Izaya's POV

I really loved humans.

Yes, I know that statement sounds quite odd but I do. They were fun to play with and see what they will do in times of turmoil. Most, however, were predictable and quite boring.

"Orihara-kun?" I turned my gaze back to the girl standing next to me on the roof. Her eyes were widening in shock and pain was also easily read on her face. "What did you say?"

"Must I repeat myself~" I cooed. "I said you should stop chasing around men. They will never notice you; you have no personality and are one of a million. You have nothing about you that would catch a guy's eye." Her face looked even more upset with every word I spoke. I smirked at her with a challenging look in my eyes. She paused for a second and then looked down at the ground.

How boring.

I turned around and started to walk away from the broken girl.

"Maybe you should do something to make yourself more interesting Amori-san. Got to go now, but it was fun chatting with you~" I waved a hand in the air to show her that I was leaving and got off of the roof.

I never left the area though.

Once I got out of the building, I walked across the street and looked towards where Amori and I were standing. I pull out my binoculars to get a better view of what would play out. Amori just stood there for a few minutes. It looked like she was fighting between the emotions that she was feeling and common sense. Ha, emotions. They will kill ya. Suddenly I heard a strangled cry and saw her jump off the building, leaving a big mess for someone to clean up on the ground below. I lowered my binoculars and frowned to myself.

"How boring. Suicide? How predictable." I sighed heavily and put my hands in my pockets. "Maybe next time things will be a little more interesting~"

Shizuo's POV

"Dammit!" I cursed out loud. Shinra looked over at me quickly.

"Whoa! Don't scare me like that Shizuo!" I growled lightly and shoved my hands angrily into my pockets.

"Sorry. I just remembered that I have to take algebra 2 again." Seriously? Who the hell made up a fucked up type of math like that? I doubt even the person who made it understands the shit!

"Hm? You failed Algebra? Oh Shizuo, maybe you should spend more time studying and less time beating people up. Ah! If you spent only half the amount of time you spent fighting then your grad-"Yeah, whatever. He talks a lot. And I mean A lot. The best thing to do is to just tune him out when he got like this.

Hey it wasn't my fault that he failed math. The teachers are paid to make sure that I learn that shit. Why the hell should I be forced to retake a class when they failed to teach me it? I let out a sigh.

I really hate school.

It's just never really been my thing. There have been a few times that I have thought about dropping out and just getting my GED or something, but I didn't want to put my parents through that. They already had their hands full enough with me. I was born with monstrous strength. That caused a lot of things to go wrong for me, and a massive amount of debt for them.

Tch. I shouldn't know that though but my parents won't ever pass up a chance to remind me of how much of a burden I am to them. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't be perfect like Kasuka was! God! Why can't they just be fucking good parents an-

Whoa calm down. It would be bad to get angry when I haven't even entered the school yet. I stood there at the gate and looked over at Shinra, who was chatting away with Celty about some sort of non-sense. I swear he just said whatever came to his mind because he will never just shut up! I then looked over at the sign to the school.

Raira Academy. A highly respected private school for only the brightest students with promising futures.

….Who the hell let me in here?

I then look at the balcony walkway on the building and see a young looking man in black and red.

….A teacher? It had to be. He wasn't wearing a uniform. But…he looked too young to be a teacher. I stared him down for a little, and I swear he was looking right at me. I know it seems weird since there are so many people around me but...I feel his eyes looking into mine. Then I see a smirk pull at his lips.

…He pisses me off. Who gave him the authority to stand up there and look down on us like he is some sort of God?

I hate that guy.

Izaya's POV

News of Amori's suicide spread like a wildfire.

'Why did she do it?' 'Was she depressed?' 'Did she slip?'

Predictable. Entirely Predictable.

I sigh at how boring everyone was. Why can't I know like a schizophrenic or a serial killer or something? Now that would be interesting for sure! Yes, it was very liberating feeling like a god by knowing how everyone was going to react, but it was boring after awhile. When you are playing a game of chess, if you already know all your opponents moves then it makes the game boring. Where is the challenge if you already know how you're going to win?

I walk up to the walkway on the building. Something that really interested me was when I was standing above everyone…watching them file in.

Whoa, I kind of sound like a stalker haha!

But seriously, I need a change. I need something new, something different, something…unexpected. I look down on all my potential victims below me. I think it over briefly and decide that I want my next victim to be a male. They were harder to trick and come over to your side but it can be a little more dangerous.

Danger was kind of my thing.

All the men looked so boring though. They were joking around with their friends, flirting with some random chick, or just too fucking boring to play with. I almost gave up my search.


That's when I spotted him.

I have heard a lot about him but I have never seen nor meet him in person. His name was Shizuo Heiwajima and apparently, he had an explosive temper and monstrous strength to match it. He just…stood there. Almost asking to be the next person I prey on.

Now, would I ever give up a chance to play with a monster?

I smirk as I look down at the man below me. I can tell that he knows I am watching him. That just makes everything oh so much better~

"Then let's play….Shizu-chan~"

This is my first DRRR! Fan fiction ever. I have become addicted to reading them and decided to write one myself ^^ I hope you all like it. Please review and let me know how I am doing! I am trying to stay as much as in character as possible..