So you're probably all wondering what the heck is going on.

The truth is, I have no excuse. No sob story about how life has been difficult, and no reason to keep you guys waiting. It's not a lack of motivation, because you guys have been wonderful about reviewing and story favorites. Do you guys know that I have over one hundred reviews and favorites? That's crazy. And wonderful. But the truth is, my muses took a vacation, and I haven't been able to write a single word about Mulan for months. Finally, I just took a step back, and started to work on other things. Now, I can tell that my muses are back, and here to stay.

Cus the truth is guys, I really, really like this story.

Recently, I've totally nailed down the plot. It's going to be about 23 chapters, including the epilouge. Also, I'm revising chapters 1-7 because you guys have been awesome about telling me what I've screwed up, and I definitely want to fix it. After looking back, I also realized that Mulan had somehow turned into a Mary-Sue. She's such a great character, and she deserves more. So I'm going back, and doing it right.

And to help with that, I got myself a Beta. Hopefully they can help me become a better writer, and kick my but back into gear if I ever end up taking a hiatus like this again. I don't think it will, because I really like this story, and where I'm going with it.

More important news, the title will be changed.

Two Sides of a Coin was always a working title. Always. Mulan and Shang's relationship has always felt very forced to me, at least from Shang's perspective (don't get your panties in a twist, I obviously support them, or I wouldn't be writing this story). For most of the movie, Shang thought Mulan was a dude. My thought is, he was utterly fascinated by Mulan because he has, up until then, led a very structured, organized life, and Mulan comes in and just tears his ideas of how the world works to pieces. So originally, it refered to the two different interpretations of Honor that Mulan and Shang have, and how it fits together. This story was also much less plot driven when I named it. Now, it has an awesome plot that I'm super excited about, and the characterization that I was also intending to do. So the new title will be 'For One', and it will be cool.

Alright, I think that's it. I just want to say thank you to those who are still keeping up with the story. When my beta gets done with all of the revised chapter, and chapter eight which, thanks to a fan request, will have Mulan's family in it. Anyways, I'll see you soon.

~Peace Out