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Kyp was at the climax of his big riff in their latest song, Darra tapping out a light rhythm behind him. And then it all shut off. There was silence for a moment then a clatter as Jaina violently shoved her mic-stand to the ground. She stomped to the garage door through the dark, kicking a drum along the way, and yanked it open.

"MOM!" She yelled into the lighted house as the band stood in the dark room and tried to disappear.

"Jaina, please. I have an important speech I have to prepare for and I don't have time for this right now." Leia Organa Solo replied in a tired and aggrieved voice. With a growl Jaina stalked into the kitchen and flung open the circuit breaker, flipping the switch to return power to the garage. But when she got back it was to find all the others packing up. Kyp and Zekk were zipping the cases closed on their guitars and Darra had stuck her sticks in her back pocket while Jake held his sheaf of music in one hand.

"What are you doing?" Jaina asked; her expression and tone full of ice.

"Jay, face it. We're done for the night. Go copy Jacen's homework and go to bed. We can try again tomorrow." Zekk replied in a calming voice and she deflated. Yet, despite their intentions, none of the others moved a muscle until Jaina responded.

"Get out of here, all of you." She said with a sigh. Jake and Darra each gently squeezed one of the smaller teen's shoulders as they passed and were soon gone. Then Zekk gave her a hug and Kyp ruffled her hair.

"We'll see you tomorrow Midget." The older man said before both followed the others. She stood and stared at the instruments for a moment before turning and entering the brightly lit kitchen. Her hair was cut in choppy, uneven layers that still held some semblance of symmetry and dyed with streaks of blue, purple, and green in varying shades. And she wore a pair of black synth-leather pants that clung to her legs in a style known as 'skinny' with a blood-red tank-top styled to look like a corset. To complete the look she had on clunky black boots with thick red laces.

She took the stairs three at a time and breezed into her twin's bedroom. He was standing at the far wall, taking notes on the various animals he kept in cages over there and she simply walked over to his desk and started riffling through the papers there in search of their summer assignment.

"Jace, where is it?" She asked after several minutes of searching, looking up and glaring at her brother.

"I already gave it to Uncle Luke. You'll just have to write your own paper this year. Like you promised Aunt Mara you would." He replied calmly, not even looking up from whatever little creature he was studying at the moment. Jaina glared his back, to no effect, for a full five minutes before stalking from his room. She went next door, to her own room, and slammed the door behind her before throwing herself onto her bed. It was the second to last day of summer vacation, and it was her worst one yet.