Eulogy for a Fool

(In Dedication to Mark Hamill)

You're leaving soon these solemn streets,
The reddened sky, the cityscape –
Perhaps you wanted to escape? –
From this, your other life.

I'll miss the devious clown, you know –
I've known him for a long, long year.
I came to love him, came to fear
His brand of anarchy.

The smile has faded, the laughter bright
No longer bounces musical
From brick buildings, chilling and full –
It's strangely quiet now.

I'll miss the purple suit the most –
He was a man who balanced style
And humor with his wit and guile –
His infamy, legendary.

Perhaps the Bat has given up
On you, assuming this dark night
He's given you a greater fright –
And thus, the jester left?

Or maybe you have chosen this –
The clown can no longer force a laugh,
And so, he seeks a better path –
One that isn't such a bore?

I'll always call you Joker, though
You're standing on a higher hill –
Take Harley with you, if you will.
Goodnight, my dear Clown Prince.