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FFA Chapter7, Frenemies


We're driving in complete silence, and I have a ton of questions I want answered. I don't give a shit if I'm crossing some line or speaking out of turn. He's going to give me some answers.

"How did you know?" I ask.

"Know what; that you left or that you would actually have the balls to steal Rosalie's car?"

"More than five words, I'm impressed," I say sarcastically.

"You could've gotten yourself killed. Is that what you want?"

"By coming home to get my camera? That seems a little exaggerated, don't you think?"

"A couple of weeks ago you were nearly raped by two men…."

"How do you know…" I try interrupting but he ignores me and continues.

"And you were nearly raped by the same two men again; yet you still don't grasp the fact that Elizabeth and I are protecting you."

The whole time he berates me, his voice never changes tone.

"Is that why you burned down my house? You thought you were protecting me? Arson… who does that? Why did you feel the need to torch my home?"

"Your home is with us now," he concludes and doesn't speak another word.

Arguing with him isn't going to work. I need to find a different way to get what I need from him. After a few moments of silence, I try a gentler approach.

"Jasper?" I say softly and for a brief second his head turns to me, shocked to hear me use his name. He quickly turns his focus back to the road.

"What is it?" He answers, obviously annoyed.

"What does Elizabeth want with me?"

He scoffs and shakes his head with a slight smirk.

"If I were you, my concern would be more targeted towards what Rosalie will do to you if she finds out that you've stolen her car. You do not want to get on her bad side…. trust me."

So much for the gentler approach!

"I didn't think I would be seeing either of you again," I mumble under my breath.

"I bet you didn't," he scoffs once again. "You know, after all you've been through in your young life, one would think you'd have learned a lesson or two. If it wasn't for Elizabeth you would probably be dead by now. She just wants to protect you."

"I don't need or want anyone's protection; least of all from some stranger. And I'm smart enough to know that nobody does anything for free in this world. My father taught me that," I snap, frustrated.

"Which one…. the junkie you loved so much or the cop?" he asks sarcastically.

The bastard! Who the hell does he think he is?

I gape at him in shock. Firstly, I can't believe he has the audacity to say the things he just said, and secondly how does he know about Charlie?

"You think you're smart?" He asks, pausing not to wait on a response from me, but to let the words linger in the air. "So far, the only thing I've noticed that's smart about you, is your big mouth."

"At least I'm not dumb enough to be ordered around like a robot," I reply sardonically and cross my arms over my chest like a child.

I feel the car pick up speed. I glance to the side, looking at his face to see if my words left an impression and they obviously did.

Good! Screw him, the jerk.

His jaw is tight, and I can see the scowl that's set on his face. He's pissed off. The car keeps accelerating, and his hands grip the steering wheel roughly.

I feel the sudden urge to buckle my seat belt.

"What are you doing?" I ask, looking at him like he's a madman. "You're going to kill us!"

"You think you're so tough?" He hisses. "We're going to see just how tough you are."

What the hell does he mean by that?

The car comes to a screeching halt, and I jerk forward.

"Are you out of your fucking skull! You could've killed us."

I watch as he roughly shifts the gear into park and begins unbuttoning his shirt.

"What…what are you doing?" I stammer and look on with wide eyes, as all the buttons are undone. He smirks condescendingly at me and continues pulling the shirt from his muscular body.

Oh God! What's he going to do to me?

Flashes of him roughly undoing his pants next, dragging me to the back seat and violating me, go through my head.

I'm ripped from those horrid thoughts as he leans in close, reaches over and pins my back to the passenger door.

He's going to rape me right here in the front seat!

"No!" It's not a scream, more a stern plea. His face twists in confusion for a brief moment, as he unlocks my door and leans back into his side of the car.

"Get out," he says, in a low, angry voice. He hands me the shirt he's taken off.

"What?" I gasp and blink rapidly, not sure I heard him correctly.

"Get the fuck out!" he yells, causing me to flinch so hard, the back of my head hits the window.

Is he serious? He wants me to get out here?

With a quick glance, I survey my surroundings and look around the dark and deserted road. It's eerily quiet; not a car in sight, not a sound to be heard.

Would he really leave me out here in the middle of nowhere, to be attacked by wild animals?

It's beginning to rain. I have no money and nowhere to go.

"No," I respond shakily. He has me scared shitless, but there's no way I'm getting out of the car. He'll have to forcefully remove me.

"Scared are you? I thought you didn't need anyone to protect you. Get out of the car and take this," he says gesturing to his shirt, "you're going to need it; it's all I have to offer you."

I look at his pissed off expression and realize I'm going to have to do some major apologizing.

"I'm sorry," I mumble.

"I don't give a rat's ass. I'm done with this shit. Elizabeth can send Emmett after you, but I'm done."

"You can't just leave me here!" I shriek.

He closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose as if at war with his feelings. "I want you to be quiet until we get back to Elizabeth's. Is that clear?"

I nod and quickly hand his shirt back. He snatches it and throws it on the back seat. Huffing irritably, he pulls off the side of the road en route back to my new home.

I comply with the whole 'keeping my mouth shut' order. I figure dealing with Elizabeth after she finds out I ran away will be easier than dealing with him. In fact, she'll sugar coat her annoyed feelings with double cheek-kisses and words like Bellisima.

We arrive back at the house, parking in the very same spot I took the car from. Walking up to the front door, he puts his finger to his lips in a shushing signal and carefully unlocks the door. All the lights are dimmed, and no one seems to be wise to the fact that I was missing.

Placing Rose's car keys back in their original spot, he silently urges me to follow him into the kitchen. Once we're inside, I watch as he pulls items from the refrigerator.

"Have a seat," he says motioning to the island.

"I'm not hungry," I reply instantly, sitting on the stool.

"I wasn't offering," he admits and continues to roughly throw together the sloppiest sandwich I've ever seen. When he's done, he goes to the knife block, pulling one out swiftly. The noise the blade makes slicing through the air is enough to give me chills. I swallow hard as I watch him grab a plate and butcher the sandwich in two, sliding the plate with half in my direction. He takes a bite out of the other half.

"I thought you weren't offering?"

"I wasn't. Eat it. You'll learn fast not to shut down the perks around here."

I look at him cautiously, trying to make sense of some of the things he's said to me.

What does he mean by that?

He raises his eyebrows, waiting for me to pick up the sandwich.

"I didn't see you wash your hands," I say sarcastically and pick it up, taking a bite.

Damn this good. I think to myself, but don't dare to pay him the compliment out loud.

He smirks in satisfaction, fully aware that I'm enjoying the sandwich. Pulling up a stool, he sits across from me, and we continue eating in awkward silence.

After grabbing two bottles of soda from the fridge, he reaches down beside him and rummages through a bag.

"I have something for you."

I pause in drinking my soda and frown at his words.

What the hell can he possibly have for me?

My question is soon answered when he places what he was searching for, on the kitchen island.

"My camera!" I gasp and grab it, checking to make sure it's indeed mine.

"When did you…. "

"You have what you were willing to nearly get yourself killed over now."

I blink at him, confused, wondering when and why he did such a thing for me after the trouble I've caused him.

"Thank you," I respond instead of questioning.

"Does this mean you'll promise to stay put now?"

I nod and smirk, "for now."


I'm woken from a blissful sleep by some undecipherable noise.

Man, this bed is comfortable, more comfortable than usual.

I snuggle down into the fluffy warmth; not wanting to wake up, but my traitorous eyes begins to flutter open once they register the sunlight streaming into the room. For a brief moment I forget where I am, until I look around and realize that the comfortable bed is not my own.

I sigh and blink over at the alarm clock on the dresser. It's ten a.m. I'm shocked that I was allowed to sleep so late.

The minute those thoughts are formulated; there's a knock at the door.

"Of course, I mutter, "It's open," I shout across the room.

Alice pops her head in with an excited look on her face. "Get up. It's shopping day," she announces then shuts the door yelling, "ten minutes."

Grumpily, I climb out of bed, and grab a sweatshirt and jeans from a drawer. Thank God the underwear I pull from the second drawer is modest enough, although I feel a bit awkward that someone's shopped for underwear for me.

I shower and dress and head downstairs to see Rose and Alice waiting by the door.

"Is that what you're wearing?" Rose asks crossly.

I look at both of them and instantly feel out of place. Alice is wearing some sort of baby doll peasant top with tights to match and ballet flats. Her nails complement the sparkly headband that pushes her brown spiky, cropped hair back from her angelic face.

Both girls are gorgeous in their own way. Rose, although dressed more casually, looks just as jaw dropping. She's snug in a pair of fitted jeans and an oversized Dartmouth sweatshirt that hangs loosely, baring her shoulder. She's paired this with open toed sandals. Her hair is piled on top of her head in a sloppy bun, and a pair of designer shades hides her hazel eyes. Even though I can't see her eyes, the pout on her lips tell me clearly that she's annoyed.

"You look fine, Bella," Alice smoothes over. "Besides that's what today is for."

"What...what do you mean?" I twist the bottom of my sweat jacket nervously.

"You'll see. Here, take this," she clarifies and holds out her hand to me.

"What is it," I ask, unwrapping the napkin she's handed me.

"It's the best blueberry scone you'll ever taste in your life. Trust me." She winks, handing me a Styrofoam cup.

"I don't like coffee," I say immediately, which grants me a huff from Rose.

"It's hot chocolate, Bella. It's the best."

"You better take advantage of the perks now, honey." Rose chimes in. "Elizabeth will be watching you like a hawk."

I swallow hard, not understanding what she means and bite into the scone. I've never had one before, but damn if it isn't delicious, the hot chocolate too.

"Can we leave now? I have things to do."

"Don't be so grumpy, Rose, come on, Bella." Alice links her arm with mine, ushering me out of the door. We follow Rose to her car and climb in, me in the backseat, while Alice takes the front.

"I could've sworn I had a full tank of gas, when I parked last night." Rose mentions, lifting her sunglasses to take a closer look at the fuel gauge.

I glance around nervously, recalling last night's events.

After Alice convinces her that she's imagining things, we're on our way, driving for what seems like forever. It doesn't seem to bother them in the least. The conversation they're having is proof of that.

"I cannot believe you slept with him, Rose!" Alice gasps.

"I didn't have sex with him, dummy. We just…slept. He held me the entire night," Rose says in a breathy tone.

I'm sure they're talking about Emmett. Rose has a hard exterior, but it seems to vanish when it comes to him, whether in his presence or just speaking of him.

"Well, you better not let Elizabeth catch you 'sleeping' with Emmett or else–"

"She's not going to catch me, besides you should be more concerned about your 'late night chats' with Jasper."

"Jasper and I just talk." Alice explains.

"Yeah, until it comes time to fuck," Rose chuckles.

'You're so rude."

"And you're in denial. You want him; badly."

I listen to them bicker back and forth about Alice wanting Jasper. I scoff to myself and roll my eyes.

He's a prick anyway. What does she see in him? Now that Emmett guy is gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as Edward.

I wonder what he's doing at this very moment. I wonder if he's noticed that I'm gone, does he care? He's probably given up on me, now that I've stood him up twice.

Wrapped up in my own thoughts, I don't realize that the car has stopped until Rose and Alice are climbing out, and they wait impatiently for me to do the same.

More goddamn shopping! I shudder at the thought. I clamber out and notice where we're parked.

"I thought we were going shopping?" I look at them in confusion.

"We are, but first it's make over time." Alice smiles mischievously.


With me protesting the entire way, they usher me into a beauty salon. A woman named Irina greets us and takes my hand, leading me to a salon chair.

"Elizabeth said you were beautiful, but she didn't clarify just how attractive you are. I'm Irina. Don't worry, I'm going to make you look amazing," she says placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"Irina, is Gianna available? I could use a quick manicure," Rose says and seats herself at one of the tables.

"She's in the back. She'll be back in a moment. What about you, Al?"

"Not today. I'm good." She holds up her hands, wiggling her fingers to show off her nails.

God, they're all so pampered and perfect. I'm quickly draped in a plastic cape and adjusted in a chair to a comfortable level. Irina gently rakes her fingers through my hair.

"Ali, what exactly does Elizabeth expect?" Irina asks, as she continues to fluff out my hair.

"She wants you to keep it soft, natural, with long layers, maybe a few highlights?" Alice suggests as she joins Irina's inspection of my hair.

"I don't..." I start to object, but I'm cut off by Alice and Irina's reassurance.

"Relax. You're going to look great, Bella. I promise."

I sigh, reluctantly ease back into the chair, close my eyes and worry.

I've never had a hair trim, let alone had it cut or colored. What the hell are they doing to me? If I'd known this was what I was coming back to, I would've let Jasper leave me on the side of that road. I'd rather take my chances with the wild life.

I have to admit what she's doing to my scalp feels amazing. I don't know how much time passes while I'm sitting in this chair, but I'm so relaxed.

A while later, I'm shampooed, clipped and foiled and Irina tells me I'm all set. Alice takes one look at me and covers her mouth, squealing.

I must look awful. Irina turns me in the chair toward the mirror. My mouth falls open in shock.

Not…awful, but…different.

I carefully raise my hand and drag my fingers through my hair. They slip through the newly colored, coppery strands with ease.

"What do you think, Bella?"

"I..." My voice catches in my throat. I don't know how to respond. The corners of my mouth twitch as I tentatively smile.

"Ha! She's speechless." Irina claps her hands together. "What's next, a mani, pedi?"

"Elizabeth wants her to have a full body Brazilian." Rose swings around in her chair, finally removing her shades.

"Full body…Brazilian…what's that?" I ask, still admiring my new look.

"Waxing," she elaborates. That snaps me out of my daze.


Rose throws her head back with laughter, while Alice shakes hers disapprovingly at Rose.

"Not today. We have other fish to fry." She unwraps the long plastic bib from around my neck and pulls me from the chair.

"Thanks, Irina. You can put all expenses on Elizabeth's account. We have to get going." Alice yells over her shoulder as she's pushing me out of the door.




We stroll down the sidewalk of the mall. Rose admits that we're looking for a specific store. I'm sure it's to buy me something ridiculous that I'd never wear. When we finally arrive at the store. I realize that I was right in my thinking as my jaw drops when I get a good look at the store we're about to enter.

"Excuse me, what are we buying here?" I whisper to Alice.

"You don't really have a lot of wardrobe, Bella. Underwear is a part of wardrobe."

I'm not in the position to disagree. Swallowing the hard lump in my throat, I follow them, glancing at the other patrons.

"These are pretty," Rose says holding a pair of miniscule lace panties up to my face. "They match the tone of your skin perfectly."

I cringe a little, but fake a smile in agreement.

"You're right. They're really pretty. Let's find the matching bra." Alice smiles and pulls me toward the rack of lingerie.

They choose handfuls of intimate apparel, without even asking my opinion. I can't believe it.

Do I look like I don't know how to choose my own panties?

I want to say something, anything, but I don't want to come off sounding rude. After all, they're helping me, aren't they?

"Here, go and try these on. You can't try on the panties, although I'm pretty much sure they'll fit." She holds up the scrap of lace in front of my jeans, evaluating the size.

She pushes me toward the fitting room, but I stop before going inside.

"I don't...I don't think these are right for me. Couldn't I just look around for something a bit more…" I look at the items in my hands, trying to find the appropriate word to describe them. "….something a bit more comfortable?"

"These are extremely comfortable. They're one hundred percent hand-sewn silk." She huffs a breath in disgust.

"It's just not what I'm used to." I try to explain without annoying her any further.

"We see what you're used to, and you'd do well for a change."


"What! Elizabeth gave us specifics, Alice."

"I know, but do you have to be so abrasive? She doesn't understand this."

Rose waves Alice off and continues swiping roughly through racks. I've no idea why she's so angry, and I don't care. Elizabeth may have saved me and taken me in, but she's not going to be picking out my damn underwear.

"I'm not wearing these." I say angrily, hanging them back on the rack.

"Elizabeth will definitely have something to say about that." She says nonchalantly.

"I don't care. She can say whatever she wants. Nothing or no one can make me walk around looking like a whore."

She spins around, eyes blazing at me. As she steps closer, I can sense she's ready for a confrontation. Alice's eyes go wide with worry. I'm more than prepared to fight her if I have to.

"I'm the wrong person to piss off, Bella." She spits my name like it's dirt. "The sooner you figure that out, the better."

I'm shaking inside, but I'm not going to back down. I have to live with these girls, and I can't have them thinking I'm afraid of them.

"I'm not afraid of you, Rosalie."

The scowl on her flawless face deepens, causing Alice to finally step in between us.

"Come on, Bella. We can go look for something different."

I'm so relieved she decided to step in.




"What's her deal?" I ask Alice, referring to Rosalie who's gone on ahead of us to make reservations for lunch at this restaurant, ironically named Molto Bella.

"Rose has a tough exterior, but underneath she's the sweetest person," she explains as she helps me carry my shopping bags with the more appropriate underwear.

"I have yet to see this 'sweet person', you speak of, I scoff.

"It just takes a little of time to get to know her. You'll see what I mean. I promise." She wraps her arm around me as we follow Rose into the restaurant.

After we're seated, I apologize to Rose for my earlier outburst, although I don't think it makes much difference to her. She still behaves the same.

We order a huge pizza and a large bowl of salad to share.

I think it's an opportune time to hopefully get some answers to the ton of questions I have.

"How old are you guys? If you don't mind me asking." I amend, looking directly at Rose who's still wearing her sunglasses.

"I'm seventeen and Rose just turned eighteen last month." Alice answers without delay.

"Do you go to school, or anything?"

"We both do, and you will too." Rose answers this time. Elizabeth ordered your uniform. It should be arriving any day."

Well, this seems normal enough. I'd still be able to attend school, but what does she mean by 'uniform'.

"Did you say uniform? I kind of hoped I would be able to continue at a school like Forks High." I sigh, thinking of Edward.

"Like Forks High? Elizabeth would have a coronary. A co-ed school? It'll never happen. ."

I'm confused. I don't know what she means ... Why is a co-ed school a problem? Surely she knows that we're living in modern times.

"What's wrong with going to school with boys?" I frown.

It doesn't appear that she's going to answer me, so I turn to Alice.

"Why did you look so sad when you mentioned Forks High. Is there a guy there that you like?" She ignores and her eyes light up.

"Huh?" I'm thrown completely off guard. "No–I…"

"That means yes! Who is he? What's his name?"

The waitress brings our food to the table, but both Alice and Rose are preoccupied with me answering the question.

"Have you kissed him yet?" Alice continues to pry.

"Have you fucked him yet? That's the question." The sunglasses are removed and her eyes twinkle with mirth.

My mouth falls open at her brassiness, and strangely enough they're both waiting for an answer to the ridiculous question.

"Um…no," I reply nervously and my eyes lower to the table.

"But you want to…. fuck him that is?" she adds, leaning onto the table with her elbows, causing me to look up into her striking hazel eyes.

"No! I–I just…."

"Rose, leave her alone. Bella, pay her no mind. She's a bit triple X-rated." Alice scowls at her and tries to comfort me in the process.

I look at Rose as she eases back in her seat, obviously pleased with herself.

I see no signs of a friendship blossoming anytime soon between the two of us.

We return to the house and Rose disappears inside, leaving Alice and me to retrieve the shopping bags from the trunk.

"I don't think she likes me very much," I say as we both close the trunk.

"Oh, she doesn't like anyone but Emmett." She flags her hand at the door where Rose was just standing.

"Too bad I'm not over six feet with dimples." I giggle.

"And with a huge boner for her." She adds and my giggles turn into boisterous laughter. She links her arm with mine and we head inside.




The house is quiet except for the slight noise coming from the kitchen. From the wonderful smells, I can tell the cook is preparing something delicious for dinner. I barely ate anything for lunch after the uncomfortable questioning I faced from Alice and especially Rose. At dinnertime, I'm definitely going to stuff my face with whatever smells so good.

Alice goes off to check on something she says Elizabeth has set up for her. In the meantime, I head up to my room sporting a new makeover and bags filled new clothing.

I walk in and immediately head over to the mirror, examining my new look. I tentatively touch and run my fingers through my hair, giving my head a small toss. I smile faintly when I see how it moves with such fluidity. The highlights look amazing. I find that I'm pleased with the way it's turned out. For some reason, I feel happier than I've felt in a while. I skip over to the bed and pull out the clothes from the bag and hang them in the closet and place them in drawers. I freeze when I get to a familiar bag with an item I know I didn't choose for myself. I pull it out and hold it aloft. It's blue and sparkly and….so not me, but it makes me curious. I trot over to the door and close it for privacy then shed my hooded sweatshirt and tank top. I slip the sparkly top over my head, pull my arms through the sleeves, and it falls into place. I look in the mirror, hardly recognizing myself. I toss my newly colored, trimmed hair again. The door creaking open startles me, and I try to cover myself, but it's pointless.

"Not bad." She says and walks in, closing the door behind her.

"I–I think it's Alice's. It was in with my stuff and–and…." I stammer embarrassingly.

"It doesn't belong to Alice. I slipped it in with your purchases. Blue is really your color," she says, shocking me as she begins to straighten the top on my shoulders.

"You bought this for me….why?"

I look at both of our reflections in the mirror and I can see her eyes roll.

"Can't you just say thank you? You look fabulous in it."

I realize instantly how bad my question sounds and try to recover.

"I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. Thank you."

"It will look a lot better if you lost the bra."

"Huh….wha …what are you doing?"

"Relax. It's a one-shouldered shirt," she says as if that makes everything clear. "Remove one of your arms from the straps."

I do as she instructs, and she adjusts the shirt once more, smiling.

"Perfect." She fluffs out my hair as a final gesture. I don't know what's made her suddenly want to be friendly, but I welcome it. I think I'm slightly mesmerized by her. She's so beautiful, all the girls here are, but there's just something about Rose.

"It goes amazingly well with the jeans you're wearing. I wonder what you'd look like wearing shoes?"

Before I can stop myself, I tell her there are shoes in my closet, and I walk over to open it, showing them to her.

"I think they may've been put in the wrong room."

"You think, huh?" She says, with a raised eyebrow and smirk that confuses me. "Grab the red ones."

"These?" I exclaim, holding them up and frowning.

"Yeah! Come, sit down and try them on."

I allow her to pull me over to the bed. Once my socks and sneakers are removed, I slide my feet into the bright, red heels. I attempt to stand, and she recognizes right away that I need assistance. I'm a bit unbalanced, but finally I stand on my own, and she takes a few steps away from me.

"Now let me see you walk across the room." She folds her arms and waits. The smile on her face tells me she knows it's going to be a task for me.

I take a deep breath and take slow steps in her direction. I feel like a baby just learning to walk. I wobble a few times, but manage not to fall on my ass.

"This is insane. Where am I ever going to wear this?" I squeak with laughter.

"Well, maybe you'll wear it on a date with that guy you have a crush on. I know he's never seen you like this, has he?"

I look at her and shake my head, trying desperately not to blush. I bite my lip and look in the mirror at myself, wondering how he'd react if he saw me like this?




Some time has gone by, and we're still in my room. Surprisingly, we've become more comfortable with each other, given our previous spat. We lounge across my bed, talking about everything; from where I'm from to my experience with guys.

"What's his name?"

"It's…it's Edward." I respond hesitantly and try to contain my smile when I say his name out loud.

She frowns slightly and turns on her back to look at the ceiling. "Edward."

She tests his name and shakes her head.

"His name sounds rather boring. What does he look like?"

"Well, he's tall, like six feet or so. He has sandy colored hair, beautiful green eyes and the most amazing smile."

"Sounds normal enough."

I smile at her nonchalant response.

"He's the star quarterback of the football team."

This grabs her attention, and she turns and looks at me with a half-smile.

"A guy like that and you haven't fucked him? He's a jock. I know what guys like him are after."

"We never…it didn't have a chance to get that far before…." My voice trails and she sits up slightly.

"Before what?"

"Before I had to come here." I nearly whisper.

Just then Alice shows up at the door, letting us know that dinner is ready. We both get up off of the bed to head downstairs. Alice grabs me by the arm and whispers. "I told you she wasn't that bad."