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The words were innocent enough "...you're my boyfriend and I love you." But Laney soon pointed out,

"Guys, we're still on the air."

Oh no, what had she done? She Victoria Jagger had unknowingly misled the entire school into believing that Eric Ortiz was her boyfriend... and that she loved him.

[The following day]

Okay, how do I casually slip in 'Hey everyone, I'm not actually dating Eric.' into the morning announcements today? Victoria pondered to herself. Perhaps, after weather? Or maybe... Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a buzzing Laney.

"Victoria I have something to show you."

"What is it?"

"The new polling data for the school presidential race, and look! Your popularity has increased 20% in the last day. People said that a Victoria in love is more relatable, and that they're more likely to vote for you!"

"20% you say? Hmm" Lainey peaked her interest. "At this rate I'll have a strong lead." Victoria started to formulate an idea, and in walked Eric, at the perfect moment.

"Eric" she greeted unusually warmly with a grin.

"What is it? Are you going to confess your love for me in front of the whole school again? You know Jessica from our calc class is totally ignoring me now because she thinks you and I are dating. Thanks a lot, she was hot and I actually had a chance with her, until yesterday."

"Really Eric?" Victoria pointed with an exasperated look.

"Yeah, you're right. I actually didn't have a chance with her. But I could have, one day, maybe in the future. But not now!" Eric responded dejectedly. He sighed "So, what's up?"

"Actually, this does have to do with the little confession on air yesterday. How would you like to be my boyfriend?" she asked in eager.

Eric tossed up his hands, "I knew you were in love with me. What can I say the ladies can't resist the Ortiz charm" he chimed with a cocky smirk and hands on his hips.

Victory rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Gross, Eric. I meant how would you like to be my pretend boyfriend?"

"And why would I do that?"

"Well, Lainey's polls show that us dating almost guarantees that I'll win the presidential race. And if that happens, I'll be spending less time planning What's Up Warthogs."


"That means you'll be planning most of the show. It will basically be your show." Eric thought on her proposal. All he had to do was act as her boyfriend, she would win, and then he'll virtually lead the show. "So, what do you say?" she asked with expecting eyes.

He clenched his jaw and blurted out "Fine, I'll do it. But as soon as you win we're breaking up."

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

Eric and Victoria acted boyfriend-and-girlfriend like for the next few days. They wore matching t-shirts, they held hands in the hallways, Victoria forced Eric to haul her mountain of books everywhere, they even called each other by disgusting pets name like "Button" and "Schnookums". Eric was least pleased with "Honey Bunny". How could Victoria give him such lamesauce pet names after he gave her the best ones: dolcezza, tesoruccio, la mia cucciola. His uncle suggested that calling a girl sweetie, treasure, and my puppy in Italian supposedly melts the girls' hearts. His uncle has also never been married. He's pretty sure Victory is punishing him with Honey Bunny. None the less, they were quiet the convincing pair. Heck, they had the lovers' spat bit down since they were five and arguing with each other in kindergarten. But there remained once still critical of the two.

Victoria was at her locker, grabbing her textbooks for class. She was closing the door when she heard "Victoria! Sweetie!"

"Ugghh" she groaned to herself. When she finished closing her locker she met the face of the shrill voice. "Teddy, don't call me sweetie. I told you, I have a boyfriend."

"I don't see said boyfriend anywhere, do you?" he asked looking around. "Victoria, my sweet, would you do me the honour of accompanying me in my limousine for a drive around the harbour this evening?" Teddy felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to meet an annoyed Eric.

"Sorry Teddy, she's going to be spending the evening with me, her boyfriend, in the studio working."

"Very well. But don't think I'm not on to you two. My Victoria would never love a buffoon like you. Good day Eric. Good bye Victoria, my love." with that, Teddy and his butler strolled to his next class.

"That guy gets on my nerves." Eric grunted, hand clenched.

"Gets on your nerves? Excuse me, you're not the one he chases all day. Anyway Eric, we have to be careful of him, he's already suspicious of our relationship."

"What's there to be suspicious about?"

"An intelligent, talented, beautiful girl like me going out with a ... guy like you. I would be suspicious."

"Haha, very funny. Let's go to class."

"Okay Honey Bunny" Victoria smiled as she dropped a ton of textbooks in Eric's arms.

[Afterschool, 5pm]

Eric and Victoria were in the studio working on ideas for What's Up Warthogs. They were standing by the news desk when Teddy burst through the doors.

"Oh Sweetie!" Teddy called out. Eric sighed in exhaustion and pressed his temples. Won't that guy give up? "My beautiful Victoria, I came to pick you up for our drive down by the harbour."

Eric calmly told him "Listen Teddy, I told you before. You're not going anywhere with my girlfriend. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, perfectly. So Victoria, about that drive" Teddy grinned.

Victoria's annoyance grew. "Teddy didn't you hear Eric just now. You're not going anywhere with me."

"No. What I heard was that I'm not to go anywhere with Eric's girlfriend. And I do not believe that you're his girlfriend."

"And why's that?" she questioned.

"Well, you're relationship seems so sudden and forced, and just happens to perfectly coincide with your intensified campaigning for president and increased popularity."

Victoria's eyes grew wide in shock. "So you think Victoria and I are only pretending to date for votes?" Eric scoffed in nervous laughter. "That's ridiculous."

"Yes, ridiculous. And I believe completely true." Teddy responded confidently, hands clasped behind his back.

Victoria started to panic. Her presidential career would be thwarted even before it began, and all because Teddy refused to believe Eric was her boyfriend. Growing desperate, she yelled out "I can prove it to you."

"Like you've been trying to prove it the school these past two weeks? I will hardly fall for such flimsy facades."

In a panic, Victoria turned to Eric, grabbed his face with both hands and crashed her lips on his. Eric's eyes were wide with shock, but understanding her motives, he kissed her back. Teddy, standing speechless in the middle of the room, turned around and silently left. Neither of them had noticed Teddy had left as their eyes were closed, so they continued to kiss.

Eric's left hand grazed sensually up and down Victoria's arm, while the other rested on the small of her back. He leaned into the kiss and gently pushed her against the desk. She wove her fingers through his short hair as her other hand slipped down his neck and rested on his chest. He captured her bottom lip in his mouth, and teased her by lightly tugging it. Their kissing became passionate and breathy. Eric started trailing kisses down her jaw to let her breath. The hand on Victoria's lower back travelled lower. She could swear she heard him mumble dolcezza between kisses. He nibbled on her earlobe then soothed it with a peck. He grazed her pulse point with his teeth, then swept his tongue across it and sucked at the spot. Victoria's eyes shot open with pleasure. "Eric" she called out breathily. His lips travelled down her neck with hot open mouth kisses. "Eric" she called out a second time. He groaned in response. Her calling out his name only drove him further down Victoria's torso. His lips rested on the top of her breast where he sucked and soothed the sensitive skin. Victoria called out for the final time, this time lightly pushing him away. "Eric, you can stop. Teddy's gone."

Eric stood straight, and as he had her pinned between him and the desk and as he loomed over her, she caught a dark passion in his eyes looking down on her while he tried to even his breathing. It sent shivers down her spine, and she suddenly felt small. But the look faded in a second when he stepped back and cleared his throat. "Sorry about that, just trying to be convincing."

She cleared her throat as well and awkwardly responded "At least we won't have to worry about Teddy being suspicious anymore." Victoria pulled out her compact mirror to fix her hair. She noticed two bright pink spots on her neck and chest. Her anger boiled. "Eric! You gave me a hickey! Gosh!" she yelled annoyed as she examined the spots further.

"Hey, what's the big deal? I'm you 'boyfriend' aren't I? Just marking my territory."

"Your territory? You don't own me. You know it's because of men like you that women throughout history have been objectified..." Victoria continued on a feminist spiel while Eric tried to tune her out. They were back to their old arguing selves.

[The Next Day]

Erictoria were standing by the concession area after the school football game, when suddenly the kissing cam spotted them. Great, now they had to kiss in front of the whole school. Eric blushed at the thought, recalling yesterday's events. They turned to each other and thoughts raced across their heads.

How long will I have to be just a fake boyfriend? The election is months away and I can only take so much.

How long do I have to pretend to date Eric? What if this doesn't guarantee me the win?

Their eyes closed and they inched closer together.

I can only be close to her when people are watching? But I want to be alone with her in these moments. I don't want to have to share any part of her. I want every part of her for myself.

What if he wants more from me? He already went pretty far yesterday. And we've only been pretend dating for two weeks. What will we have to do in a month?

They were only a few inches apart, then suddenly pulled back.

"I can't do it!" Eric exclaimed.

"That's right." Victoria added. "Erictoria is no more!"

-The following week-

Laney was working away at her laptop and called out "Victoria, come look at this!"

"Don't tell me, my popularity tanked after I dumped Eric?" she inquired grimly. At the moment Eric walked up behind the two. He was going to ask Victoria out on a real date.

"No, the exact opposite! People are even more likely to vote for you now because you've shown your vulnerable side."

"That's great news Lainey!" Victory exclaimed happily.

Eric looked over her shoulder at the screen, disappointed. "Yeah, that's great." he chimed in trying to stifle his sadness. "I won't have to be your boyfriend again." he added with a fake smile. He turned around and returned to the news desk defeated.

He looked at the edge of the desk where only a week ago he had Ms. Jagger pinned and calling out his name. He looked across the room and at the marks still visible on Victoria's neck. He slumped his head down on the desk and groaned in frustration.

Victoria sat down beside him. "What's wrong with you?" she asked not particularly concerned.

He looked up and dryly responded "Nothing."

"Well then pull yourself together we're on air soon."

Lainey started, "And you're on i 2.."

"Hey there warthogs, I'm Victoria Jagger"

"And I'm Eric Ortiz"

"And we have a great show lined up for you today."

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