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Marvel: Inversion

Maria Hill was happy.

Actually, she was ecstatic. She had been torturing that foolish Rhino for hours, trying to get information on the resistance. When she was about to resort to some rather nasty inventions cooked up by Reed Richards, Rhino spilled the figurative beans, alerting her to the location of the central hideout. She could still recall the exact words.

"Oh God! Please, don't!" Rhino screamed. He was on an adamantium table, cut out in his exact shape. Thin, metallic arms similar to those seen on the Iron Spider armor hovered over his form. These arms ended with pincer-like attachments, and they snapped hungrily at Rhino's form. Rhino himself was in terrible shape. His costume was full of holes that went in at varying depths, some going right to the marrow of his bones. All of them were bleeding. "The Resistance is located at 6298 Evermore Drive, Manhattan! You know, where the old Walgreens used to be!"

"How do we get in?" Maria asked.

"You type in a code at the second register from the left! It's 5028! Now please, let me go!"

"Of course," Maria replied, smiling sweetly.

"Really?" Rhino asked, hope shining very clearly in his eyes.

"Absolutely. Just let me type in the release codes."

Maria walked out of the interrogation room, which was about the size of a standard living room. About three feet to the right was a control panel that resembled the screen of an iPad. After punching in her codes, she hit the release.

Even from outside, Maria Hill could hear Rhino screaming as he was dropped from 50,000 feet above sea level.

Returning to the present, Maria Hill walked into the command center of the Helicarrier. She was always amazed at the advancements the command center sported. There was Starktech, Richardstech – heck, they even managed to pirate some really good sensory equipment from Oscorp.

"Done looking around, Hill?" Nick Fury snapped. Whirling around, she found herself eye-to-eyepatch with the famed Commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was dressed in his usual all black clothing – black turtleneck, and slacks and trailblazer of the same color. His brown army boots hardly made a sound as he walked across the floor.

"Yes, Sir!" Maria Hill replied, snapping a clean salute. She needed to get on his good side today if she was to get promoted to second-in-command. "I'm here to make an urgent report, Sir!"

"Then make it, girl," Fury replied. "I don't like having my time wasted."

"I have learned the location of the Resistance's hideout, Sir!"

Any activity that was going on in the command center stopped dead. Maria knew that if she were to drop a needle, everyone could hear it fall and hit the ground.

Nick Fury eyed her intently. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely, Sir."

"Drop the 'Sirs' and get to the point. Where are they?"

"6298 Evermore Drive, Manhattan."

"Are you sure?"

"Beyond anything approaching a doubt. I didn't leave Rhino much choice. I made his choices very clear – tell the truth, or have Reed's nanites slowly turn his insides to ash."

Everyone started cheering at that remark. They all had their doubts about little Maria – she was the daughter of the man who started the Resistance, for crying out loud! Even when she joined S.H.I.E.L.D., it wasn't until she shot and killed her own father that she was finally accepted as an agent. Even then, there were still some doubters. Not anymore. Maria Hill had given the agency its biggest win ever. They would destroy the Resistance.

Maria knew all that, but all she could pay attention to was the look of satisfaction on Nick Fury's face. He was clapping more slowly than the others as he walked down the steps towards Maria. "Well done, Agent Hill," Fury grinned. "Or should I say… Assistant Director Hill."

"Hey!" Dum-Dum Dugan shouted. "I'm still Assistant Director, you damn sonuva-"

Fury didn't even look his way as he took out his .45 mill and shot Dugan right in the heart.

"Well done, Hill," Fury congratulated once again.

Nobody would mind the dead body. It was just a regular day aboard the Helicarrier.

While everyone else aboard the Helicarrier was busy celebrating the end of the Resistance, a prisoner was getting a call.

This man had his hands and feet chained to the wall. The chains were an adamantium and vibranium mixture, and the only way to release him was by way of a control panel outside, which needed at least a dozen codes and scans. All this precaution was absolutely necessary, because the man inside had singlehandedly put Iron Man, Captain America, and every other major "hero" in the hospital in the time it took for S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture him.

Looking up into the reflective surface of the door, Norman Osborn got a call via the iPad that Nick Fury left well out of his reach.

"You look like human feces, Norman," a robotic voice buzzed in through the speakers.

"Nice to see you too, Ultron," Norman replied. He still couldn't believe that the plan had got this far. "Is Nitro in place?"

"He is. As you know, he can't blow up the whole Helicarrier. What we can do, however, is have him explode near the cooling system. That way, we can cripple them while they're still over the Atlantic Ocean."

"Good. Now, don't waste any time trying to save me. I heard Rhino falling from in here. Blow the coolants, get out, and find Rhino."

"It's okay, Norman," Ultron replied as the chains released Osborn. "Tiger Shark picked him up as he fell into the sea. They're on their way to land now. What I'm worried about, though, is his story. Do you think it sold?"

"We can only hope," Norman replied as he grabbed the iPad. Again, Osborn was amazed at Ultron's abilities. He was able to integrate with any technology through sheer force of willpower.

The door to Osborn's cell opened. It was time to set the plan in motion.

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