As The Fool Said to the Sheriff
One More Bad Day

You're going mad, commissioner.
It's easy enough to see,
Unmistakable in its
Patterns; in its
And I tell you, it's all in your head!

It's all just a bad dream.
A nightmare made real –
This carnival demented,
All this neon,
This twisted steel
That grins in bar-like teeth
On ride tracks – and
What wild rides they are!
But then, what can you expect
From such a Bad Day?
You never wanted this, did you?

But that won't make it go away.
And me? Why, simply nothing.
I'm a hallucination;
I'm proof reality's bending,
Bending as it breaks.
After all, I'm not the real thing
Surely – that'd be a bad joke.

After all, you're headed to Hell.
What's that you say?
I can't quite hear you!
… What have I done to your daughter?
… Well…

She's broken, you might say.
She's damaged goods.
It's easier to destroy someone
When you get them by surprise,
A bit like how you are right now,
Eh, commish?
It's funny how the world works.

One moment, things are peachy-keen,
The next you're someplace terrible,
Someplace you don't want to be,
With someone like me
At the reigns. As for Barbara,
You'll see her soon enough.
Trust me, I have the photos.
I've proof of it in spades.
You'll know what I mean soon enough,

When you take a ride through your psyche.
Funny how "psyche"
Can become "psycho"
If you change one little letter, isn't it?
But I'm no shrink!
How could I be when I much prefer
To stay as far removed from

As possible?
But it doesn't matter. Not now, not here –
The carnival's waiting.
The ride is starting.
The crazy train's leaving the station
And you're on a one-way trip.
Oh, trust me, you'll know when you get there.
Just remember this –

When the trauma gets too much,
When the loss consumes you whole,
When you just can't stand it anymore,
There is a way out to take.

Just look for the escape door,
The one that's marked, "Madness",
Open it wide,
And jump.