just like that




It's in the midst of battle that Asami grabs her hand and drags her down an empty alley. Korra feels herself being pressed against the wall, Asami's nails digging into her arms. Shouts for help come from the street, and she surges forward.

"Just—just hold on for a second." Asami murmurs, dragging her back.

"Asami, what are you—"

"Shut up." Asami snaps, hands dropping from Korra's arms. Korra stays where she is, eyebrows pinching together. "Just—just wait, okay? I need to think. I need a minute." Korra's eyebrows inch even further together. "Mako—Mako doesn't change anything between us." she says suddenly, smoothing a shaking hand through her hair. There's a cut on her cheek, and bruise on her temple, just underneath her bangs. "You're still—you're still my friend, right? Because…because I don't hate you. I could never." Asami pauses, moves closer to Korra, "Do you hate me?" she asks, gaze imploring.

Korra shakes her head, "No. No, of course not. Of course I don't hate you."

She's not expecting it, but Asami surges forward, pressing her lips against Korra's. Korra freezes, eyes open wide while Asami's flutter shut. "I just wanted to do that once, because I might die out there." she murmurs against Korra's mouth, eyes still shut, "I can't hate you. Even though you're the reason I've lost everything. I just wanted you to know that." and then, she's pulling away, wiping a hand over her mouth.

They stare each other down for a long moment, Korra's fingers touching her lips, and then Asam's sprinting towards the street where Mako and Bolin are fighting the chi-blockers, Equalist glove sparking.