Ain't No Sunshine

By PaBurke

'Verse: Glee AU

Warning: off-screen character death

Summary: Shannon Beiste truly had not thought that she would need to act on the guardianship Will and Emma had entrusted to her.

Shannon Beiste looked down at Emma's big doe eyes paired with Will's dimpled chin. Henry Schuester clutched his father's guitar, fighting not to cry again. He had gathered every instrument of the house and made himself a nest under the baby grand piano that had been a 5th wedding anniversary from Emma to Will. A normal child faced with losing his parents would cling to a stuffed animal, but not Will's son.

When Shannon had agreed to be Henry's guardian, and then Emily's three years later, she never thought she would need to act on it. She thought she could spoil them on their birthdays, be proud of their accomplishments and then send them home when they got annoying. (And nothing was more annoying than an hour of a three-year-old singing 'You are my Sunshine' at the top of his lungs.)

Now, Will and Emma were dead. Killed by a drunk graduating student on their annual-we-survived-another-year-of-teens date night. Shannon spared a moment to pity CJ Scott. The boy might have been a star baseball and basketball player, but to the kids at McKinnley High, he would forever be hated for killing the two most beloved adults of the school. Shannon tried not to hate him for killing her best friends.

Will and Emma were dead.

Last year, their annual date had been superseded by Emily's early arrival. The baby girl had ignored all of her mother's carefully planned timetables and decided to show up three weeks early. Shannon worried over the girl whose birthday would always be overshadowed by her parents' death.

Shannon heard a sniffle and immediately hurried to Emily's room. The baby was awake. Shannon gathered her up and grabbed all of her blankets as an afterthought. Emil snuggled close, seeking comfort. She didn't comprehend the events that had upended her life; she was simply picking up Shannon and Henry's stress. Shannon placed Emily next to her brother and arranged the blankets around the both of them. Henry accepted his sister and they held tight to each other.

Shannon kept watch, humming because that would comfort Will's children.

She cried in private when she realized she had been humming 'You are My Sunshine' for four hours.