Incognito Ch.5

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. . .

When I step out of my apartment building, a blast of cold airs hits my face. Great. Not only do I have to go on a date I don't even want to go on but it is also cold outside.

It seems the world hates me for pissing off Usagi. Once. Fantastic.

My feet drag me in the direction of school and my mind dreads the events that are to occur later this afternoon. Otherwise known as my date with that damned Yuki.

All of a sudden my body makes contact with another. I use my hands to keep the soft body in front of mine front hitting the ground. Because the last thing I need is for a girl to scream at me for letting her fall. "Gomen, I was not paying attention."

"Two apologies in twenty four hours? Mamoru-baka, I'm impressed."

Usagi's voice echos in my head and I quickly drop my hands from the girl's body. "Usagi-san." The last person I was expecting.

I look up to meet her bright blue eyes and she scoffs. "I'm back to 'san' now? Last night I was 'Usagi-chan'!" Her lips forms a small smile. "Thank you for using my actual name, by the way. At least I know you're not all looks and no brains." A hand covers her mouth. "Sorry for that last part."

My heart races. She thinks I look good. Sort of. "No problem." I had not planned on seeing her until later. I have no apology ready! And I really am no good improvising anything.

"Mamoru-san?" She asks, biting her lip. "I accept."

"Accept?" I echo. What did I offer her today?

Her lips purse and her eyebrow arches. "Your apology, baka!" She shouts and hits me in the arm. "I accept your apology!"

I smile, finally understanding. "Arigato, Usagi-chan."

Usagi's scowl quickly changes into a smile. "Back to 'chan'-better." She looks up at me, tilting her head. "You're acting differently, though. Care to share with me?"

It all comes back to me. Usagi can be Sailor Moon. No, she is. I think. Crap. "N-nothing, really." My eyes glance down to check my watch. "And don't you have to be going to class?"

Her face drops and she turns her heel. "Don't think this means I don't hate you!" HEr feet break into a run. "'Cause I still do!"

I watch her long blonde pigtails trail behind her figure and breathe out a sigh of relief. I swear my plan was almost compromised. There in no way I could have predicted her bumping into me. Not when the high school is so far out of her-

My high school is nowhere near her house nor her path to her own school.

She was looking for me.

Damn smart girl.

. . .

By the time lunch rolls around, my mind is completely plagued by Yuki. Not in a good way. Her and her stupid brown hair. I wish I could say I prefered blondes. But everybody would most definitely take it in the wrong way. Stupid People.

The minute I reach my lunch table with my supposed friends seated around it, Yuki is already standing there. A gaggle of girls behind her.

Already has she gained popularity.


"Konnichiwa, Yuki-san." I deadpan as I set my bag down.

The girls squeal and Yuki smiles deviously. That sick girl. "You know you don't have to use formalities, right?" Her posse laughs into their hands. Everybody knows formalities are everything.

My neck heats up and I fidget as I sit down next to Motoki. His presence is comforting today. Knowing he knows my own secrets. "No, that's okay. I insist."

Yuki frowns and pushes her hair off of her shoulder. "W-well, okay. I just came over to talk-like you said we would last night."

This time my friends are the ones who laugh. I groan and look at her pale face with pursed lips. "How does three thirty at the Crown Arcade sound?"

"I was hoping for something more...private," she murmurs, biting her glossy lower lip and playing with the hem of her school skirt. Can she be a bigger slut?

My eyes narrow. "No, it's a first date. The arcade is perfect."

Her seductive gaze drops and my friends laugh amongst themselves as if we all has predicted the outcome of this afternoon. I grin, watching the girls all walk away. Not so impressed with me now, huh?

"Good for you, Chiba." One of my friends speaks up. "Don't let her take all of your money on only a first date!" His fist hits my back and I flinch. "That doesn't come until later."

Nodding absently, I turn to face Motoki and meet his eyes. Right. Later.

They all assume Yuki and I will hit it off this afternoon. But I can tell we will not. Not when she's only after me for a reputation. And a bad one at that. Rumor has it I sleep with all the girls I go out with. Which is why I don't go out with anybody.


To them, I am a conquest.

But I just really want Usagi to be legal.

. . .

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