Jag's jade-green eyes locked with the cool, sapphire-blue of his opponent's and he felt the full brunt of the other boy's predatory nature. In that moment of surprise the lanky young man struck, lightning fast. Though it was faster and stronger than when he'd been fighting Lusa Jag still had the feeling that Jake was holding something back as he brought his saber up in a parry before making a thrust of his own. They continued like this for a few minutes, though it certainly felt as if it could have been much longer, before Darra called something from the sidelines. It wasn't a language Jag recognized but he heard Jaina's snicker and Jacen's yell of caution before Jake's jaw firmed and he went into a whirlwind of action. Jag fell back, blocking and parrying frantically without finding any time to get a blow in of his own. He finally tripped and landed on his back, blade flying from his hand as his head hit the hard ground. The two of them had been pushed beyond the mat and for a moment Jag saw stars before they cleared to reveal Jake and Jacen's worried faces.

"Sorry, I didn't notice the end of the mat. I really shouldn't have done that anyway." Jake apologized, looking rather ashamed of himself before standing and taking his blade back to its place against the wall. Jag groaned softly as Jacen and Tenel Ka helped him to his feet, his head spinning slightly before gravity finally returned to settle his brain in place. He saw Jake growling something heatedly at Darra while she snarled back, fangs flashing where a human's canine teeth should have been as they argued. The youth finally shook his head and wrapped an arm around the young woman, in return she smiled up at him as if they hadn't just argued like a couple about to break up.

"Darra can get competitive; she told Jake to stop playing around and show you what a real swordsman could do. She shouldn't have; because no matter what Jake will always do what she wants, sometimes even before she asks. They've been through a lot together." Jacen explained as he and the red-head helped get him seated. Anakin took his blade with a respectful nod and returned it to its spot as Durron stepped in front of the three groups that had formed. Jacen and Tenel Ka stood by Jag, watching their instructors and paying respectful attention. Anakin stood with Tahiri, absently listening to her chatter while keeping an eye on Durron and Raynar and Lusa stood with them. On the other side of that group stood Jaina and her friends; Zekk, Jake, and Darra.

"You've obviously had some quality training Jag and with some work you could certainly match some of our best fencers. Jake…You let yourself be pushed again. You need to learn to ignore outside influences during your sessions. Darra, you need to stop interfering in Jake's fights, he knows what he's doing and has the ability to tell his opponent's strengths on his own." Durron said, starting out warmly but his voice grew cold as he reprimanded the pair. Jake shrunk into himself a little and nodded but Darra simply met Master Durron's eyes with her own cold blue-grey ones before nodding curtly.

"Alright, you're all dismissed. I'll see you tomorrow for hand-to-hand." He said with a sigh, waving them off. Jag shook his head when Jacen offered him help up and stood himself. Anakin came over and gave him a grin, ice-blue eyes twinkling.

"You have piloting with me and Jaina now. Master Skywalker's tough, but you'll learn more in her class than in any other this side of graduation." He explained. Jag replied with a solemn nod while Jacen explained where he and Tenel Ka would be. Apparently Jacen took Xenobiology this period and Tenel Ka had Track. Next period the three of them would have Diplomacy together. Jag followed Anakin from the gym, catching a glimpse of Jaina turning the corner ahead of them. When they entered the room Jag felt the subtle hum of expectation in the air and sat quietly beside Anakin, glancing at Jaina where she sat on the other side of her youngest brother. Then what little chatter there was disappeared as the door opened and in strode a formidable woman with fiery read hair and piercing emerald eyes that swept over the class. This would be the Piloting instructor, Master Mara Jade Skywalker. She certainly held herself like a human weapon would, all deadly grace and controlled precision. Then those eyes landed on him and one fine red-gold brow rose as a small smile lifted one corner of her lips.

"So, Fel is it? I hear you're as good as your father, maybe even better than the best pilots in the Rebellion. Though most of my students would disagree with that idea. Would you like to demonstrate for us?" She asked, her tone light and friendly. But he saw her gaze flicker to Jaina for a moment and wondered if she meant to have his Imperial heritage attacked by having the daughter of Han Solo fly against him. Or perhaps she wanted the cocky and deliberately defiant Jaina to be taken down a notch or two. Considering her training it could be either of those, or a combination of the two, or something completely different. It didn't really matter though and he stood and gave her a respectful nod, waiting to be directed to the sims or whatever else she had planned for this demonstration.