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Las Vegas, Nevada

(Shawn POV)

We got to Max Lenard's house, and waited for a minute for Nick, Greg, and supposedly Russell. It wasn't long before they got there which was a good thing. We all walked up to the house together and Russell knocked on the door. No one answered.

"LVPD, open up," Russell shouted. I heard some people on the other side of the door, but it didn't open. Russell, Nick, Lassie, and Jules pulled out their guns.

"Greg, where is your gun?" Russell asked.

"Um…" Greg said nervously. Russell shook his head at him.

"You two go around back, we'll stay here," Russell said, pointing to Jules and Nick. They went around to the back.

"Greg, you too," Russell said as an afterthought. He nodded and left.

(Greg POV)

I caught up with Nick and Jules after Russell told me to go with them.

"You know, Greggo, you are going to have to get rid of this fear of guns," Nick told me.

"I know, Nicky, I know," I said.

"What happened?" Jules asked quietly.


It was my last day of my last year of high school. The day was drawing to a close and I was ready to go home. Before seventh period ended, the loudspeaker came on.

"Code red, I repeat, code red," the principal said.

We all got up and went to the corner of the room. We knew this wasn't a drill because the teacher looked kind of freak out. I somehow was towards the front of the group. The teacher locked the door and came over to us. I was trying to remain calm because if I wanted to become a DNA specialist, then I might get caught in situations like this trying to collect DNA. After ten minutes, nothing happened on our side of the school. I spoke too soon. Someone was outside the room door, trying to open it.

"Remain calm and quiet," our teacher said.

I took some deep breaths and remained silent. A minute later, we heard the sound of a gunshot and the door opened up. I started shaking slightly. I really didn't want to die. I still had to go to college and get my degree…

"Remain quiet. ALL OF YOU," the guy yelled.

None of us dared to breath. Our teacher was trying to make a call on her phone without the shooter noticing. All of the sudden, he looked over and saw her fiddling with her phone.

"Stop now or I'll shoot," he said, pointing the gun at her.

She stopped with her phone and slid it over to him. He immediately crushed it with his foot. He still held the gun to her, but didn't look like he was going to shoot soon.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked quietly.

"Shut up," he said.

"Bu…" she started.

"I said, SHUT UP," he yelled.

She stopped talking, but that wasn't good enough for him. I noticed him moving his trigger finger, so I moved out of the way. I closed my eyes and heard the shot. I looked and saw our teacher with a hole in her shoulder. It wasn't a kill shot, but if she didn't get it looked at, she could bleed out.

I took quiet, breaths, and remained quiet. I looked at the guy and he had relaxed his stance. A few minutes later, we heard sirens.

"Damn," the guy said.

I had stopped shaking when I noticed his finger move again. I tried to remain as still as I could, but he looked right at me. He smiled and aimed his gun at me. I saw some officers come in quietly and stayed silent, praying he wouldn't shoot.

"Put your gun down and get on the ground, now," one of the officers said.

The guy didn't comply, but instead shot the gun. Time seemed to slow down; the officers had shot the guy twice and only when I felt great pain in my abdomen. I looked down and saw the guy had actually shot me. Before he fell, he shot again. This time, I felt a pain in my right shoulder. I screamed out in pain and held my stomach. One of the officers called for an EMT and came over to me. He took his jacket off and put pressure on my stomach. I flinched in pain. My best friend Tommy and his sister, Melissa, came over to me.

Melissa put my head on her lap and stroked my hair. Normally I would complain about this, but I was in too much pain to care. Tommy took his shirt off and put it on my shoulder. I heard some girls gasp, probably because Tommy had no shirt on, but I ignored it. My vision started to go black, but I tried to stay awake. It didn't work. When I woke I had had surgery and a blood transfusion.

End of flashback

"That's why I don't like guns," I said. Jules nodded in sympathy and we had reached the back of the house.

"Come on Max. We got to get out of here," someone said.

"Fine, let me finish this," Max said.

We waited and five minutes later they came outside. We waited a minute to make sure it was them and took action.

"LVPD, stop right there," Nick said.

"Too late," Max said and pressed a button. I knew what it was because I'm sure I've seen it before.

"BOMB!" I yelled and grabbed Jules and Nick and dove to the ground.

(Shawn POV)

"BOMB!" we heard Greg yelled. I grabbed Gus's arm and dove to the ground. Russell had grabbed Lassie's arm and dove down beside us.

A minute after we hit the ground, the explosion occurred. I covered my head and waited. I felt pieces of shrapnel hit me but remained still. When it was done I got up. Russell ran to his car and called for backup and medics.

"We need to find the others," Lassie said, heading towards the backyard.

We ran back there and didn't see them. We called their names, and heard a faint reply. I looked over and saw a pile of wood. We went over to it and started pulling it off. Nick came out looking relatively unharmed and helped us pull Greg and Jules out.

I checked Jules pulse. None

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