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Their mission was to sneak in quietly and then offer the Varia a deal; Kyoko said through Gokudera's earpiece that he received before they went to the roof. As they walked to the edge of the roof Kyoko gave the group instructions and told them of the enemies lying ahead. It seemed she had been given codes from Fiore, their computer expert, to hack into the hotels computer system and was also told how to get on the cameras so she could see what was happening in side the hotel floors and relay to them if there was any enemies coming close to them. Unfortunately the hotel didn't install any cameras in the rooms or suites so they couldn't see what exactly was going on in the Varia and Iemitsu's conversation.

As they all gathered on top of the roof Tsuna gave a silent nod and the two mists jumped to the next roof along with the cloud who had gone ahead without waiting for Tsuna's signal as usual. As the rest of the group followed behind them Mukuro and Chrome started casting their illusions to mask their presence, while Hibari made quick work of one of the ceiling widows that allowed guests to see the night sky but in the Incontabilli's case, it was used as their personal entrance. As the group all gathered around the window Tsuna pointed to himself before pointing to Yamamoto, then Gokudera, Ryohei the one with the yellow mask, Hibari with the purple mask, Chrome with the indigo mask, and then finally Mukuro who also had an indigo mask, and continued to silently point out his directions to drop to the floor and then head towards the elevator entrance.

As they followed through with the plan they shoved open the elevator door and then hopped across the steel structures in there till they reached the other side of the floor they were on and then Ryohei kept the elevator doors open and let everyone enter first before he hopped out as well and then let go of the doors. Mukuro and Hibari then led the way as the rest of the group followed their path of bodies. When Gokudera peered at the faces of the two teens he quickly pulled his head back with a grimace. Hibari and Mukuro seemed to be having a competition with the way they kept on taking down their enemies so quickly yet silently, similar to their ring elements. He then saw Mukuro with a devilish grin as he whispered something to Hibari who then shot a glare at the mist and then dashed forward with more speed as he pushed himself to take down more opponents than his rival. Gokudera sighed in disbelief, thinking how could they be playing around when they were in such a serious situation but then turned his head when he heard a giggle from the violet haired girl.

"They are always like that when they are around each other. Boss doesn't mind as long as they do their job properly." She said smiling at the taller man and then rushed off to keep up with the others. Gokudera smirked at the little spy's antic ways and quickly followed after her into the suite with the others.

Iemistu entered the room of the Varia's suite with his subordinates and gazed around his surroundings. The room was in the pent house with glass roofing so he could see if there were any enemies coming from above. As they walked towards the room that one of the Varia's subordinates were leading them too, Iemitsu could hear the sound of glass' crashing into the wall. Basil flinched at the noise and then quickly looked up at his mentor with a scared face.

"I'm sorry shishou! I didn't mean to- I was just taken by surp-" Basil was interrupted with a glare by Iemitsu which quickly shut the boy up.

"You should be prepared for anything and shouldn't show any emotion if you want to live in this world you brat. You keep quiet and try not to make a mess of things. You'll be old and gray by the time you finish repaying the life debt you owe me if you keep making a fool of yourself and making a mess and embarrassing me." Iemitsu said with one last scowl before entering the room with a bang of the doors. Basil looked at the room his teacher entered as he felt a hand on one shoulder and a small body on the other. The two girls gave him a reassuring smile before giving him a comforting nudge forward.

Basil started walking after his teacher with the rest of the Iemitsu's other guards following close behind him giving him the feeling of not being alone. He wasn't the only one who owed his teacher a huge debt that could only be repaid with their lives and would do whatever it took to repay their leader even if it meant hurting other people in the process that didn't deserve it. It was the least they could do for their savior.

"Hello Xanxus." Iemitsu said casually as he sat in the chair across the table from Xanxus and his guardians, as his own guards gathered close behind him without taking the option of sitting even while knowing that the Varia could attack at any moment.

"What do you want scum?" Xanxus said as he drained his latest bottle of scotch before throwing the empty bottle at the wall.

"My, my Xanxus. It would do you well to learn to control yourself. At this rate you won't have many people following you, especially with how you treat your subordinates"

Xanxus scowled at that and quickly swiveled his seat around to face Iemitsu.

"If all you're here to do is talk like the old man, then you can just do me a favor and shoot yourselves."

"Fine then. I'll just get to the point then. If you side with us when we overthrow the Ninth I can assure you the seat of Vongola 10th as well as your revenge with the Ninth." Iemitsu smirked as he leaned against his arm casually as the rest of the Varia stiffened at his words while Xanxus straightened in his seat and glowered at the man sitting in front of him.

Iemitsu knew he had offered Xanxus' his objectives right on a silver platter to him so there was no way the man could say no. At this point they had become pieces on a chessboard that Iemitsu was manipulating and they no longer had a way out, especially since Iemistsu offering these things meant that he knew of their plans and that he could just as easily tell the ninth and have the whole Vongola start a war against them instead- a war that would wipe out the existence of the Varia.

"You trash already have the means of blackmailing us and making us do it so why the reward?" Xanxus growled out angrily, hating that he was being played.

"Isn't it always more fun to play with someone more willing?" Iemitsu said as he laughed.

"Voi! How dare you threaten us! If you think we'd agree with your terms-"

"What, you won't? But that just means you guys will have to have a war on your hands for conspiring against the Ninth, and you wouldn't want to fight all those famiglia's would you? I don't think even the great Varia would be able to come out of that alive. What happened again the last time they went against the Vongola Basil?"

"If I remember correctly I am most certain that Xanxus-dono became an ice sculpture, shisho*." The mouse haired boy said as he smiled an evil grin at his teacher as he played along in his joke.

"Ushi shi shi~ I think they're mocking us boss! Why don't I just kill them so the Prince doesn't have to hear their annoying voice anymore!" Bel said as he jumped out of his seat and landed on the table in front of the CEDEF group where he crouched down and pointed a knife at Iemistu's neck who just smiled at the boy and said "I wouldn't do that if I were you Belphegor-kun!"

Then faster than light, Belphegor was sent flying past his Boss and hit the glass window which broke under his weight and fell down in shards taking Belphegor with it and was about to fall to his doom when the blonde grabbed the edge of the window and yanked himself up quickly and sat on the ground with a flabbergasted look on him as he looked for his assailant.

"As I said I wouldn't do that since I have most of CEDEF surrounding this place ready to shoot you all down in a moments notice." He said as he pulled out his phone and tauntingly showed it. "Just one touch of a button and your all dead! Plus I have my guards here" Iemitsu said waving a hand behind him, emphasizing his guards. A woman with light orange hair and glasses crouched on the ground prepared for another attack and alerted the Varia of Belphegor's attacker making the boy leap to his feet and narrow his non visible eyes at the woman.

The rest of the Varia had looked on as their storm guardian was sent flying and still showed looks of shock lingering on their faces. Squalo turned his gaze slowly towards his boss to see what his decision would be on the matter.

"Muuu now we're gonna have to pay for the window repairs! That's coming out of your pay check Bel." Mammon said, trying to cover up his shock.

"Shut up Mammy, that wasn't the Prince's fault! The window was in the way so I'm not gonna pay for that! It looks better without it anyways." Bel said annoyed that Mammon would say such things at a time like this.

"Haha, arguing as always aren't you Varia? Anyways as you can see here, Oregano can take on one of you easily by herself so I doubt you guys would be able take on all of us with just your group." Iemitsu said with his Cheshire cat grin as he walked towards the door.

"See you soon Varia" and they were gone.

"I think we just got shoved near the edge of a Volcano shitty boss." Squalo grumbled as he uncermonially face planted the table.

"You think I don't know that trash!" and the shattering of glass against long white hair was seen.

"VOI you shitty boss! What was that for!"

"Leave the Boss alone!"

"Ma ma, Squ-chan, Levi-chan, calm down. I know everyone is not happy with the situation but this isn't the time to fight.

"That is correct and maybe we can offer you an escape from the magma."

"Who 's there!" Belphegor yelled as the Varia turned as one to the slowly opening door

"What now!" Xanxus said angrily as he threw his glass of wine at the person who had opened the door. Luckily for them the glass hit above them missing them only by a little.

"Ku fu fu fu, I guess it's true about the Varia and their temper." One of the intruders said as they stepped inside the room.

The Varia feasted their eyes on seven teens wearing lavish masks that matched the color of their suits. The person who had spoken earlier stood towards the back with a trident and was next to a girl who also held a similar trident as well.

"VOI who the hell are you and what do you want!" Squalo yelled as he jumped out of his seat along with the other Varia sans Xanxus who just sat in his seat drinking another glass of wine but cast his glaring eyes at the group who had dared show their presence in front of him after he had to deal with the earlier trash.

"We are the Incontabilli and we would like to request your cooperation in taking down the future head of Vongola, Sawada Tsuyoshi and his father, Sawada Iemitsu."