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Be Tavros Nitram

Tavros couldn't stop glancing back at that guy. Well, that guy started it. He was sitting in the booth closest to the door, looking extremely out of place with his clown make-up on, just staring at Tav, a smile planted on his face as if the handicap was the most interesting thing in the world.

Yes, being in a wheelchair did get looks every now and then, but they were usually looks of pity, not excitement. This crazy guy came in the little cafe every day at the exact same time, 2:30 pm, ordered the same thing, three cups of Faygo and a chocolate pie, requested Tavros as his server, and stared at him until closing time. It was starting to get creepy, but Tavros got used to him.

Tavros put a pen behind his ear and his notepad in his lap. He wheeled over to the strange man's table and smiled.

"Will you be having the usual today?" Tav asked, taking the pen out from behind his ear and flipping the notepad up.

"You know it, motherfucker," the man said, smiling brightly.

Be that weird guy.

His name is Gamzee Makara, and he'd been coming to that cafe ever since he'd first seen that boy. He was just strolling the streets, looking for some wicked eats when he looked into the window of that little cafe. The cutest boy was wheeling around in a wheelchair, taking orders and laughing with customers. Something about him just screamed, "Come into this cafe and stalk me!" Now, Gamzee visited him everyday, not even getting his name but still in love with him at the same time.

He walked into the cafe and plopped down in the seat at his usual table. He looked around until he locked eyes with the boy he'd come in here to see. A smile spread across his face, and he stared like a total phsyco. Hey, it's not like he could help it. Sometimes he just zoned out at random things, and Tavros, you mean the boy, was just one of them.

Suddenly, the boy started wheeling over to him with a fake smile on his face. He was obviously freaked out, but Gamzee didn't seem to notice. Oh man, this guy was so cute. Everything he did was adorable. Gamzee smiled and laughed when the boy parked infront of his table.

"Will you be having the usual today?" he asked, his fake smile engulfing Gamzee every second it was his face.

"You know it, motherfucker," Gamzee replied casually, resting his hands in his palms and his elbows on the table. The boy wrote down his order in the notepad and turned his wheelchair around. Before he could go, Gamzee grabbed the handlebar on his wheelchair and stopped him from leaving.

"What's your name, bro?"

Be Tavros

Tavros turned his wheelchair around again to face the stranger. "Its, uh, Tavros," he managed to say.

"Gamzee," he heard the strange man say as he wheeled away. Gamzee, huh? he thought. Tavros rolled into the kitchen and gave the slip of paper to the cook. The friendly man nodded at Tavros and continued to cook.

Be Gamzee

Gamzee leaned back in his seat and watched the boy wheel into the kitchen. Tavros, huh? That's a motherfuckin' cute name. Gamzee thought, taking a sip of his Faygo. Then, he continued to sit there until closing time. And, at closing time, Tavros told him the same thing he did every night at 9:00 pm, "Sorry. You're going to have to leave. Come back tomorrow!" And he would. Again and again until he could tell him his feelings. Except this time...

"Tavbro," Gamzee said, getting up from his booth and stretching out his arms. The crippled boy looked at him from his wheelchair. "You're motherfuckin' cute." Then, Gamzee proceeded to leave the cafe and go back home to messy and horn-filled apartment.

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