Love, Jealousy and Violence

Ch. 9 Finally

Len's POV

"Sukone-san! Sukone-san!" I screamed like some crazed idiot in the streets. I'm probably disturbing and waking people up but I don't care! I have to find Sukone-san!

"Sukone-san! Sukone-saaan!" I continued to scream. Just then, I heard a low rumble of thunder and remembered hearing on the news today that there was a 64% chance of a storm coming.

Soon, rain started to fall hard and I ran under a tree. I looked around, still looking for Sukone-san and recognized Neru-san, Haku-san and Gumi-san's house. Gumi-san was at the party earlier but went home ahead.

I knocked on their door and Neru-san answered. "L-LEN? What the FREAKING HELL are you doing out THERE? You're gonna get sick! Come inside!"

"No time! Have you seen Sukone-san?"

"Huh? Well, I saw a figure that looked like her a few minutes ago but I wasn't sure if it was really her. It was too dark."

"Where did she go?"

"Uhm, well, I'm not really sure where but all I know is the direction she went was going to her house. Probably there."

"Thank you!" I said and started running for her house then remembered something and went back. "Uhm, yeah, which way is her house?"

"Go that way," She said, pointing to my left. "Then, turn left."

"Right, thanks!" I thanked again and continued to run for her house as I heard her shout at me to be careful.

When I got near, I saw a light coming from her house and saw the front door open and swinging a little from the force of the rain. I ran all the way inside, gasping for air.

"Sukone-san!" I shouted and gasped for air again. "Sukone-san!" Then, I gasped as I heard faint crying coming from somewhere in the kitchen.

I slowly walked to the kitchen, careful not to surprise her or make her cry harder because of my very presence.

I came in and saw her sitting under the table, covering her face and crying. "S-Sukone-san...?" I said. When she heard my voice, she gasped and made no sound until she started covering and wiping her face at the same time.

"O-Oh, hey, Len-kun," She said.

"Sukone-san, I..." I started but didn't know what to say next. "I just... I didn't know that you..."

"No, it's okay," She said with a faint smile, trying to ignore the tears falling from her eyes. "I mean, she's just..." She suddenly ran out of breath and gasped. "She's... just perfect..."

"S-Sukone-san, I..."

"She's a great singer, she's so pretty and has a lot of talent. She doesn't have an uncontrollable desire to kill and she doesn't become addicted to a person she likes."


"I mean how..." She gasped again and more tears started falling. "How can I compete with that...?"


"Defoko was right... I AM jealous... And why do you even bother...?"

"I... I really like you..."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better."

"But I really do..."

"Stop it, Len!" She shouted and started crying much harder than she already was.

"I really do!" That's the truth.

"Shut up! You can't...!"

"... What? What do you mean?"

"It's like it would be... impossible for you to at least like me..."


"Shut up, Len! If you really want to make me feel better, you'd leave me alone and just go back to Miku because I-"

Her eyes widened as she was cut off by my lips pressed against hers.

"Whu... Why...?"

"I... I really do like you..."

She sniffed and started to look as if she was going to start crying again.

"Sukone-san, I myself could ever think that I would like you like that. Not that I disliked you. I was just, uhm, neutral...? Yeah, that's it."

She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "N-Neutral...?" She asked weakly.

"Yeah. And I DID already know that you were sort of cute." She had a worried expression but she was blushing.

"But when you guys arrived at my house, I really thought you were..." I turned away, hoping she wouldn't see me blush. "... really pretty and cute..."

"You... did...?"

I nodded. Then, I remembered something and straightened up. "But I hid it from myself and that became sort of easy because I noticed you starring daggers at Miku-chan," I told her and saw her sweat-drop.

"Ahahaha... S-Sorry, Len-kun."

"It's okay. And it's not only your cuteness, you're a really kind person that just can't control her hunter instincts –that every one of us has, if you didn't know- and no one but Defoko understands."

Her eyes widened. "No one but Defoko and you."

I smiled warmly. "Thank you."

The entire house fell silent and we could hear nothing but the sounds of rain falling hard on the roof. To her, it might have been some kind of awkward silence.

But all the while, I was actually thinking of a not-so-hurtful way to tell her we have to go back to my house.

If anyone's wondering why I said it had to be not so hurtful, it's because, like, what if she doesn't want to go back because she's still a little uncomfortable?

Besides, Miku-chan is there...





WHAT'S MIKU-CHAN GONNA SAY ABOUT THIS? I just confessed to her and now, I have to come back and tell people I'm with Sukone-san and...! AAUUUGGHHH!


"Uhm, Len-kun?"

"H-Huh? Uh, yeah?"

"Wouldn't this be dangerous? I mean, if you really like me, then what about Miku-san?"

I sweat-dropped and felt like I was just hit by a hammer.

"I mean, she could get mad. Especially since I'm, well, 5 years away from you and she's only, uhm-"

"Y-You're 19...?"

"Uhm, yeah. You didn't know?"

"You looked around her age! Well, I mean, you ARE around her age but, uhm, I mean I thought you were 16 too. Maybe even 15."

"Really? Cool!" She said with a determined happy expression. But now that I know we're actually 5 years apart, well... Make that 5 hammers.


"Huh? Oh, that's great, Len-kun!" Miku-chan said after what I just told her about me sort of confessing to Suko- I mean Tei-chan. Of course, Tei-chan and Rin helped me tell her about it too.

She tilted her head, not understanding my face that plainly read: What. The. Fudge.

"You... think it's great...?" I asked weakly.

"Well, yeah! I'm happy for you, Len-kun!" She said with a bright warm smile while putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Aren't you... mad?"

"Any reason I should be?"


"Uhm, yeah, actually! I mean, I confessed to you first, you said you liked me too, you kissed me and then I...! Aren't you mad?"

"Wait..." She made a confused expression. "So, what do you mean? You... want me to be mad...?" She asked innocently.

My jaw fell and I thought I was gonna die. But instead, I sweat-dropped and put my hands on her shoulders.

"Th-Thank you for being happy for me," I said and at the corner of my eye, I saw Tei-chan and Rin facepalm but Miku-chan didn't notice.


"Well, I know Miku-chan," Rin said. "She's CLUELESS. She probably just said she liked you like that or something but probably didn't get the consequences of kissing you."

"Yeah, maybe," I replied.

"She's weirder than I thought," Tei-chan, staring at the table, said with a worried face, sweat-dropping.

"Uhm, well, I think I'd better go," Rin said. "I have some shopping with Miku-chan to do today. Bye, guys!"

"Bye!" Tei-chan and I said at the same time. I blushed and looked away from her.

"So... Anything you wanna do today?" I asked.

"Ah, I dunno..."

"Oh, uhm, okay. Me either."

And so the rest of the day was spent thinking of something to do while eating some ice cream we bought since we were bored and wanted to do something. We'll probably do that again when Kaito-nii and the others come back.

~A Month Later...~

Well, I'll just say what we did today.

Today, Kaito-nii, Luka-nee, Meiko-nee and Gaku-nii came back from wherever they came from. Of course, we thanked the UTAU's and they left.

Of course, before they did, I blushed really, REALLY hard and told Tei-chan that I'd miss her and Kaito-nii, Luka-nee, Meiko-nee and Gaku-nii gasped and held a group meeting right there while looking at us from time to time.

My relationship with Tei-chan is going great but even though I really do like her, I still feel really weird because she's all over-protective and is still keeping me away from Miku-chan when she sees her around. She doesn't stalk me or anything.





Well, yeah. That's all. Unless you wanna hear what's happening right at this moment.

Right now, I'm just walking in the kitchen, I've just finished dinner and I'm coming back for my-

I gasped as I saw Luka-nee unconscious on the floor, covered in... yellow-orange stuff and Rin turning to face me. I looked around the kitchen and found a broken jar of marmalade on the floor. I facepalmed.

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