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Mentoring! Undertaker

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ch1: The Fire Burns

It was a normal day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The staff had been called in for a meeting by Headmaster Dumbledore, but he had yet to show himself. Suddenly, the Divination Teacher, Sybil Trelawney stood up and stared into space. She gasped out, in what sounded like multiple voices, "The time draws near. The One with the Power to Vanquish the Dark Lord will be freed from his fate and embrace his true potential. Mentored by the Man of the Dead, molded by the Viper of a Human, raised by the human Demon, he will rise up and redeem the name of the Serpent. The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be freed from Fate as the day dies." As soon as it began, Trelawney blinked and, in her normal voice, asked "I'm sorry, did I say something?" much to the shock of her co-workers, who had just witnessed a true prophecy.


"Are you sure this will work?" A gruff voice asked as a man in a black and red suit sat next to another man in a black leather coat holding what looked like the inner workings of a large analog wall clock. "I just can't shake the feeling that something was left out." The man in the black and red suit, who turned to reveal a red mask, said. "And the fact that in the sixth book….his future….wife" the man in the black coat spat out wife like it was poison, "was shown looking at love potions at the end of an early chapter…then Harry suddenly gets feelings for her?" The first man who wore a dark brown shirt with the skeleton of a viper on it and blue jeans nodded. "As R-Truth would say 'I smell a conspiracy' or at least that's what I think he would say…" He added as the man in the red mask started turning the workings of the clock in the same way one would use a Time Turner.


A seven year old Harry Potter sat shaking in his "room", which in reality was only a cupboard under a stairway. He didn't know what exactly happened. He had been chased by Dudley and his gang at the school playground and the next thing he knew, he was on the roof. This didn't bode well for him since when unnatural things happened, his uncle got angry and when his uncle got angry-pain followed. It was a chilly evening in November. His aunt and cousin were sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the telly as the fireplace roared. The door slammed shut as he heard his aunt get up to whisper what happened to Vernon. A minute later he heard his uncle shout "BOY!"


The three men landed on the front lawn of one Number 4 Privet Drive just as they heard a man shout "BOY!" The man in the coat ran to the door and-without a moment's hesitation-kicked the door down. They were in time to see one Dudley Dursley being escorted to his room by his mother-Petunia as they heard a child scream in pain. The man in the red mask wasted no time moving past his brother, only to pause and scream in rage at what he saw. The boy's uncle had tossed the helpless Harry Potter into the fireplace-as it was still ignited. "Now see here…" Vernon had started, only for the masked man's vice-grip to tighten over his throat. He lifted the walrus like man and chokeslamed him into the couch, knocking it over. He quickly picked up the boy, whose hair and clothes were still on fire. "GET SOME WATER OVER HERE! AND CALL THE COPS!" The man shouted. After that, everything went dark for Harry Potter, who was unaware that his scar was oozing black "blood" and fading.


Harry groaned as he awoke. "Tossed in a fireplace, that was new uncle." Harry reached for his glasses, ignoring his muscles screaming in protest. Instead, his hands touched a cold, metal object that felt like it had a goo-like substance inside of it. "You're awake I see." He heard a voice say in front of him, but he couldn't see who it was, in fact, there were three large blurs in front of him. "Put that mast on, it has burn salve on the inside to help heal you." Harry gulped, as the voice sounded like a man you didn't want to cross. "I…can't see what I'm doing sir." He said, before bracing himself for the beating to follow for speaking out of turn and questioning orders. "You're not going to get hurt again, kid." One said as he stood up and put the mask on him. Instantly, he could see better. There was a man with a buzz cut and a short beard wearing a shirt with a viper's skeleton. The other man had a hooded cloak on in a matter that he looked like belonged in a graveyard, and the last man, the one who put the mask on him, had a red mask and a black and red outfit that had a red flame pattern on the right leg. Glancing at the mirror, Harry almost didn't recognize himself. He had on a black mask with red stripes on it. "The eye pieces have prescription glasses in them. Oh, and the mouth part comes off." The man in the red mask said before pulling it slightly to the left. Something clicked and the mouth guard easily came off. "It has a locking mechanism. It ONLY comes off to eat, got it!" The man in the red mask said, getting a nod in reply as he slid it back to place.

"You said I'm…not going to get hurt again?" He asked. All three men gave a sinister smirk. "We called the police when you were tossed into the fire. Seeing you injured and hearing them say 'the freak deserved it'…well, your aunt and uncle are in prison and your cousin is in a special building for 'incurable criminal boys' or something like that" "Who are you" Harry asked as he sat up, noticing for the first time that he was in a hospital. "Randy Orton" The man in the snake-skeleton shirt said. "I am known as The Undertaker." The cloaked man said in a gravelly voice. "As for me? I am the Big Red Machine….I….am Kane"

Chapter end

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