. . .

His eyes were intoxicating. They were a deep midnight blue that could make any girl's knees melt into a pool of awe. There was something about them that just brought me under. They hid his secrets. With simple manipulation of them, he could make me swoon.

His hair was a deep black that almost sparkled in the sunlight. When I ran my fingers through it, it's so luxurious and soft. I wish it was mine, even though I adore my blonde pig-tails.

And his body—oh my gosh, his body. It was oh so warm whenever I embraced him. His limbs were muscular and I had to admit, it was sort of impressive.

And now that he's mine, I had to have him with me. He was like a security blanket almost. I had him with me as I walked into the Juuban Shopping Area today, as a matter of fact. As I walked the sidewalk, I spotted another guy with just as intoxicating eyes, maybe even more. I had to admit I had a teeny crush on him. But now, nothing would capture me from him. As the aforementioned man approaches to me, I drag him along to lessen the space between us.

"Mamoru-baka!" I beckoned. "Have you met my new puppy?" I gestures to him, the baby in my arms.

I watched Mamoru as he glanced at the fur ball in my hands and as even he melted inside ever so slightly. He cleared his throat, shook off the awe, and looked me in the eyes. "What's her name?"

"I'll never tell you his name," I laughed, winking at him before I turned and began to walk away.

I swore I could hear Mamoru as he shook his head. "Odango, I swear she gets crazier every time I see her," I heard him mutter.

I smiled and continued to walk until I was out of ear-shot. I turned around and stroked my puppy's back. " Did you see his eyes? They're intoxicating, just like yours. That was your namesake, Mamoru- koinu."

. . .

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