Norway x Reader

[The next part to my Hetalia x Reader: Nordics. I think after I finish each category of countries, I will select a country from that category, and write a short about them, most likely being another Them x Reader. And I've selected Norge! How lucky. But it's gonna be a very depressing story, so I'm gonna do my best to make your guys cry when I finish the Nordic series.]

"Hey, everybody! Cancel whatever you've got on Friday night, we're going to a costume party!" Denmark cried cheerfully, with mixed responses from everybody else. Finland and Sweden didn't have everything that night, and Iceland was glad that he could now cancel his babysitting appointment for Mr. Puffin's cousin's kids, but...

"I have a date with (y/n)," the Norwegian said. You two had been dating for about half a year, and you both love each other. This was going to be the mark of you two dating for 6 months, and you wanted to celebrate.


"Aw, but Norge, parties are fun! Socialize! You guys can still hang out..." Denmark was whining, just about begging on his hands and knees for you two to come.


"But WHYYYYY?" Denmark whined, showing the extremely childish side of him.

"I have a date, and I just want to be with my girlfriend for a night, with nobody else."

"Actually," you said, "I think a costume part would be rather fun. I haven't been to a party in ages, Norway. Have you ever been to a costume party?"

"I haven't been to a party at all," he mumbled. That was the only thing about Norway that sorta irked you: he wasn't a very social person to others. But, over the few months you have known him, once he warms up to you, he's somewhat outgoing. But only to you. And, maybe his brother, with whom he messes with from time to time, still trying to get Iceland to call him 'Brother Dear', or 'Onii-Chan'. He seems to prefer the Japanese translation.

"Well, then, let's go! This could be a nice way to celebrate 6 months of dating!"

Norway sighed. He just wanted to be with you, alone, with no interruptions. Because Denmark had an uncanny way of finding out where the two of you would be going out to. But, he knew that at costume parties, girls tended to dress in nice outfits...

"Fine. But I might not enjoy it."

"Well, that might be true to some extent," Denmark said, grabbing Norway by his arm and dragging him to his car.

"Wh-what? Where are we going?"

"To pick up your costume, Norge!" Denmark said happily. The both of them disappeared from the front door, the rare scared look upon Norway's face.

Finland and Iceland went with you to a separate store to get your costumes and theirs. Well, Sweden came along, but only 'to see what his wife wears', he claims. Though, you thought he was sneaking around the neko costumes. Maybe he would dance Caramelldansen?

Finland already knew what he was going to wear (he was going to be Santa. Again...), but he wanted to pick up a few accessories, which were costumes for other people to put in his Santa sack. Iceland didn't want to come to the party, but he thought it might be fun to dress up as a dog. You looked throughout the racks of clothing, looking for something to impress the Norwegian with. And then you found a classic.

"Oh, I have just got to wear this...Finland, Iceland!" You called them over, a furry rabbit suit in Finland's hands and Iceland with a tail and ears.

"How do you think Norway will react to this?" You showed them the outfit you were planning to wear. Finland was like a friend to you, stepping out of the way to help you with things that girls would normally talk about despite being a guy. His eyes grew wide.

"Oh wow. Well...I'm not really sure. I don't even know if Norway is...into that sort of stuff. Maybe you would just have to go on what you know about him. He hasn't been very open to even us."

Iceland stared at the outfit for a while, then sighed.

"You really are trying your best to make him enjoy the party?" he said. You nodded.

"I would've thought that would be rather obvious." You walked over to the cashier.

"I'll pay for everything, guys," you said to the other three Nordics.

You and Norway were walking along the beach, the sun beginning to set. The sound of breaking waves was the most calming sound in the world to you. A seagull squawked above you two as you continued your late stroll. You both sat down on the moist sand, and stared at the horizon.

"It's beautiful," you said softly. Norway nodded.

"Can you see them yet?" he asked, his eyes focusing on something in the distance. About a month ago, Norway confessed to you that he could see magical creatures, and trusted you enough to tell you, hoping that you wouldn't dump him for saying that. You wanted to know more of what he saw, so he had been slowly practicing his magic on you, trying to make your eyes see further than the normal human, and see the creatures the mind has long forgotten. Norway was focusing on a family of kraken in the sea. You could somewhat make out their forms, but it was not very clear to you, very blurry. You could make out the form of a creature leaping over the waves, a larger form following alongside it.

"It's a mother, a father, and a daughter. I can tell from the colors," Norway murmured. Silence followed, but it was not an awkward form.



"Can I tell you something?"


"I really love you. And someday, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to have a family with you, like these kraken. I hope that we can stay together long enough for the both of us to see that day. Is that ok with you? Can we both try to see that?" Norway asked, his deep purple eyes smiling at you. There was something mesmerizing about his gaze, and it enchanted you.

"I would love to see that day too, Norge. Let's stay together. Until Denmark does us part?"

Laughter erupted from the both of you. You were the only person that could make Norway laugh openly. But he would never do it in front of anybody else.

"Yes, until Denmark does us part," he whispered into your ear as he drew you in for a hug, the two of you now cuddling. You looked up at Norway's face, and your eyes fell on his mysterious curl, with that random dot next to you. The floating hair was in the shape of a heart, the wind making it bob slightly up and down.

"I thought your curl was on the other side of your head..." you said. Norway's eyes fell on his curl as well.

"It just moves around, like it has a mind of its own. But if I concentrate enough, I can move it..." Norway closed his eyes, and his curl moved from one side to the other, its placement in height changed.

"That's interesting. And slightly weird."

"I'm not even sure how that works..."

The hair looked

You unconsciously reached for it, caressing it with your fingertips. Norway's eyes shot wide open, and he seemed to be holding back something.

"What's wrong?" you asked, continuing to run your fingers up and down the strand of hair. Norway gave a small gasp at each touch.

"Oh my god. Norge, you gonna flip on the beach? That'll be interesting to see," Denmark said from behind you two. You released your grip, and you both jumped.

"It's 7:30, you guys might want to get a nice amount of sleep before the party tomorrow. We're gonna be up all night!"

Norway rolled his eyes, stood up, and helped you up, the three of you walking back to the Nordic base.

"What was with you when I touched your hair, Norway?" you asked.

"It's...complicated..." Norway replied, with a slight blush on his face. Rare.

So much for getting a nice amount of sleep: You went to bed at 11, and woke up at 7:30. Well, could be worse.

Nope. The fire alarm woke you up.

"And this is why we don't let Denmark cook..." Norway muttered when you came downstairs in your pajamas. The stove was black. Jet. Black. You opened your mouth in shock. Was he really that much of an idiot? He turned pancakes into ash.

"How the fu..." Your voice trailed off as you saw the pan. It was partially melted.

"Denmark." Sweden said in a low tone.

"Yes?" Denmark replied.

"Did you try to use the oven?"

"And the stovetop!"

"..." Norway walked off, only to return with Denmark's battle axe, smacking him over the head with it.

"Now we have to clean up your mess..."

"I'll try to cook something else for breakfast," you proposed. Sweden agreed, and said he would help you.

"Bacon, eggs, toast...Sound good?" he said to you.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good meal." You tapped Sweden's shoulder, motioning him to lean down.

"I thought I was bad at cooking when I was 12, when I burnt Ramen on the stove with water in the pot, but Denmark is a culinary nightmare," you whispered to Sweden. He gave a soft chuckled.


With the other Nordics cleaning up the most unlikely disaster in the world, you and Sweden went outside to start a small fire in the backyard fire pit. With the kitchen out of business, you had to make the food the old-fashioned way. At least it was only one pan destroyed. There was still a few other pans. You rubbed some butter on some bread, and threw the slices in the hot pan. Sweden watched as the bacon and eggs sizzled. A few minutes later, a meal for six was prepared, something Denmark couldn't accomplish in six years.

"Time to eat!" you called. Denmark looked like he had a few bruises on his shoulder, and was applying ice to them. Most likely Norway's work.

Everyone sat down, hungry, the smell of burnt food in the air, but with a delicious odor masking the scent. The lot of you dug into the food, and, ten minutes later, retreated to your rooms with full bellies.

Tonight was the day of the party, and you wanted to make sure your outfit was ready to go. And so did everybody else.

"Denmark! Norway!" you called. Every since everyone started getting ready for the party, Denmark had locked and barricaded Norway in his room. You, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland were standing in your costumes: Sweden in a pop star outfit, Finland as Santa (of course), and Iceland as a fluffy bunny. You were standing around in a short nurse dress outfit, complete with small hat and thigh high stockings. A classic. Denmark stopped at the top of the stairs.

"Norway's not ready yet! I'll drive him when he finishes changing."

Otherwise know as "I won't let Norway out until you guys leave."

"Fine," you sighed. "But you two better show up. Let's go." You and the other Nordics walked out the door, leaving in Sweden's car.

"Hey, how you guys doing?" America opened the door to the rest of you. Among the small crowd in the house, you could make out a drunk England in his infamous apron (no boxers on, as usual), France as a French Maid (you would've though he'd just wear a rose), China as Hello Kitty, and Germany as a dog.

"Classic outfit, (y/n)," France commented. "Say, you wanna come back with me after the party and heal my wounds, Nurse?" He was promptly smacked with a Hello Kitty doll by China, and then beat a few more times with it.

"Don't hit on a lady who is taken, aru! How indecent of you! I will never understand Western nations, aru," China yelled, standing up for you.

"Thank you, China," you said. China nodded, and walked over to a table where there were a butt-load of sweets.

"(y/n)!" Spain walked over, in a...

"Pedobear?" you said. Yes, Spain was in a Pedobear outfit.

"Pedobear? What's that? It's a bear costume I got from Japan!" the Spanish man said proudly.

"That's why," Sweden said. You all agreed.

"50 dollars Prussia's a bird," Iceland said to Sealand, who was dressed as a prince.

"You're on!"

The doorbell rang.

"Someone get that!" America called, deep in the house.

"I'll get that," Finland said. He opened the door, Denmark and Norway standing there. Finland was blocking your view of your boyfriend.

"Hey, (y/n), like Norge?" Denmark asked.

You turned around to see Norway dressed in booty shorts and thigh highs, his shirt unbuttoned and the corners tied to wrap around his stomach. His navy jacket hung loosely on his shoulders,

You stared for a few seconds, the Norwegian's entire face red.

"(y/n)..."Norway said in a small voice.


"You have a nosebleed..."

In shock, you noticed. He was really that hot. You took a tissue from a pocket in your dress and wiped your nose.

"Well, let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?" Denmark said snidely to Norway. You walked over to Norway.

"How's it feel to wear something this?" you asked, can't helping but keep your eyes on his legs.

"These shorts are tight...a little too tight. You look good by the way," Norway said quietly, a hint of pain in his voice.

"Thank you. Though, I think the other countries are expecting us to do something later..."

Which would be very likely, you both thought.

"Alrighty, let's play 7 minutes in heaven!" America cried. There were mixed responses.

"A silly teenage party game," England slurred through all the alcohol.

"Yep! And we expect to see some action. Now, everyone, put your name in the hat, and let the fun begin!" And everyone did so.

"Wait, what happens if there aren't enough girls?" Germany asked.

"Then you go with a guy." America shrugged.

"First pair! France and Spain!"

An 'Ohonhonhonhonhon' was heard, and the two walked into the closet, a slightly spaced-out look on Spain's face. Romano, dressed as a Minum, made a face of disgust.

"Does that damn bastard even know what he's getting himself into?..." Romano muttered. Italy, dressed as a Plusle, smiled, but then responded with a confused 'Ve~".

"What are France nii-chan and Spain nii-chan going to do?"

Through the door, you could hear France say,

"Now, let France Nii-chan defile you all over this floor..."

"Wait, what?" Spain's panicked voice was heard through the door.

Norway grabbed your arm, pulling you away from where everyone was. You followed him, wondering where you two were going. You reached the backyard, birds singing, and the wind was gently making the trees dance.

"It's so noisy in there...this is nice peace and quiet for a change, (y/n)," Norway said. You both sat down on the grass, the lights from the house illuminating the yard and casting your shadows.

"Why'd you bring me here?" you asked.

"I just wanted to be alone with you." Norway shivered at the touch of the wind against him. You thought it wasn't that bad, but more of his skin was exposed. You looked at his curl, bobbing up and down in the wind. You reached for it, but Norway noticed, and backed off.

"Please don't..."


" feels...weird...when you touch it."

"In what way?" you asked.

"It feels... sort of...well, to put it likely, it sorta...turns me on, I guess?" Norway said, a bright blush on his face.

"So your curl is an erogenous zone? Never would have guessed. And it's not even attached to your head...Learn a little every day, I guess," you said, shrugging.

"Denmark said earlier that if you touch it, we should..." Norway dropped the sentence, obvious what the next two words were.

"I'd be nervous as hell to do something like that."

"Denmark told me what to do," Norway said. You gave him wide eyes.

"How'd he know that?" you exclaimed. Norway shrugged.

"I don't know. He's never even had a girlfriend. But, it's probably Germany's influence...They are neighbors after all."

"Huh? What does Germany have to do with any of this? It's not like he's even come in contact with a girl. Ever. Italy says so."

Norway looked at you.

"Didn't you know? The Allies told everyone this back in WWII..." Norway said, raising eyebrows at you.

"Told what?"

"Germany's a secret BDSM fanboy. He watches that stuff when nobody's around. The Allies captured the both of them, and Italy spilled his secret."

"OH. MY GOD." You gave a loud reaction, trying to piece together how the studious German was a porn addict.

"Not too loud..." Norway said.

Several minutes of silenced passed.

"Norway, I think...I think I want to do what Denmark suggested."

"WHAT." Norway was staring you straight into your eyes, trying to determine your sanity.

"But, I mean: we've been dating for six months, and we've known each other before then for a decent amount of time, and I really love you...Why not?" You looked back at Norway, trying to determine his reaction. He said nothing. Maybe he was thinking?

"Hey, Norway?" you asked.


"What's your troll doing over there?"

"What?" Norway's head turned, his curl floating close to you. That was when you took action, the palm of your hand clamping around the floating curl tightly. Norway released a soft moan on contact.

"Please...let go..." he pleaded.

"No," you firmly replied. You stroked the curl, sending shivers down Norway's body. You sent him over the edge when you took the curl, teased it with your breath, then licked it, biting it afterwards. Norway pushed you away from him, and then against the house, pinning you. He was breathing hard, tear bubbles at the edges of his eyes.

"You...are driving me nuts," Norway said between pants, not acting like his usual self.

"But you always make me feel like that when I'm with you. Please: tonight, be mine, and mine only."

"Yes sir. Now, arrest me for harassing a sexy police officer like you," you smirked. He thrusted you into a sloppy kiss, one of uncertainty. You two had never kissed, believe it or not.

"Mmm...the way you say those really are trying to get into my pants, aren't you?" Norway said softly yet lustfully.

"You're doing the same," you replied, colliding in once more for another kiss, Norway's hands running up and down your legs. His hands began feeling up your waist and running through your hair, dancing against you. You placed your hand on Norway's ass, and your other hand running through his hair, knocking off his hat. You felt the coolness of his brass Nordic Cross beret, moving stray locks of hair out of his eyes. Your eyes stared into his, a new fire of passion alit in his orbs. You grabbed his curl once more, a response consisting of a loud moan and his lips forced upon yours following shortly afterwards.

"I...I feel like doing crazy things, (y/n)," Norway said, breathing hard. Your leg brushed up against the bulge in those booty shorts, a gasp from Norway. He placed one of his hands on your chest, fondling your breasts. You gave a soft moan, then made a louder noise as Norway softly bit down on a set of nerves near your neck. A quiet symphony of erotic noises were coming from you as Norway massaged your chest, using his body to lift you off the ground, pressing you against the house. Your legs wrapped around his waist as his fingers creeped up your particularly short dress, hiking it up, revealing the white panties that Norway's fingers were picking at, pulling them down...

"Look at Norge go, he's getting' himself some tonight 3" Denmark stated obnoxiously. Wait, what?

You both looked to see the party guests standing on the patio, watching the show.

"By the way, we've been watching for several minutes, waiting for you two to either realize we were watching, or get a room..." Denmark added. Norway looked slightly pissed.

You were startled when you felt yourself in Norway's arms, carried into the house and towards a room.

"Hey, if you get the sheets dirty, you have to clean it up..." America said, the rest of the party following you two.

"We're guests in your house, so any messes we make, you have to clean up!" you shouted. You happily wrapped your arms around Norway's neck as he opened the door, then shutting and locking it behind him.

"Fuck. Now I gotta clean their shit up," America replied, pouting.

Norway was on top of you, pinning you on the floor with your wrists above your head with one hand, the other picking at your panties once more. He bit down on your soft spot again, moans erupting from you once more. You rubbed your knee against the bulge in Norway's shorts, making him moan. He got off you, and helped you up, leading you to the bed.

"I want to go a bit further," you said quietly, a blush on your cheeks.

"Same," Norway said as he pulled you into his lap, his hands fiddling with the zipper on the back of your dress, pulling it down to reveal your white undergarments. You wrapped your arms around Norway's neck, embracing him. You sneaked your hand over to his curl, teasing him with it once more. Your tongue slipped in and out of him mouth, sending a varying degree of moans from him. Your tongue slipped out of his mouth and along his cheek, where you then nipped his ear, moving your teases down his neck to his soft spot.

"Nng...(y/n)," he moaned as you slid his jacket off. You bit down on his collarbone, releasing a loud gasp from him. You untied the bottom of his shirt and unbuttoned it, throwing that off to the side as well. Your mouth started leaving love bites up and down Norway's body, claiming him as yours. You hands played with the button on his shorts, pulling them down his legs, along with his underpants, revealing his erect, throbbing member.

"Wh-what are you doing?" he panted as your mouth moved down to his tender skin. He shivered under your touch, trembling as your lips began to tease his flesh.

"N-n-no...please...don't..." Norway begged. You pushed his chest down, leaving him vulnerable.

"Shut up, you know you want it..." You wrapped your lips around his tip, gently sucking on it. Norway gripped the sheets at the unusual contact, trembling. You sucked a little harder, putting more of his length in your mouth. Norway was gasping for breath, surprised at how good this felt. You took pleasure in hearing the gasps, moans, and begs for more, and began to deep throat him, sucking harder, and teasing him with your teeth. You felt his body tense, his hips bucking into you.

"P-please...s-stop..." Norway begged, his hips bucking more frequently into your mouth.

"(y/n)!" Norway gave a loud moan as he released his seed into your mouth, which you swallowed. It didn't have much of a taste to it. His body was slick with sweat, his muscles lax with pleasure, and his member wet with saliva. He sat up, wobbily on his arms.

"It's...your turn," he panted, gently pushing you down onto the bed. You laid your hands over your forehead and closed your eyes and Norway pulled down your panties, cool air between your vital regions. Norway spread your legs apart, rubbing over your regions. You gasped at his light touch, wondering why this felt arousing. He moved his finger closer to your entrance, and slipped in. A faint moan escaped from your mouth as he fingered your core, and started slipping his finger in and out, eventually adding another finger, whiled pumping in and out.

"Norway..." you moaned, enjoying the sensation he was sending wave after wave through you. Yet he pulled out after you called his name.

"Norge...what are you do-Ooohh..." You gave a cry of ecstasy as he slipped into you with his hot member. It was slightly painful, but it added to the pleasure. Norway kissed you, and began pumping in and out of you. He began dappling your neck with love bites, leaving visible marks that could not be hidden by clothes easily. He felt your need for him, and began picking up the pace and force.

"Ahh...Norge...More...I need more!" you cried as he hit a pleasuring bundle of nerves.

"(y/n), I can't hold much longer..." Norway whispered in you ear.

"Then go wild." you grabbed his curl and bit into it, a moan of pleasure cried from Norway, and he released shortly afterward. You felt yourself tighten around him, then sighed as pleasure came and passed. Norway pulled out of you after a bit, and you curled up next to him, his arms embracing you.

"Jeg elsker deg..." he whispered.

Norway woke up, his body aching. His mind was fuzzy about last night. He remembered that you two were sitting on the lawn outside the party, but didn't know what happened much after that. Then he saw your face turned towards him, still asleep. Norway buried his face in his hands.

So that's what happened...I feel guilty of not controlling myself...But we couldn't have done too much...

Then he notice he was only in the tights, and you were only left in the tights and your bra. Norway buried his face in the pillow. He felt something stroke his hair, and turned.

"Morning..." you said lazily. You kissed Norway's forehead.

"(y/n)...I think I took advantage of you..." Norway said quietly. You were confused.

"Took advantage of me? I think it'd actually be the other way around. I grabbed your curl, and you went nuts." Norway still felt somewhat awkward about losing his virginity, and not remembering much about it.

"But can you answer me this, Norway?" you asked.


"Last said that I always drive you nuts when you're around me...but in the sense that you love me a lot...Did you mean it?" A small blush formed on Norway's face.

"...Yeah. I never would have admitted that to you, because I'm...not very open about my feelings. Ever since we started dating, I've felt really close to you, and I've wanted to get closer to you. But I can never express myself fully. I've always been somewhat scared to show you love. Guess there's no hiding the fact now. But I really do love you, don't just think I want to have sex with you; I really think you are a wonderful person that I want to spend my life with."

Coming from Norway, this meant a lot to you. You gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, and sat up.

"Thank you. Can you grab my panties for me? They're closer to you than me," you said, Norway reaching down to the floor and picking up the fabric.

"You threw my underpants quite a far way from the bed, (y/n)," Norway said, handing you your panties. You got out the bed to retrieve Norway's underpants, tossing them to him.

"Let's get dressed. I have a feeling everyone is still here."

The two of you walked out of the room in costume, since those were your only clothes. Sure enough, the house was still full of people, some not even awake. The other Nordics were sitting around a table, discussing something. America was 'comforting' a hung-over England, Korea was trying to cuddle with China, and Spain appeared to be trapped in a bear hug with France.

"But how does he get laid before me? I don't get that!" Denmark was exclaiming to the others. The other Nordics looked really bored. Hungary ran over to you with a camera.

"(y/n)! Guess what!" Hungary was really excited for some reason. The two of you were yaoi fangirls, so she must have gotten some good material.


"Oh my gosh. So, you know how last night, France and Spain were selected to go into the closet for Seven Minutes in Heaven? Well, while you and Norway were making out in the back, France was trying to stick it in Spain, and eventually we had to give them a room. But I planted a camera, and started recording...oh my god, it is so. Hot." Hungary had a small dot of blood coming from her nose just thinking about it.

"Show me later..." you turned away from Hungary, and walked to where the other Nordics were. You wrapped your arms around Norway's arm, the two of you sitting down.

"Norway! Tell me how you get laid before me!" Denmark demanded.

"I have a loving girlfriend, and I'm not a total asshole all the time, unlike you. Now fuck off, (y/n) and I want to have some time to ourselves."

It's been a year since that wild party, and you found yourself walking through the forest, down a path of flower petals in traditional Norwegian clothing, to a wooded clearing. About 3 months after you slept with Norway, he had proposed to you, showing the emotions that he was scared to show at first. The two of you thought of a wedding unlike any other; you had planned to have it in the woods outside Norway's house by the sea. England proposed to unite the two of you (only because the magical creatures were going to help with the marriage, and England was the only other person that could see what they were doing.) Denmark wanted to marry the two of you at first, but was denied by Norway.

Originally, it was only the other Nordic countries that were going to witness the marriage, but buzz got around the other countries, and nearly all the countries were viewing the uniting.

Finland was the one that led you down the aisle to your future, Hungary as your bridesmaid, and Iceland was the best man. England cleared his throat as you and Norway faced each other.

"We have gathered here to witness the joining of these two souls, and I can't read Norwegian, so the two of you, continue with your vows," England muttered.

"Way to go, you jerky limey! You've ruined the mood!" America cried cheerfully, unaware of the harshness of his words. You couldn't help but smile at his ignorance, and looked at Norway.

"(y/n), du er det bankende solen i nordisk nord som varmer mitt hjerte. Du er den bris som elsker ritt på meg. Du er den personen som hjelper meg til å få Danmark til å holde kjeft når han oppfører seg som en drittsekk. Med denne ringen i hånden min, håper jeg å bli med oss to til døden skiller oss ad, eller til Danmark går inn på oss..." Norway slipped a necklace over you head instead of a ring, a gold chain necklace with a charm of a Great Shearwater. On the back of the charm, engraved in the metal were the words 'You are my gentle wind' in Norwegian (Norway had taught you a bit of Norwegian over a year.)

"Kongeriket Norge, du er den som passer meg perfekt, en rolig, sjenert gentleman å matche min utgående personlighet. Liker hvordan dyrene trenger vann for å leve, jeg trenger deg for å leve. Jeg ønsker å fortsette den fredelige forholdet mellom oss ..." You gave Norway a necklace as well; there was a fairy charm, and the words 'You are my perfect love' in Norwegian, once more. The two of you looked at England, signaling the vows were done.

"Now to the stuff I know how to read; Kongeriket Norge, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded wife?" England said.

"I do."

"(y/n), do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."

Norway pulled you into a gentle kiss, and the other countries cheered. Pixies above the two of you showered you with flower petals. A white horse trotted up to the two of you, Norway hopping onto its back. He helped you up onto it, your arms wrapping around his waist.

"Hiyah," Norway commanded, and the two of you rode the horse back to the house, the sun already setting on the two of you.

[Ok, so the ending was sorta cheesy...riding off into the sunset on a white horse... And I don't know how writing your own marriage vows works, because I've never experienced that thing. And, really, 6k+ words? Won't be surprised if Denmark's is longer...]

[Ok, so, I know what I'm going to write for Denmark's and Finland's plot, but I have bull on Sweden. I was thinking of something along the lines of Pewdiepie, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Oh, and do you guys enjoy reading as much as I type? Or should I cut back on the amount of words?]

[The outfit Norway is one of my favorite pictures of him. Google Image search 'Hetalia Navy Police', and look at the first image. Yep. Just had to ^^]

[If there are any Norwegian grammar errors or incorrect translations, blame Google Translate. List of translations:

Jeg elsker deg: I love you

du er det bankende solen i nordisk nord som varmer mitt hjerte. Du er den bris som elsker ritt på meg. Du er den personen som hjelper meg til å få Danmark til å holde kjeft når han oppfører seg som en drittsekk. Med denne ringen i hånden min, håper jeg å bli med oss to til døden skiller oss ad, eller til Danmark går inn på oss...: you are the beating sun in the Nordic north that warms my heart. You are the breeze that loves rides on to me. You are the person who helps me to get Denmark to shut up when he acts like an asshole. With this ring in my hand, I hope to join the two of us until death do us part, or until Denmark walks in on us.

du er den som passer meg perfekt, en rolig, sjenert gentleman å matche min utgående personlighet. Liker hvordan dyrene trenger vann for å leve, jeg trenger deg for å leve. Jeg ønsker å fortsette den fredelige forholdet mellom oss...: you are the one that suits me perfectly, a quiet, shy gentleman to match my outgoing personality. Like what the animals need water to live, I need you to live. I want to continue the peaceful relationship between us]

[I was trying to be poetic. That's what I get for trying...]

[And the thing about the burning of ramen...That actually happened...Sadly.]