A Joke! A Joke!

Stop me if you've heard this one –

A man and a clown meet
In an asylum.
The light flickers dimly;
Darkness sharpens their features.

And the clown says,
There is no reality,
And you're too blind to see it.
I'm crazy, but not stupid.

A nod of green hair
In shadows beyond
The iron bars.

And then the man says,
But this is reality,
And you just cannot see it.
You're mad.

A cackle, a shrieking
Crackles down cement hallways,
Shattering tension
And sparking delusion.

And the clown says,
I see beyond this layer,
And there's an audience watching,
Waiting for my entertainment.

Two toxic eyes shooting
Evil venom, through veins
To the man's heart, and halting
All confidence there.

And then the man says,
There isn't an audience,
What you see are delusions.
They'll never be real.

The clown's smile fades slowly,
His countenance grim,
A strange and dark contrast
To his normal demeanor.

And the clown says, very grimly,
What if we are not real?

And the man can say nothing.
He's silent as the grave,
As hushed as sweet Death is,
As silent as you are.

Oh yes, I can see you;
I know you can hear me.
I know you exist…
You are real, aren't you?