like crazy




She always has the radio on.

It's one of the many weird things Mako's noticed about her. Like, she always takes two spoonfuls of salt with her black tea—which is gross, by the way—and lets the salt settle into the bottom of the cup before she'll even raise it to her lips to drink. She hates the morning sun, always stuffing her face under her pillow in the early hours when he rises, opening her curtains. She'll grumble at him incoherently, sleep still in her eyes. She makes him sleep on her bed, rather than the futon he'd found in the Air Temple's attic, and she'd forced Bolin onto the other spare bed.

Little things. Things he wouldn't notice about any other person, but things he notices about her.

The radio is especially loud in the silence of their tea drinking, and Korra leans back after setting her cup down, laying on the floor, chest rising and falling to the beat, lips mouthing the words to the song. Mako watches her with hooded eyes, pretending he's focusing on his tea. Bolin is nowhere in sight, probably wowing Jinora with his earthbending. Tenzin's kids had taken to Bolin, while they were still a little wary of Mako. Smart, he thinks wryly, lips twitching before he wipes the expression from his face. He's always been exceptionally good at keeping his face free of any emotion, but lately…more and more—around Korra—he's been having a hard time. He'll find himself grinning from ear to ear when she makes a joke. Smiling when she mimics Tenzin behind his back. Laughing when she laughs. Bolin had even commented on it the night before, and if his brother had noticed (and Bolin never notices anything), then it was becoming a serious problem.

But at the moment, Korra's ignoring him, eyes on the sky above. They've taken to drinking tea outside the Air Temple, under the stars, after pro-bending practice and airbending practice and—

And every other unfortunate thing Korra had to subject herself to.

They sit across from each other, kettle and cups between them, sometimes saying nothing, sometimes saying everything. Mako would be lying if he said it wasn't his favorite part of everyday.