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Peeta POV

Tonight is the night.

Once I had made the decision to donate it, the rest followed pretty quickly. I asked Glimmer, my executive assistant, to get everything in order and she pulled it together in record time. I need to put all of this behind me and move on with my life. Move on from her.


Just thinking her name sends a jolt of electricity through my heart. I have never in my life felt like I did with her. Even since I threw her out of my house then left her lying in that hospital bed broken, I still haven't felt what I did with her. It pains me to think that I might never discover that with anyone else. I don't know if that realization makes it easier or harder to take. The truth is, I think about Katniss all the time.

It's hard to wrap my mind around all of it. I've followed the story through the media since I left and I've got all the important details. Katniss and Gale were mostly kept out of it, as was I. I know that Katniss was hired to get close to me to steal the painting because Snow wanted it. She could have gone about things completely different. I probably still would have fallen for her but it would have been a lot easier to handle if we hadn't been so intimate with each other.

That night in the hospital, I came undone. Something inside of me broke and I've been unable to mend it in the three years following. I sat there by her bedside for an hour. Praying that she would wake up and see me. Praying that it was all some kind of sick joke. Crying that I had confided in her, brought her into my world and that she had taken advantage of me and my generosity. Upset that she tried to steal something so sentimental to not only me, but to my family. Devastated that she didn't trust me or love me enough to confess her intentions and let me help her figure a way out of it. No, she used me. In every way, shape and form.

As I watched her that night, every single emotion that I ever possessed went through me. I nearly forgave her a dozen times because I couldn't imagine my life without her. Then my pride got in the way and I remembered that she was the one that was at fault. She had lied, pretended to be someone that she wasn't. She wasn't in love with me. The room had felt cold, all the warm air sucked out of it once that fact dawned on me. My world just spun out of control. I had to get out, escape, and put it behind me.

I explained everything to my parents and withdrew from school. I packed a bag of clothing and took a taxi to John F. Kennedy International Airport. I booked a flight for the first one leaving the country. It was bound for Madrid. When I landed, I went into tourist mode. I traveled. I hiked, saw the sights, stayed in a hotel when I wanted to, slept with random girls. Ate, drank, and took pictures. I did all of this. Since Peeta didn't press charges, I was simply off the hook and free to to as I pleased. And I did.

For a year.

After a year of not being able to shake my love for Katniss, I decided to stop running and just simply return home. If I couldn't hide from her traveling the world, then there was no point in staying away from my home. I returned home and took my rightful place in the company. Hired Glimmer, who became my right hand and friend. I reconnected with Finnick and Annie, who were now a couple. But we never spoke about Katniss. It was an unpleasant vibe between us, but we never touched the subject.

I threw myself into my work. Tried to date but nothing felt right. I felt like I was just spinning in a circle and going nowhere. I needed to break the cycle and get over it. Then one night, the idea just kind of came to me. I couldn't sleep and I got up to fix myself a cup of warm milk in the kitchen. I sat down on the couch and became transfixed staring at the painting in the living room. Here it was, in my frigging living room. How could I possibly ever move on if it was staring me in the face every night?

I decided right then to be rid of it once and for all. When I spoke to Glimmer about it the following day, her green eyes lit up and she suggested that I donate it to the Met. She made the proper contacts and they were delighted to receive such a distinguished piece of art, So tonight was the night. The painting is hanging in the Met, and it will be revealed at their annual gala tonight where my family is being recognized for the donation. All I have to do is get showered, dressed in my tuxedo, and get myself over there. In five hours time, this will all be over.


I arrive outside The Met and step out onto the red carpet. Lights flash before me as the photographers scramble to take my picture. This will be all over the internet. May as well make the best of it. I smile and wave as I advance down the red carpet. I catch a glimpse of Glimmer inside and head over to greet her. When I reach her, I realize that she's standing with Finnick and Annie and I say hello and shake hands with Finnick.

"You look beautiful, Glimmer," I say. And she does. Her long blonde hair is pulled up high and curled in ringlets and her dress is cut low in the front with slits on both sides of her legs. Purple is a stunning color on her.

"Why thank you, Peeta. My date should be here soon. Do you want me to find your parents or will you mingle on your own?" she says. I laugh at her insinuation that I will slink away and be a loner. "Nah, I'll behave. Promise. I'll catch up with you in a bit."

I shake hands with several business associates and socialites; rub elbows with a few celebrities and then begin to take notice of the displays. Art has always fascinated me and I appreciate all of its forms. The room has a golden glow about it and the air smells of ladies perfume. I meander through a room while sipping champagne when I hear it.

Her voice.

I poke my head around the wall and my heart stops. No less than twenty feet away stands Katniss. Looking every bit as gorgeous as the first time I saw her. Wearing a stunning velvet dress with spaghetti straps and a slit up her left leg, she is a sight to behold. My eyes fixate on her beautiful face and plump red lips as the lyrics flow out of her delicate mouth. Her eyes catch mine then and she stares right at me while she sings. I have no idea why she's here singing but in this moment, I don't care.

Pride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cries

Heaving heart is full of pain
Oooh, oooh, the aching
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Touch me deep, pure and true
Give to me forever
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Where are you now
Where are you now
'Cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you, oooh

When the last hum fades away, the crowd cheers and I cannot help it when my hands come together just like everyone else. I'm at a loss for words. Tonight was supposed to be about putting her behind me, not seeing her again and stirring it all up again. Katniss steps off of the small platform and walks over to me before I can react.

"Hello, Peeta." She says. My eyes hone in on her mouth.

"Good evening, Ms. Everdeen." I respond.

"You look handsome tonight. I'm happy that I was able to see you. It's been so long."

"Yes, yes, it has. My family is in attendance as well. We donated the painting to the museum and its unveiling is tonight. So...how have you been?" I inquire.

"Good. Good. I went back to school and I'm just finishing my studies. I work as an office assistant. Put my way through school once everything happened. I didn't live on campus, I commuted. Um, Gale and Johanna are getting married soon, so I just moved out and got a place of my own in Chelsea. It's not much but it's mine. How about you?"

"Good. Glad to hear that you're doing well. I, um, work for the family now and I've been traveling with the company. Things are good. You, uh, sounded amazing up there. I'm glad to hear that you've kept up with your talent. Your voice is mesmerizing," I admit.

Katniss blushes and toys with her hair, and tucks some behind her right ear. "Thanks Peeta. I took up writing some music too. That was the first time that I sang to one of my own pieces in public. I was very nervous. Did you really enjoy it?"

I shuffle my feet. "Yes, I did actually. I heard you from the other room and came to watch you. I was moved by your performance. Was it about anyone in particular?"

Katniss wrings her hands. "Yes, it was. I mean it is! It's about someone that I'm very much in love with."

"Well, I know there's some bad history between us but still, he's a very lucky guy." I feel uncomfortable now, hearing about her attraction to someone else, and now I just want to avoid further conversation. "I, uh, see my parents and need to go catch up with them before the unveiling. It was a wonderful seeing you again, Ms. Everdeen." I don't give her an opportunity to say anything and I just slip away.

My heart feels heavy in my chest and I cannot shake it. Seeing her has brought me right back to that evening. If she told me she loved me right now, tonight, I would wrap her up in my arms and never let her go again. I run my fingers through my blonde hair, disheveling my clean look. I find my parents and keep up social pretenses.

The evening wanes on and I cannot help myself keeping an eye out for Katniss. At dinner, Annie notices my distraction.

"What's the matter, Peeta?" she asks. Finnick looks over at me, awaiting my response.

"Nothing. Just distracted. I'll be happy when the presentation is over with." I reply.

Annie doesn't let it go. "So, I see that you bumped into Katniss. How did it go?"

I shrug. "Fine. It was pleasant."

Annie takes a sip of her champagne. "Katniss has a lovely voice. Did you enjoy her song? She wrote that, you know." I nod and we stare at each other until Annie has a wicked smile creep across her face.

"You're that dense, huh Peeta?"

I look at her confused. "I beg your pardon Annie? Dense about what?"

She continues to smile. "The song, Peeta. The song is about you, for you. All of Katniss's songs are about you." I continue to stare at her until I garnish attention from the rest of the table. It's dead silent until Glimmer opens her mouth.

"You know what Peeta? I think it's about high time you cut the shit and just forgive that girl. She's obviously in love with you and sorry for what happened. Maybe you should just throw caution to the wind and follow your heart because up until now, what you've been doing is not living."

Everyone stares back and forth between us, waiting for me to make a move. I think my legs act for me because I stand up. I need to find Katniss. I need to talk to her. Explain my side, hear her side without reacting negatively. I need to just tell her that I miss her. Because I do. Tell her that I love her. Just to say it, admit it and possibly move on from it. The words just need to be spoken. "Excuse me, everyone. I think I need to be somewhere else."

I make my way around the room, looking for Katniss but do not find her. She would be hard to miss, a beauty in that striking red dress. When I don't find her, I head to the front doors and then inquire with the usher who explains that she left. "Do you have record of where I can find her?" I ask.

He nods. "Yes Mr. Mellark. She used our driver this evening and he can escort you there. Let me look it up and page him."

Ten minutes later, I am in the back seat of a black limousine and my mind is racing. The driver notices and asks, "Are you okay Mr. Mellark? Do you need me to stop for anything?"

I shake my head indicating no and then think better of it. "Yes, I do."

When we pull up to her building, I begin to sweat. What if this is all wrong and Annie is a crack pot? I'll be a laughingstock. Fuck it. I have nothing to lose. She's all I've thought about since the day that I met her. What's happened is in the past. She's either in love with me or she's not. I'll know when I see her. When I finally take the blinders off of my eyes and figure it all out.

Her building has a buzzer. The door is locked and there are several apartments in it. I look for her name and see that she's in apartment number five. I buzz the door but she doesn't answer. I wait a few minutes and then someone else happens to be leaving the building. They probably shouldn't let me in but I disregard that right now. I climb to the second floor and stand outside of her door. I take a deep breath and knock, hearing her footsteps on the other side. Katniss answers, still in her dress but now she's wearing black fuzzy slippers on her feet.

I smile at her, holding two hot coffees and a bag of pastries.

"Light and sweet, just like you."

Katniss smiles and crashes her lips to mine.


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I'd rather chase your shadow all my life
Than be afraid of my own
I'd rather be with you

I'd rather not know
Where I'll be than be alone and convinced that I know
And the world keeps spinning 'round

My world's upside down and I wouldn't change a thing
I've got nothing else to lose
I lost it all when I found you and I wouldn't change thing

No you and I wouldn't change a thing
Everything I know has let me down
So I will just let go

Let you turn me inside out
Cause I know I'm not sure
About anything but you wouldn't have it any other way

And the world keeps spinning 'round
My world's upside down and I wouldn't change a thing
I've got nothing else to lose

I lost it all when I found you and I wouldn't change thing
No you and I wouldn't change a thing
Spinning, turning, watching, burning

All my life has found its meaning
Walking, crawling, climbing, falling
All my life has found its meaning

You and I wouldn't change a thing
No you and I wouldn't change a thing
And the world keeps spinning 'round

My world's upside down and I wouldn't change a thing
I've got nothing else to lose
I lost it all when I found you and I wouldn't change thing

No you and I wouldn't change a thing
No you and I wouldn't change a thing