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Pan slammed her fist into the ground trying to keep her anger under control. Yet again Vegeta had beat her and taunted her. All she ever wanted to do was prove that she was better than the others yet nothing was ever good enough.

"Get up brat." Vegeta stepped in front of her. His arms crossed as he looked down on her. A smirk visible on his arrogant face.

Pan snarled as she jumped up and launched at him. Vegeta waited til the last minute to hit her in the side cracking two of her ribs. Pan fell to the ground with a loud thud. She winced as she tried to get up. Finally she gave up knowing that she would never be able unless she got rid of her human blood.

Vegeta landed beside Pan. He knelt down and smirked at her. "Better but no where near any of the others. Your never going to make it to Super Sayain like that. Why don't you just give up?"

Pan tried to rise again but a hand stopped her. "I will turn super sayain." She said determinedly. "Just you wait." With that her world went black.

7 Hours later

Pan woke up to a splitting headache. She opened her eyes and saw that she was lying in her bed in her room. She closed her eyes and clenched her fist as she tried to keep the tears from falling. How she hated her weakness. Pan jumped when she heard her bedroom door open. Sitting up Pan looked over to see her father walk into her room.

"What were you trying to prove?" Gohan stood there with his hands on his hips. He just wanted his daughter to be happy.

Pan sighed. "I want to prove that I am just as strong as you or Grandpa or Vegeta or Trunks but none of you will train me." She crossed her arms as she stared at her bed underneath her.

Gohan sagged as he walked over to his daughter. "Panny, you are fine just as you are." He tried to brush her hair out of her way but Pan jerked away. Gohan could smell salt in the air. Sighing he got up off the bed and walked over to the door.

"One day you will thank me for what I do." With that Gohan walked out of Pans room leaving her sitting there by herself. Pan glared at the door that her father just walked out of. She jumped up off the bed and walked over to her closet and took out three capsules that she had stuck back for this day.

Pocketing all three she took one last look at her room and then flew out the window breaking the glass as she went. She could feel the stinging pain from the glass cutting her skin but she paid it no mind as she flew to the place she had found previously.

Pan could hear her father and mothers voices yelling into the night for her but she had Bulmas new invention, the ki bracelet suppressor. Smirking she flew faster to her little 'get away'.

Hour Later

Pan landed on an island far from Satan City, her family and friends. She pulled out all three of the capsules and looked at them. Finally she picked out the golden one that said 'wishes'. Clicking the top she threw it a few feet from her. As the smoke cleared there layed all 7 dragon balls.

Holding out her hands she chanted the spell to release the dragon from its slumber. Pan was grateful to Dende for making the new dragon grant two wishes instead of only one.

"Speak your first wish." Came a booming voice from above her.

Pan smiled as she looked up at the dragon. It was identical to Shenron. "My first wish is that I am a full blooded Sayain." Pan was very happy that she could finally be what she always wanted.

"It is done." The dragon told her as his eyes flashed red. Then Pan was engulfed in a golden flame then a bright light. When the light faded Pan stood there a little taller and muscular and with a tail. Pan quickly wrapped it around her waist.

"Speak your second wish."

Pan smirked a smirk worthy of Vegeta. "I wish that the planet Vegeta along with its inhabitants were brought back to life."

"That is a difficult wish but it shall be granted." With that came a clap of thunder and the clouds grew darker.

The wind wiped around Pan and the eternal dragon that was still there with his eyes red. Pan wondered if this was such a good idea. Shaking her head she reminded herself she was no longer a ¼ sayian but full blooded. Pan was brought out of her thought with the dragons booming voice.

"It is done." Pan smiled as she watched the dragon balls glow as they levitated off the ground and shot threw the air in all different directions. Pan smiled sadly as she wished she could of kept the four star ball but she knew that it had to be done.

Pan clicked both the other two capsules and tossed them to the ground. A one man space ship along with her clothing and only what she might need were laying beside it. Picking up her two suit cases she walked into the space craft and took the main seat.

Punching in the coordinates for the new planet Vegeta she hit the launch button. Just before the boosters lit she noticed Vegeta, her father and Trunks looking at her. She gave them a sad smile as she gave them a Son peace sign. She really had no clue if she would ever come back to this planet.

Pan released the breathe she had been unknowingly holding as she reached outer space. She thought back to the last time she had been out here in the vastness of space. Trunks and her grandpa Goku were with her but now she was on her own.

She read what she needed to know then set up the auto pilot. Pan knew that this was a very weird plan but she needed to be with her own kind. She had heard what had happened but she needed to meet her king and her great grandfather. She knew that the king was named Vegeta however she never knew her great grandfathers name.

Pan walked into the sleeping quarters and lied down on the bed. As soon as she layed down a screen appeared over her.

"Would you like to go into a deep sleep until you reach your destination?" Came an automated voice.

Pan shrugged as she decided. She did need to rest and it was going to take over 5 years to get there so what the hell. "Yes."

"Very well, Good Night." With that a glass dome appeared over the bed and a mask appeared beside her. "Put on the mask." It ordered.

Pan put the mask on and jumped when she noticed that liquid began to fill the dome over her. She began to realize that this was like the regeneration tank. Pan closed her eyes as the green liquid quickly covered her whole body. Her last conscious thought was of Vegeta's face.


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