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Shizuo's POV

When I got back to Izaya's house that night, I didn't see any signs of the flea. I look around and my eyes fall on piece of paper that was sitting on the table. I pick up the note and start to read the words on it.

'Dear my lovely house wife;'

I frown as I read that statement but continue to read on.

'Something has come up and I had to go to work. I won't be back till late so don't wait up. Oh and don't let me find you masturbating when I get back, I will fix that for you ;)
Love your sexy husband.'

I crumble up the note and throw it at the wall. How dare he insinuate that I would be the female if we had a relationship!

Shut up! These are my thoughts. I can think what I want!

I click my tongue against the roof of my mouth as I walk over to flop down on the couch. I bounce slightly as my back makes contact with the expensive leather furniture. My eyes are focused on the roof as I start to let my mind wander. What did Izaya do again?

Oh…right. He's a spy…err…or something of that nature. Can't the guy just be normal and have normal piece of shit jobs like everyone else? Ha! Izaya working at a fast food place, I would pay to see that. I don't think he would last 2 minutes working at a fast food joint!

Dammit! I just remember I don't have a job.

I let out a deep sigh and pull out a cigarette. Izaya will probably kill me later for smoking his house, but oh well. I need this right now. I pull out my lighter and flick a flame to life. My eyes drift over to the orange flame, taking in every flicker of the beautiful heat. I light the end of the cigarette and take a deep intake of the white stick. The smoke warms my mouth as it rushes in and down my throat to fill my lungs. I exhale the smoke and watch as the gray cloud starts to break apart. I go to tap the ashes off the end of my cigarette…but then realize I don't have an ash tray. I guess I could use one of Izaya's plates…but I don't want to destroy any of his property, as odd as that might sound. I push myself off the couch and walk out the door to stomp out the cigarette. What a waste of a good cigarette.

Walking back inside, I plop down onto his couch again. It's times like this that I wish I had a phone. Then again, who would I text? The tv flickers to life when I press the on button and I begin to go through the guide to see if anything is on. Of course, nothing is on. So I settle for a show called "Deadly Women". Apparently it's on a marathon. I lay down lazily on the couch and watch with slight interest.

I had no idea women were so fucked up. Dismembering…poisoning…Women are more fucked up then the flea!

I start to fall to sleep and soon find myself into a deep slumber.

Izaya's POV

The soft sound of the door clicks behind me as I enter my home. Pulling out my phone, I let out a sigh seeing that it's nearly 2 in the morning and I have to be up at 6:30 to get ready for school. I slip my phone back in my pocket and see a figure laying on my couch. I freeze, completely forgetting that the brute is staying here for a moment. I let out a sigh of relief remembering about my blonde house guest and walk over to look at the sleeping man. His facial features are relaxed and mouth slightly open as soft snore sounds escape his lips. His looks so calm..so harmless…so…human. I brush blonde hair off of his forehead to get a better look at the sleeping monster.

"Your not allowed to be human Shizu-chan…because that will mean that I love you." I say to myself while letting my hand brush against his cheek. It's amazing how soft his hair and skin are when hen doesn't exactly have a proper hygiene schedule due to not having a home. The thought should bother me since I am kind of…well…I'm a hygiene fanatic…but for some reason, it doesn't. I bring my hand back up to his blonde locks and run my fingers through them. His brown roots are starting to show…we will have to fix that. My eyes settle on his parted lips. Licking my lips, I remember the feeling of them on mine when we had our "drunk sex". Such a shame he doesn't remember. It was sloppy and quick, but I think that was due to his alcohol intake. I can't wait to experience that raw sense of pleasure when he is actually sober…

The sound of my phone ringing disturbs my explicit thoughts. I pull my hand away and start walking towards my room so the sound of my phone call doesn't wake sleeping beauty. I pull out my phone to check my caller id. I frown immediately seeing the name that glows on my phone and walk into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. I press the on button and bring my device to my ear.

"Mairu, you should be asleep at this hour."

'I couldn't sleep nii-san..' A shiver runs through my spine when the voice of my younger sister filters through my phone to invade my ear drum.

"Then count sheep or something. You shouldn't be calling me at such a late hour when you have school tomorrow." A soft pout is heard from the other end.

'You're so mean Iza-nii!'

"Go to bed Mairu." I say with a soft growl. There is silence and I pull my phone away to see if she hung up on my. My phone says she is still on the line so I put it back to my ear and wait for her to respond.

'…When are you coming home Nii-san?' I frown and a sense of sadness starts to take over my tone.

"That isn't possible Mairu, I won't ever be coming home." I say, trying to maintain my composure.


"I'm going to bed, goodnight." I say before pressing the end button, not waiting for her response. She is only 6…she will never understand if I explained it to her. I toss my phone on the bed and lay next to it. Pressing my stand by button, the numbers 2:11 glow and I sigh. Even though I know I need my sleep, I'm expecting this to be a sleepless night.

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