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A Day with Frankie

I start awake to the sound of a heavy door slamming shut. I stretch out my stiff limbs and crack my eyes open sleepily and momentarily panic. Before I realise where I am and a huge flash of excitement jolts through my body. I can't believe it, I really can't believe it. I'm in America! I've dreamed of coming here since I was a little girl.

Suppressing my excitement, I clamber clumsily out of bed and grab the jacket I was wearing yesterday and put it on, shielding my skin from the sharp, cool air. I open the door quietly even though there's no point since the rattle, the door slamming created, would've woken the dead. I pad along the corridor that leads into the kitchen and see Mrs Heck sitting at the table, biting into a piece of toast using one hand and flicking through a magazine situated on the table itself, with the other. I wince as my foot hits a creaky floorboard, creating a noise that makes her stop her actions and snap her head up to look at me. A look of shock quickly turns into a bright smile and the kindly woman gestures to the seat across from her, mouth still full of toawatching as she chewed quickly and swallowed thickly as she hurried to speak to .

I mumble my good morning and sat down across from her, "What would you like for breakfast? I've got toast, cereal..."She seems to be about to carry on but I interrupt her.

"Toast would be great, thank you very much" I smile timidly, I'm still shy, but that's who i am. It takes me a little while for me really feel comfortable around people. She nods and sets to work putting the bread in the toaster.

"So I thought today you could come with me to the store for groceries and to get you a few things. Since I expect you couldn't bring a lot with you." She says and then the, now toasted, bread pops up. Mrs heck begins to butter it.

"You really don't have to get me anything, letting me live here is more than enough" I say gratefully, she's so kind, taking me in, feeding me and she wants to buy me extra stuff, stuff I really don't need. She clatters the plate in front of me and begins picking up crumpled and dirty clothes and putting them into a washing basket, as I munch down on my toast.

"I'll go get ready" I declare finishing my toast and getting up from the table. I walk down the corridor and into my room to grab my toiletries and a change of clothes.

After, I head back into what I remember the Hecks calling the family room and sit down on the settee. Just thinking to myself about school, the hecks.

My thoughts are interrupted as Mrs Heck walks in, dressed in a coat and holding a set of keys. "Come on then! Lets go!" she exclaims excitedly. Her enthusiasm gets me a little excited too. I stand up and walked out the door, Mrs Heck locking the door behind us and we walk side by side off the porch. We head to the car and I sit in the passenger's seat. "So whereabouts in England are you from?"she asks, trying too hard to be casual. I just smile.

"I'm from Oxford, it's near London" I say looking over to her as she starts the car. We spend most of the time on the way to the shops.

When we get there I get the trolley and meet Mrs Heck at the entrance.

"So. We need to get you a school bag, notebooks, stationery and I need to go and get some food. Then we'll go round to a little café and have a late lunch" She declares, almost to herself, counting things off using her fingers. "Ok, so can you go get your stuff for school? I'll meet you here in a half hour". I nod as she walks off and I stare in awe at the giant supermarket in front of me. I look around desperately until I see a sign saying "Bags"and head towards that aisle. I look around and see a lot a leather, sparkly, inconvenient bags and I wrinkle my nose in disapproval. I wonder along the aisle and catch site of a simple navy and white bag, I quickly grab it and head over to the stationery section.

After buying everything, me insisting to pay for nearly everything I needed, we head to what Mrs Heck said was called Betty's. "The best hot dogs in Indiana" she recited proudly. I smile and sit down in the booth across from her and she orders two hotdogs. When they come I eagerly dig in.

"My god, these are the best I've ever had!" I proclaim excitedly.

"I told you! So are you excited about school tomorrow?" she asks smiling and biting into her own.

"Mmm yes!" I smile swallowing quickly "A bit nervous, but definitely excited"

"Don't be nervous honey!" she says rubbing my hand quickly before pulling back "I will personally make sure Axl takes care of you during classes and if you find him too obnoxious Sue will be around somewhere". I nod, reassured and take my final bite of my lunch. Mrs Heck, having already finished, picks up her hand bag and pays. We leave the café and hop in the car.

Now it's 3pm and Mrs Heck is going to have to pick up Brick in half an hour and Sue and Axl will apparently be home in fifteen minutes. So she hurries me home and drops me off. I shut the door behind me and plop onto the couch with an exasperated sigh, sitting for a few minutes before getting up and wandering around the main area of the house, eventually situating myself on the kitchen table, flicking through a newspaper.

Quite a few minutes must have passed because I'm jolted from the article I was reading by a shriek from a voice I recognise as Sue's followed by the door slamming. I look up flipping the pages of newspaper, seeing (and hearing) Sue give a frustrated sigh and Axl laughing to himself. I glance back down at the newspaper with an amused smile on my face.

"Hey Juliet! How was your day?" Sue asks situating herself across from me.

"It was really good Sue, how was yours?" I ask smiling, shifting myself to listen.

"Ha! You're going to regret saying that" Axl butts in while he eats cereal out of the packet. I look questioningly at him for a brief moment before turning my attention back to Sue.

"Omg, well Carly, who's my bff, told me that Brad, who's my ex bf, told her that Jamie told him that Sarah found out that Tiffany's brother's ex girlfriend's sister is in the same Math class and Rachel whose bff is going out with Chad, Isn't that great?!" She says with an excited shriek at the end.

"Err... I guess..." I respond, confused.

"And I got and an A+ on my history paper!" Sue ends with another scream of delight, jumping up and down in her seat.

"Well that's great Sue!" I say smiling. Sue just jumped up from her and started dancing, lost in her own little care- free world. I turn nervously to Axl, desperately looking for conversation starters that have escaped, like prison in a cell, from my mind. Chickening out I give him a brief, hesitant smile and hastily but casually walk back to my room close the door and banging my head against it's hard wood surface.

"Coward" I mutter to myself. You're definitely gonna have to talk to him tomorrow I taunt but shake the thought almost completely out of my mind, it only linger at the back. Haunting me, with unnecessary nerves.

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