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August 16-17


My name, is Hiiro Mizutani. Or, Mizutani Hiiro. Depending on where you're from. Semantics I know, but that's the way the mind works. Useless thoughts have a tendency to arise. I breath out a sight at myself, a cool wind plays across my face, and I come to a conclusion.

August, by the sea, is a chilly time of year. I adjust my heavy canvas duster to better cover my body. The sky is cloudy. The sun setting over to my right lighting the sky in beautiful shades of red and pink. Earlier it had been the clearest blue I'd seen anywhere in Johto.

No worries, just staring up into this beautiful sky, I could grow old here. Whiling my days away as a mediocre fisherman can't be much different than aspiring to mediocrity as a poke`mon trainer. Though, mom would never let me live such a lazy life. No, with a snort, I decide she definitely would not.

"It's nice." I state to the world and my poke`mon laying around me, a lazy smile almost parting my lips. A snort down by my feet breaks my musing.

"Don't like it?" I ask, already knowing the answer. As I move my view away from the ever distant sky to slightly past my pale green hiking boots. My eyes just barely able to make out my oldest friends scaly crimson hide, which in this light almost seems to glow. His eyes flick up to mine and he snorts again. Flicking his tail in my direction, the bluish-white flame on the tip casting an odd shadow even as a slight wave of heat drifts across my body.

"Your opinion." And you're welcome to it, goes unsaid. "They like it." I murmur, pointing with my chin all around me at my other poke`mon. A non committal shrug from Bic, my Charmeleon, the only answer. A quick glance at my first generation poke`gear makes me sigh softly, and with a final wistful glance at the sky I stand.

Holding the leather collar of my canvas duster in hand, I whip it around my shoulders. Shoving an arm in each sleeve as I do so making stray bits of grass and dirt fly loose. The ground crunches slightly beneath my feet, the hard packed earth putting off slight puffs of dust as I stand. Gingerly I place my hands in the pockets, and look around me.

"Ready?" I ask. My hands brushing away the small amounts of dirt that has clung to what's left of my dark green cargo pants, now shorts both of the legs torn off some time ago inches below each pocket. I can feel something poking me. And I soon have a twig liberated from its place jammed into the back of my belt. I don't even bother brushing off my shirt. The old brown thing will need to be replaced soon.

Brushing myself off only takes a few seconds. In that time my poke`mon hadn't stirred, all still settled down in a semi-circle around where I had been laying only a moment before.

Gibson, my Ampharos lay off to my right. Lounging at the top of the small hill we'd been relaxing on for the past several hours. Hunkered down on all fours his striped yellow tail flicking back and forth playfully, the red orb on the tip glowing slightly as night fully settles in, his stubby little ears flicking this way and that as he continually stares up into the dying light.

Scruffy, my ever cheerful Arcanine is right behind Ampharos, his shaggy head jerking back and forth in an exaggerated manner, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth while he pants, his rear up in the air, tail shaking so hard it makes his whole body rock. I can't help the fond smile that splits my normally neutral face as I look at his shaggy striped reddish-gray fur brought into stark contrast by the setting sun. My hand naturally settling behind his ear and scratching.

Cackling startle me slightly, drawing my attention away from the puppy, whether or not our heights were the same and that Arcanine has seven stone on me is irrelevant. I sigh through my nose as the cackling increases in volume, each preceded by a large purple and red gaseous form turning incorporeal, then reappearing and jabbing, or making a face at the large brown bull laying on the ground, Haunter's gaping maw opening so he can put his tongue out and make faces. Tauros takes all Fax's joking in stride. Almost completely ignoring the ghost poke`mon, the only indication he was even awake the slapping of his three tails against the ground.

"Haun, haun, haun!" I sigh again this time quite a bit more audibly. "Enough, Fax." He stares at me for a second. Contemplating disobeying I'm sure. He stops a moment later regardless."Good." I mouth while nodding.

A soft tug on my coat sleeve makes me look down. My mahogany eyes meet dark red ones for a moment before a pitiful growl reaches my ears, making me remember the time, I silently regret my decision not to carry a pack. The little bipedal jackal holds his spiked hands out in a gesture obviously meant for me to interpret as "give me," the black appendages on the sides of his head waving in a non-existent wind.

"Don't have any." He looks down and away scratching at the spike sticking out from his chest. A sheepish gesture, something I find amusing about the aura poke`mon I hatched myself. "Let's head ba-!?" The next moment the world explodes, a wave of aura smashes me in the chest, and I go sailing backwards down the gentle slope leading towards Olivine city.

For several seconds I can do nothing, save stare at the sky, a situation oddly reminiscent of my earlier activity. If it wasn't for the sharp pain in my chest every time I draw breath too deeply I'd be inclined to believe I was hallucinating, I attempt to stand after a short moment. Breath still laboring, a bruised rib I analyze detachedly as I try to wrap my mind around what the hell is going on. Now, I can call mom to check on her, or walk up the gentle slope and check on my pokemon.

The decision is made for me moment later as screams reach my ears, screams of pain and of rage. I painfully pull myself to my feet, my breath coming in ragged waves as I force myself to take full breaths instead of allowing it to hitch, trying to avoid pneumonia. As I walk slowly back up the hill, what I see is something that will be engraved into my mind forever.

My Poke`mon thrashing around on the ground in varying states of apparent agony, almost like they're under psychic attack. Even as the thought crosses my mind I draw my first generation poke`dex and sweep it around the surrounding area, noting in the side of my mind my allies.

Lu' holding his head in his hand while screaming and thrashing around on his hand and knees, each convulsion followed by a blast of aura, and a scream. The force of his energy cratering the ground around him. The memory of being blasted through the air by that very same aura keeps me from running to his aid.

A sudden wave of heat that fogs over the Poke'dex screen makes me look towards Bic. His roiling and roaring form being superimposed by the image of a Charmander, and professor Oak before I whip my head side to side to banish the images. Now is not the time to get lost in introspection. Though what he's actually doing is horrible, I still cannot allow myself to lose focus. Rolling around on the ground each rotation whipping his tail through the air raising the temperature in the area almost unbearably, his claws tearing furrows in the ground, his roars reverberating in my mind. When I find the one responsible for this I will hurt them.

The hair stands up all over my body as lightning streaks past the left side of my head, Gibson's body almost lifting off the ground from the shear force of the lightning emanating from his body. His hands digging into the dirt in front of him, each screech accompanied by lightning and ozone. A crack, the sound of thunder and a tree hitting the ground is enough for me to realize something is very wrong. Even as I hit the ground rolling away from my Ampharos.

A howl next to me startles me. Making me fall over, pain lancing through my bruised side, Scruffy his head reared back howling into the sky a pillar of fire intermixed with his voice splitting the clouds, waves of heat rolling forth from his body mingling with the heat from Bic's flaming tail completely overriding the cool evening.

The earth shaking staggers me. Thankfully I don't fall over but it's a close thing. Each time Tauros slams his head into the ground a new tremor runs through the earth, his horns splitting the road. Fax bursting apart into a purple cloud directly above him, then reforming, all the shadows around him quivering and shooting out, trees falling whenever they're hit with near invisible blades of shadow.

This all happens in a matter of seconds. As I decide to call my Poke`mon back into their balls everything stops, the sudden calm more unnerving than the screaming and flailing.

The Poke`dex in my hand all but forgotten no threat ever detected suddenly activates as I pan it over Bic. "Poke`mon." Well no shit, so much for priceless research tools. Six red lights are absorbed into equally red Poke`balls and placed on my belt as I limp from route39 back to Olivine city.


I hobble my way back into town. My mind whirling with questions: Who would attack me like that? Was it an isolated incident? Or was I the only target? I almost fall as my right foot hits a large piece of rubble. And just barely manage to stay standing while stumbling forward the sudden movement making my injured ribs scream in protest. A gaping hole in the side of the Olivine city gym draws my attention. I'm going to assume that this is not an isolated incident then. I stare at the hole for another moment considering going to check it out, but a particular sharp pain in my side and the weight of my poke`balls changes my mind.

The closer I get to the poke`center the more I realize just how widespread this phenomenon has been, damage is evident all through the normally peaceful port town. Small time, at least compared to what my own poke`mon did to route39, or what happened to the gym. A chunk missing from a wall here and there, small rubble in the path, broken windows in several buildings, luckily Olivine is populated mostly by fisherman, and elderly retirees. Very few trainers with exotic and powerful poke`mon around to tear the place to pieces.

That thought stops me, but, what about Oak's farm? I check my Poke`gear, and dial out to my mother. I sigh when my moms familiar voice come across the line. "This is Gwendolyn Mizutani. I'm not able to answer right now so ple-" I hang up before the message can finish. Figures she'd be asleep. No point in leaving a message. I'm not even sure she knows how to check them.

The next few moments pass in silence as I trudge my way to the center. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bed after I drop off my poke`mon, if not I'll have to sleep in the lobby. No line, thats a good sign I deduce as the center comes into view, the neon sign of the building lighting the oddly dark street, it's strange for the lighthouse to not be lit up. The doors open with a mechanical whoosh, the Joy at the desk glances up as I stagger in, mostly empty chairs up front, and a kid in a sleeping bag off to one side. Great, I think with a sigh. No rooms.

"Oh, dear. Another one," She looks half dead. I guess whatever got my poke'mon affected the Chansey as well. "We can take your Poke`mon, but I'm afraid all the rooms are full." She looks apolegetic, especially after taking in my worn appearance. Walking a couple mile with bruised ribs will do that to you.

"That's fine." It really isn't, but what else can I say? It's not like this situation is her fault. She takes my belt all six Poke`ball attached to it, while I fill out the nececary paperwork and hand over my Poke`dex to verify, that yes I do own these poke`mon, and no I did not steal them.

"Wake me when you know something." I mumble to her, running a hand tiredly through my short, black hair. Before settling in for the long hall, glancing around the room one last time before dozing off my coat thrown over my front like a blanket.


Soft shaking wakes me. My eyes flick open and take in the room. The only lights I can see on, are those beyond the emergency doors, and behind the desk. I push away from the uncomftorable lobby chair into a standing position, emitting several loud pops from all over my body as I stretch to chase away the sleep. Nearly bending double as the pain from my newly bruised ribs hits me.

"Any news?" I whisper to Joy while holding my side, whether the same Joy from last night or not is beyond my ability to tell. Honestly, besides another Joy, who can tell each of them apart at a glance?

"Your poke`mon woke a couple of hours ago starving, we fed them. Then returned them to their poke`balls." She says. While handing my belt back to me along with the necessary paperwork, saying that, yes, my poke`mon were treated, And yes, they were returned to me.

"Thanks." I reply. The Joy looks like she wants to say something, but before she can the electronic doors slide open.

The man being carried is screaming, the two to either side of him are crying covered in the blood of the man they're carrying, when they see Joy the two men to either side let him drop gently to the floor and start gibbering off to one side, I can faintly hear more screaming, but it's cut off as the door to the outside slides shut with a hiss.

"Wh-what happened to this man!?" Joy asks. The only thing keeping her from panicking her training for situations like this. Though, I consider as I look at the man, or whats left of him, his skin dissolving in places and what appear to be bite marks purpling horribly as what I can only figure as being poison spreads through his veins, all across his legs and ruined abdomen. How can anyone prepare for that?

The two that brought him don't seem to be in any state to say anything. Their ragged clothing and similar, though nowhere near as severe wounds, meaning they were probably caught in whatever happened to the man currently bleeding all over the lobby of the poke'mon center, a near completely unprepared Nurse his only hope for survival. Indecision hits me for what to do for only a minute before I head out the doors.

Screams and the sound of twisting steel greet me. More victim of the same sort of the injuries as the men from before being drug in by grim faced police officers, and members of the Jenny family. A large group of People running towards the dock scream about some kind of attack make me re-evaluate this situation. Some kind of widespread psychic attack last night, leaving from what I can tell the majority of peoples poke'mon unconscious, and now an attack on the harbor, Is this the start of a new war? But why after decades of peace!? I can't wrap my mind around it. Who could it possibly be, Unova? I break for the docks, brushing passed a pair of officers dragging another victim, nearly taking ones hat off with the tail of my coat as I run towards the screams to help fend off the attack.


What I see when get there is not what I was expecting. Half-dead, half-'eaten' people being drug from the shallows, further out in water too deep to stand in the sea is roiling the water turning red as I catch glimpses of tentacles and gnashing jaws. The ship is visible off in the distance, perhaps a quarter mile from shore. Large blue forms can be seen hanging from the side, the almost non-stop din coming near exclusively from the ship, small burst of flame can be seen, along with a few other elemental attack as they blast the blue fiends from the ship, their ruined smoking corpses hitting the water and quickly being swallowed by the waves. With the waters that thick with tentacool, and tentacruel it's a miracle any made it to land at all.

A crowd quickly forms an ineffectual horde, their faces frozen in surprised horror unable to even fathom what is happening, it's right there in front of me, and I can barely believe it. Pokemon killing people, eating them! The words don't even belong in the same sentence. Admittedly my brain freezes for a second too, but in the next moment I'm in the bloody freezing surf dragging some stranger to shore his weight half taken on the other side by, well I guess Jasmine isn't dead, that's good to know at least. I have a feeling these people are going to need her in the days to come. We get the man settled on the beach the sand now beginning to turn colors along with the rolling tide, I barely hear the steel trainer screaming at the crowd of gawkers for someone to take this man to the center before we're back in the water dragging one person after the next from the unforgiving sea, and the poke'mon that now own it.

After what seems like hours, the sun now high in the sky, and with all the people we can safely reach now removed from the water, Jasmine and I are standing with a group of police, the other people who had been helping milling around the outside of our near huddle.

"We can't put boats or water poke'mon out to sea!" Jasmine near yells at the head Jenny. Her reasoning that any attempt will just end in more loss of life and fewer people to find a solution, she asks me what I think on several occasion and my reply is distracted as I watch the number of tentacool/tentacruel forced from the steadily sinking ship decreases. The poke'mon of the trainers on board must be exhausted, they've been at it for hours.

"Won't work." I reply, as I step away from the group, my poke'gear ringing. A large elderly man, I recognize as Jasmines grandfather taking my place.

I glance at the screen seeing it's a call from my mother I answer. "Mom." I say, my voice, tired, but relieved. Maybe this was an isolated incident.

"Hiiro, hiiro! Oh, thank Arceus! I feared for the worst." She sounds out of breath, and relieved. Before I can reply she continues. "I don't have much time. Do not come back to Pallet, theres something wrong with the Fearow, do. Not. Come. Back." She repeats the sentence twice for emphasis, I'm stunned, don't come home. What? "Oh, no, I've got to go now honey. Remember your mother loves y-." She's sobbing by the end, I was too stunned to say anything before a crash, and a screech cut the call short.

I shove my way back into the group, and pull Jasmine to the side. "I'm leaving." The succinct sentence stuns her for a second, but she's yelling at me a second later. "You can't leave, we need your help. People are dying!" she practically shrieks at me the stress is getting to her, it's getting to all of us. I shake my head to banish that line of thought, I'll have time to break down after I know my mother is safe.

"There is always something more we can do!" She yells, tears brimming in her eyes, this is her town, she probably knew some of these people.

"We can do nothing more." I admit while shaking my head. The others all stare at me as I say this, but unless we can get boats in the wate-. I close my eyes an idea crossing my mind, a horrible, despicable, but ultimately necessary idea. The fact that I've though of something so horrible worries me, and it doesn't go unnoticed.

"What is it!?" The gym leader asks me. Hope, and near hysteria in her voice, all the assembled people looking to her. How did one so young get saddled with such responsibility?

"You won't like it," I start, but I'm cut off by one of the Jennys'." If it will save these people then do it! Stop waisting time." I flinch back from the women, and nod. "I warned you." Is all I say while palming a familiar poke'ball and turning.

Ampharos burst forth from his poke'ball on all fours tail straight and sparking. The fur on his back bristling with electrical potential, and something close to a growl brims from his throat making those assembled flinch away from him.

"I need you to strike the water all around that ship with Thunder." I tell him, and he looks at me a questioning tilt to his head, half speaking his name. "I'm sure," I reply to his question. "can you do it."

With a nod, and the buzz of electricity he launches a single bolt into the cloudy sky, in the next instant it's like the heavens themselves opened and god dropped lightning on the world, as four pure white towers of electricity strike the water on four sides of the ship one after the other. Silencing the screams from all those in the water, and calming the roiling frothing sea.

The world is silent save for the continual noise from the ship as I set my hand between Gibson's ears, Good boy I say to him. Recalling the poke'mon I just made a murderer into his ball. This will all be worth it, as soon as I know my mother is safe.

Everyone stares at me in stunned silence as I walk past them. "Told you, you wouldn't like it." one of the cops goes to grab me, but my next words stop him in his tracks. "I've given you a window, don't waste it."

Scruffy is next to me in the next moment, his fur soft as he nuzzles into me with a whine, "I'm fine." I tell him as he lays down so I can climb on. "Just get us home." I need to get home goes unspoken, as we sprint away from Olivine.


Hope I did Poke wars justice. 'Bout all I got to say.