A Living Fear

Chapter 1

"You're not coming" Robin told them. "Someone has to stay here to protect the city." "Well you're not going after Slade alone. I'm going with you" Raven said and gave him a look that said 'I'm coming with you whether you like it or not.' "If someone is going with Friend Robin, maybe I should be the one to go with him instead of Friend Raven?" Starfire suggested liking any idea that would allow her to be alone with the Boy Wonder. "I'll be able to heal him if he gets hurt though Starfire, I'll be back in two minutes then we can leave" Raven said before walking to her room to pack a small bag. Robin sighed thinking great, how am I supposed to explain why I brought back up? "Cyborg you're in charge. Beastboy please don't break anything that can't be fixed." Robin turned to the pouting Starfire "Don't let them kill each other" he gave her a hug as Raven reappeared. "And how are we getting….where ever it is we're going?" Raven asked sounding board as she leaned in the doorframe a small backpack in hand. "Well I was planning on taking the train, but now if you wanted to you could teleport us" He suggested as they walked out of the tower. "You would have to tell me where we're going and what it looks like so I can picture it in my mind" She tried to keep her monotone voice steady thinking I am so glad I get to go with him, maybe I can…. Raven was jerked out of her thoughts by Robin. "Well we are going to Gotham we are meeting…a friend of mine, out on the edge of the city" and he continued to describe where they were meeting his friend since Raven had never been there before.

Raven teleported them and they shortly arrived in the exact spot where they were supposed to be. While Raven had been teleporting them she had been thinking very carefully, and she had decided to tell him. "Robin, there's something I need to tell you." Robin got up from where he had been sitting against the "Welcome to Gotham City" sign and walked over to her. "What's on your mind Raven?" he asked the dark sorceress. "Well I don't know how well you will take this but here it goes. I like you, a lot" Raven took a deep breath, that glad she had finally told him. "That's also why I fought against the idea of Starfire coming with you instead" she added hesitantly. Robin just stood there, shocked "Raven….." his voice was drowned out by the bat mobiles arrival. "Robin, I don't remember inviting you to bring a guest" Batman's voice was cold. "I didn't invite her, she insisted on coming with me." Robin said in a voice just as cold as Batman's. "Whatever just get in and make sure she'll keep her mouth shut" Batman ordered them. Robin got in closely followed by Raven who was stunned quiet by both of their harshness. The ride was long and silent. The silence was only broken once by Batman when he commanded "Close your eyes" to which Raven silently complied.

Raven was just wondering when she would be able to open her eyes when she heard Robins voice not as cold this time. "You can open your eyes Raven" and she did to find herself in a large cave. "Can she be trusted" Batman's cold voice asked as he watched her from farther away. "Of course she can, she's a member of my team!" Robin yelled loudly as Raven got out and looked around. "I heard screaming and I knew that Master Dick must be here" an older man chuckled and walked up to Robin to give him a friendly hug, "Welcome home Master Dick" he said. "Thanks Alfred it's good to be back. Oh Alfred this is…" Robin turned around to find Raven was gone. Looking around he spotted her over by the super computer. "Raven" his voice came out a little harsher than he had meant, but she shouldn't be wandering around the bat cave. Raven hurried back over when she heard the tone of his voice. "Alfred this is Raven, Raven this is Alfred" Robin introduced them. As Batman walked over he said "Take her up stairs and give her a room." "Right away sir, come with me Miss Raven. Do you have any bags or anything that needs to come up stairs with us?" Alfred asked in a friendly tone. It was the nicest she had been spoken to since getting in the bat mobile. Raven nodded as her backpack floated over into her waiting hands. "Um, lead the way I guess" She said suddenly unsure about going upstairs without Robin. "Go on Raven, I'll be up to check on you in a bit." Robin told her seeing her hesitant to follow Alfred upstairs. He gave her a smile making sure that the bat didn't see. Robin knew he was in for an earful, he was just glad that Batman was being generous enough to wait for Raven to leave so he could at least get his lecture in private.

As soon as the clock door closed Batman began. "How could you have been so stupid to let that girl come with you? Is the secret so meaningless to you now that your whole city knows who you are?" He continued ranting like that for a good 10 minutes before Robin could get a word in edgewise. Finally getting sick of it Robin yelled "BRUCE! I didn't invite her to come with me. I didn't want her to come. I tried to get her to stay back at the tower; it was the most I could do to keep my whole team from coming. Look she came because the team thinks I was going after Slade and they wanted me to have back up in case something happened! And she doesn't know who I really am; the secret means everything to me. None of my team mates knows where or WHO I am. So calm the hell down ok? If you're so upset over it we'll leave right now" Robin said turning to the door to go find Raven. "Dick, you know you can't leave again. At least not yet, I need a hand with something. That's why you're here." Bruce took off his mask. "I'm going to the office tomorrow but I'll be home at 1 for lunch. I expect you to be here so we can catch up, it HAS been over year since you were last here" and with that Bruce turned to change out of his costume. "Wait what about Raven?" Robin asked his guardian narrowing his eyes at him. "Can she be trusted?" Robin couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Of course she can! She has saved the city hundreds of times, not to mention the individual lives of the citizens, the team and mine!" Robin screamed at him. "She can stay but she better keep quiet" Bruce replied still not looking at Robin before melting into the shadows of another part of the cave.

Raven looked back but didn't see a door. Where did it go? "Um Alfred, where did the door go?" She asked the old butler quietly. "Oh it's still there Miss Raven, it's the clock, it conceals the bat cave from our normal house guests." Alfred explained and continued to lead her to the guest room that she would be using while at the manor. "How big is this place?" Raven asked pausing shortly to look out one of the large windows in the hallway they were currently walking down. "Here we are Miss" Alfred opened one of the doors for her to go in. "Thank you and you don't have to call me Miss Raven it's not like I live here, just Raven is ok with me." She told him wandering around the spacious and nearly empty bedroom. "Oh no that would be rude and not to mention informal of me" Alfred informed her. "Master Dick should be up soon, I will be in the kitchen. If you need anything just call and I'll be up as soon as I can" He smiled at her before closing the door behind him and going downstairs to the kitchen to warm up dinner for Bruce.

Someone knocked on her door about 5 minutes later and came right in when he didn't get an answer. "Raven" he said quietly in fear of waking her up since it was after 2 am. Looking around the dark room he saw her cloaked figure by the window. "Raven" he repeated only louder this time. She turned around and slid into a fighting stance as he walked up to her. "Whoa take it easy" he said jokingly putting his hands up in surrender. "Robin…is that you?" Raven asked not believing her eyes. "Yeah Rae. Sorry Bruce's rule: no capes upstairs" he said shrugging walking into the moon light next to her. "Look about what you told me earlier-" "Don't Robin. It's fine I don't know what made me say that. Let's just forget about it ok?" She turned her back to him and tried to walk to the bed but his hand on her shoulder stopped her. Robin turned her around "What if I don't want to forget?" "Huh" He gently kissed her lips. "The bathroom this the third down on the left and I'm right across the hall if you need anything. Night Rae" and with that Robin left Raven with her thoughts. Robin got in bed and quickly fell asleep worn out after his little spat with Bruce.