Incognito Ch.2


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. . .

Why is it always the damn park?

(Day One Cont.)

My feet stop as they reach the grass. I feel my eyes widen as I take in the scene. "Sailor Moon!" There are a dozen of small creatures surrounding the girl and my chest swells. The look on her face if one of sheer terr-no, it's not. No tears. No shudders. No fear.

She smiles at me with tight lips. "It's nice to see somebody showed up to help." She shoots at me, looking at the creatures as opposed to me.

"Somebody?" I look around the park again. No senshi. "Oh."

Her laugh is maniacal. "Yep, 'Oh' is right." Sailor Moon brought her hand to her forehead. "Moon Tiara Action!" Her tiara dusts the small enemies, but as soon as they were destroyed, they respawned. "Dammit."

I purse my lips. She is different tonight, a little angrier than normal. Taking a notice of a scantily clad ringleader, I try to call out to Usa-Sailor Moon. "Watch out behind you!"

"Huh?" She turns to face me. But it is too late. The burlesque youma takes the moon senshi into her arms, causing the girl to scream. The sound alone causes my ears to ring.

The youma, however, is unphased. But it has yet to take any notice of me. So technically I have the upper hand. For the time being.

I pull a rose out of my jacket. "Taking advantage of a girl without her friends is never okay." I throw the rose, stunning the youma. "You should learn proper manners."

Sailor moon falls out of the youma's arms adn hits the ground with a thud. Moving toward the blond senshi, I toss another rose to ensure the monster stays down.

"Sailor Moon!" I hear a group of girls call in stereo.

My head turns to face the three senshi. A second glance tells me the youma has packed its creatures for another day. Great. "I suppose that's my cue to leave. Have fun with you friends." I murmur with a smirk as I pull the blonde up.

She gives a wry smile. "Of course. Friends."

I take a few long strides, clearing out of visions way before escaping to a perch in the trees. Perfect to watch.

"Sorry we're late, Odango," Sailor Mars says with only half-conviction.

My ears perk up at the sound of my enemy's nickname. Someclues, I think happily. Is Usagi is Sailor Moon, my mind can start functioning properly. If only she could also be my princess...

No. That's insane. There is no way.

Sailor Moon crosses her arms over her chest. "Late?" She huffs. "You guys missed the whole show!" Not mentioning, the fact the show left early.

"We said we're sorry! What's gotten into you tonight?" Sailor Mercury pipes up, her pale face tilted to the side.

The blonde starts walking away. "I was talking to you-know-who, he hates me." She continues her gait, picking up the pace to avoid her friends. "And no, I don't want to talk about it before you ask, Jupiter."

The three senshi watch their leader disappear into the darkness and I take it as a hint to follow. After all, I could care less about the identities of the senshi.

. . .

"You can come out now, I know you're following me."

I step from the shadows into the alleyway with Sailor Moon, a small smile on my face. "That obvious, ne?"

She barely passes her eyes over me. "No, I'm pissed. When I'm pissed, I notice things."

My eyes widen. This girl is nothing like carefree Usagi. She is too blunt.

"And would you like to tell me why you're so upset?" I question, the words slipping by before I can process them. There is no need to bother if Sailor Moon is not Usagi..

"Not really," she murmurs, digging her boot into the ground. I nod, ready to leave her alone, when one of her gloved hands grasps my arm.

"Am I really klutzy enough that nobody in their right mind should want to kiss me?"

My eyes widen at the odd nature of her question. "Of course not." She is pretty enough nobody should tell her otherwise.

"Thank you." She turns after I give her my answer. "Until next time."

I give her a two fingered salute. "Until next time."

As soon as she leaves my line of vision, I drop my "transformation." Something about Sailor Moon's question brings up a sense of deja vu. And then it hits me.

You've got me, Odango Atama. I have no idea, whatsoever, what kind of "boy" would ever have half a brain to kiss you of all klutzes.

. . .

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