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4 Years Later – Vegeta-sai Transport Ship

Pan stood at a port window looking out at all the stars that she has watched as a child. She placed a hand on her stomach and smiled lightly. This was hers and Vegetas 2 child. Vegeta Jr. was a spittin' image of his father just as Goku Jr was of Goku. Or Kakarot as he was now known as. He finally decided to go by his Vegeta-sai name once him and Chi-Chi settled in. Even though Chi-Chi was not born of Sayain blood not a year after they were back on the planet Vegeta, Chi-Chi turned into a full blooded sayain as well.

Goku thought that it was because of Gohan and Goten but Pan believed that it was her mother. Pan knew that the one thing her mother wanted in the whole world was to be able to stand with her father, Gohan, til he died and since Gohan was half sayain he would not live as long as his father but he would live a great deal longer than a natural humans life. Fasha and Raditz helped train Chi-Chi only because Pan was busy with tending to her duties along side Vegeta.

K. Vegeta had stepped down and handed his throne to his son. Tarble was rather excited to meet his brother for the first time. Vegeta was completely shocked that he had a younger brother but he was taken from his father at a young age and was not allowed to see his mother at all once Freiza took command of him. Now Tarble and Vegeta were joined at the hip. Even though Vegeta snarled every few minutes at his little brother, he never made a sound when asked if he wanted someone to tend to Tarble for him.

"What are you doing?" Came a rugged voice from behind her. Pan smiled at she turned to see her mate, Vegeta.

"Just looking out at the stars." Pan said as she turned her attention back to the vast space. "How much longer til we arrive?"

Vegeta moved over to Pan and wrapped his arms around her waist and layed his hands on her rounded stomach. "In little over one hour." He said as his rested his chin on Pans shoulder.

"Well then we need to wake up grandpa and grandma." She grinned when Vegeta gave her a frown. "What?" She asked innocently.

Vegeta raised a brow. "You do realize that your grandmother just went to sleep right?" He kissed the top of Pan's head.

"So?" Pan pulled from his arms. "She told me to wake her up as soon as we were close."

"Then by all means go wake her." Vegeta leaned his hips against the wall as he watched his mate. "then you will have a frying pan upside your head like Kakarot just received." He grinned at the thought.

Pan's eyes grew wide. "Your kidding." Vegeta shook his head. "Oh my goodness. Is grandpa ok?"

"Yes Kakarot is as thick headed as they come." Vegeta stood straight and went to Pan. "Come now you need to rest just as your grandmother." He lead her to the bed and helped her lie down.

"When can I stay up more than a few minutes?" Pan asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and rested them on her growing stomach.

Vegeta grinned as he looked at her. "As soon as the next kid is born til then you will let me pamper you." He kissed her brow as he raised up. "Now rest I am going to train with Kakarot."

Pan sighed and nodded as she watched her mate walk out of their room. Shaking her head and smiling she layed back and closed her eyes. Maybe as soon as they reached Earth he would relax a little bit. Pan wondered if her mother and father were doing good as she dozed off to sleep.

Two Hours Later

Kakarot, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Pan, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. were all in the smaller transport ship ready to leave the dock. Pan was excited to see her mother and father again along with the rest of them. Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr were extremely excited because this was the first time they had been to their parents home.

"Is everyone ready?" Chi-Chi asked from her seat in the front with Goku.

"Yeah!" The boys yelled in unison.

"I'm ready." Pan said as she held a hand on her stomach.

"Lets get this over with." Vegeta grumbled. He did not want to come back but with Pan returning he would not let her leave his sight.

Pan just grinned at her mate. "Don't worry dear." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Nasty!" Vegeta Jr yelled as he covered his face.

"Why my mom and dad do that all the time?" Goku Jr. tilted his head to the side.

Vegeta Jr. crossed his arms and turned back around. "That is how it starts." He cut his eyes to Goku Jr. "The next time I know I'll have another brother or sister."

"Oh!" Goku Jr. said as he turned back around and thought about it.

Pan just smiled at the boys as she leaned her head back and waited for her grandfather to take off to the surface. When Vegeta squeezed her hand she turned her head and smiled at him.

"Don't worry everything will be just fine." Pan promised.

Vegeta snorted. "As long as Kakarot can keep this ship on course then we'll be fine." He tried to fight the grin that was threatening but he lost.

"Hey I heard that!" Goku said from the front. "I did really good since I began to practice."

Chi-Chi narrowed her eyes. "Goku I am better at piloting the ship than you are." Goku just smiled.

"Come on lets go!" Goku Jr whined. "I wanna leave already."

"Yeah, I wanna see my 'big' sister." Vegeta Jr. grinned evilly as he looked at Goku Jr.

"What did I say about picking on the older kids?" Pan called to Vegeta Jr.

He slumped in his chair. "That if they cant fight then don't push 'em."

Pan nodded as she leaned back. Goku just shook his head and hit the egnition button. Chi-Chi kept her hands ready to take over in case Goku was unable to control the ship. Vegeta just leaned back with his ankles crossed and his arms folded in front of his chest. His eyes were closed but everyone knew that the King of Sayains was just resting.

Soon they would reach the planets surface and meet up with their old friends. Goku and Chi-Chi had been back about two years prior and brought letters back to Vegeta and Goku. All the earths fighters were gone because of old age but the earth was still going strong. New fighters were being recruited by Goten and Bra.

Gohan and Videl were the trainers that kept the world safe for future generations...


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