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It had been two months since the 'Sticker Incident', so named by Clint, and the Avengers tower had returned to normalcy. This, however, wasn't going to last for long.

Yesterday, the Avengers had been forced to attend a press conference by Director Fury, and none of them were too pleased about it. The day seemed to be going okay until it drew to a close and it was time for the team to head home. When they were leaving the news studio, adoring fans mobbed them and it took Thor waving his hammer rather threateningly to separate the crowds. This didn't stop a few keen girls from throwing themselves at Steve and fawning over him demanding photos and autographs.

This is what sparked Sticker Incident 2.0.

As we established through the last incident, Tony Stark is a very possessive man and he likes to stake claim on what is his. Last time it was with his furniture, appliances, and other various items. This time, it was Captain America.


When Steve awoke the morning after the press conference, he disentangled himself from Tony's arms and padded barefoot to the kitchen. Natasha and Clint were already there talking in hushed tones over their morning cups of coffee.

"Morning you two." Steve greeted them.

"Hey Steve," Natasha smiled at him whilst Clint nodded in acknowledgement.

As Steve turned his back on the two to open the fridge and retrieve some orange juice, he heard Clint chuckle and Natasha giggle quietly. Slowly pivoting to face them, Steve's face clearly portrayed the question he didn't voice.

"Oh, nothing, just remembering…"

"Budapest" Clint interrupted.

"Yes, Budapest." Natasha agreed whilst trying to contain her laughter.

Steve decided to ignore their antics and carried on with his breakfast. Throughout the meal though, Steve couldn't help but notice the amused looks he was receiving from the two assassins.


After showering and getting ready, Steve got dressed and walked into the living room where the rest of the team were sitting. Upon his entrance a number of things happened; Tony started smirking, Clint and Natasha began laughing again, Bruce raised an eyebrow but otherwise said nothing and Thor chuckled heartily.

"Okay, seriously what is so funny?" Steve asked in exasperation.

"Did you look in the mirror when you got dressed this morning Steve?" Bruce asked calmly.

A million thoughts ran through the Captain's mind as he tried to think what wardrobe malfunction he had committed this time.

"No, why?"

"You might want to go check…"

As Steve turned to leave the room and check his reflection, the laughter started up again. He ran from the room and into the hall where there was a large mirror hanging on the wall.

Steve finally saw what was so hilarious to the rest of the team. There, emblazoned on the front of his shirt were the words:

Property of Tony Stark

'Not again' Steve thought to himself. Pausing briefly, Steve turned his body to look at his back and then he understood the laughter that occurred when he left the room. The same words were scrawled on the back of his jeans, right across his butt, in bright red.


Tony was lounging in the his chair in the living room tweaking a new design for his Ironman suit on his tablet when he heard the roar of his boyfriend's voice out in the hall.