their tickets and entered the building.

Next chapter, they will finally start the movie, sorry for the long introduction, hope the humor makes up for it?