The Bodyguard: Points of view

"What time are you coming home tomorrow?" I asked Frank, on the phone. I hate his golf trips because he's gone for a whole weekend. "I told you Rachel, I will be home at noon," Frank explained for the hundredth time. "Why can't you just leave Bruce and hop on a plane right now, I want to cuddle." "I would but I'm Bruce's ride home and he's calling hogs right now," he said. I whimpered like a little girl. "Rachel, I will be home tomorrow and then you can cuddle with me all you want. Happy now?" he asked. "No," I whined. "Why not Rachel?" "Because, I am having a nice hot bath and you are not here to enjoy it with me," I said, smiling because I know what I just did to him. "Um, I think Bruce can take a cab; that last flight is leaving in one hour," Frank said. It sounded like he was already packing. "No Frank you won't make it on time," I said. "You did that on purpose," he complained. "Yeah I know," I chuckled, "So you know that new Victoria Secret body wash you got me smells way better on me than in the bottle." I could hear him groaning in the background. "You are in so much trouble when I get back," he said. "Threats do nothing for me," I said. "Mommy!" I heard three rooms down. "Ugh," I groaned. "Another bad dream?" Frank asked. "Yeah. She's been having a lot lately. And they have always been the same, a man chasing her and when she finally gets to one of us, she wakes up," I said getting out the tub. "Well, have she said who he was?" "Well the first few were unknown but then she started to make him out as Sy. Maybe it's because of what he said," I didn't mean to say that last sentence. "What did he say?" "What?" "You said he said something, what was it?" "Um, honey I'll call you back or more like I'll see you tomorrow, love you, bye," I hung up the phone before he can say anything. I threw on my robe and went into MJ's room. "What's wrong honey?" I asked her. She sat up and reached out her arms. I picked her up and asked, "Nightmare?" She nodded. "Do you want sleep Mommy's room tonight?" She nodded again. I grabbed her cabbage patch doll, I carried her to my room and then set her down. "Get in the bed and I'll be right back." I went into the bathroom and put my pajamas and then to the kitchen and got the bag of cookies. When I got back to the room she was rolling around on the floor. "MJ, what are you doing?" I laughed. "Rooolling," she dragged the 'o'. "I see that, but you shouldn't be rolling," I sat down on the floor, "It's time for sleep." She didn't say anything, she just kept rolling. "Let me guess, you aren't tired." She smiled and kept rolling. "Okay, can you please at least try to be tired then you will be sleeping in a few minutes." She kept rolling. "I will give you four cookies if you get in bed," I said showing her the cookies. She stopped and thought and shook her head. "MJ," I said. "Roooooll with me," she suggested. "Mommy doesn't want to roll, Mommy wants to sleep." She frowned and kept rolling. "Okay, I will roll with you for a few minutes and then we go to sleep," I started rolling and she said, "Cookies." I grabbed the cookies and past it to her. A few minutes became a few hours I have no idea when we stopped.

Frank's POV

"I'm home!" I yelled. "I'm in here," Fletcher called back. I walked in the living room and saw Fletcher watching T.V. "Where are your mom and sister?" I asked. Fletcher turned the T.V. down and said, "They are still sleep." I looked at my watch and it was 3:08 pm. "This late?" I asked. "Yeah, they were up all night playing. I barely got any sleep," he said. I sat my duffle bag on the floor and went upstairs. When I got to my bedroom, MJ and Rachel were asleep on the floor. I chuckled to myself. They were sleeping on their sides and MJ was under Rachel's arm. I crept up behind Rachel and whispered, "I'm home." She stirred for a few moments and turned around. "Hi sweetie," she said in her sleepy voice. "So uh what's with the sleeping arrangement?" I asked. She slowly removed her arm from around MJ and said, "I just forgot how fun it was to be five years old." I helped her up and she stretched. "So how was your weekend," I asked. "Just like every other weekend, except you weren't here." "Sorry," I said. "It's okay," she said. "Well we should try to wake her up," I asked. "Okay, I have to clean up these cookie crumbs and I don't want to vacuum her up." Rachel walked out the room and went downstairs. I turned around and MJ was still sleep and looking very peaceful. She looked so much like her mom that it wasn't even funny. The only things of mine that she had was my skin tone and my eyes. The rest is her mom; her face, smile, her curly hair, and a little of her mom's attitude. I bent down and shook her. "Honey, wake up." She stirred but she didn't wake up. "MJ wake up honey," I shook her again and she opened her eyes. "Good afternoon sunshine," I said. She smiled and closed her eyes again. "Are you still sleepy?" I asked. She nodded. "Do you want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed?" She nodded again. "Okay, but daddy can't pick you up because he hurt his shoulder so he's going to need you to get up." She got up and jumped on the bed and fell right back to sleep. I went downstairs to catch Fletcher opening the door. "Uh where are you going?" I asked. He sighed and closed the door. "Please, I'll be back in a two hours," he begged. "You didn't answer my question Fletcher." "Ugh, I have a date with the finest girl in school and if I don't leave right now, she might never talk to me again." "I understand, so what's her name?" I asked. "Frank, can we do this later, I have to go," he said. "Hey you can either answer my question or be late," I suggested. "Tracy, okay, her name is Tracy." "See how easy that was, tell me about her, but after you come back. Go and have fun, just not too much fun," I said. "Thanks Frank, and don't tell mom, please just tell her I'm going to play basketball." "Okay, go." He walked out and I went inside the living room. "Where did Fletcher go?" Rachel asked sitting on the couch. "He is going to play basketball," I said sitting down next to her. "No, he's going on a date," she said. I looked at her in disbelief, "How did you know?" "I know my son." "Okay," I said, "What did you do all weekend?" "Nothing, I took the kids to the beach, your son got about four girls phone number and your daughter got sand in her hair." "Why when he is a womanizer, he's my son?" "Because you are a womanizer," she said. "Me? I'm shocked that you would even think that," I said with a smirk. I kissed her on the nose then the mouth. "Frank-" I pulled her under me and kissed her before she can finish. When I moved down to her neck she said, "We are not alone in this house." I pulled away and said, "She's sleep." "And what she wakes-" I kissed her again and worked my way back to her neck. "Frank stop." I didn't of course. "Frank st-" I didn't stop her this time. "Frank," she whispered. I moved back to her lips and my hands went under her pajama shirt. When I got her shirt off we heard, "Knock, knock." Sy came in like he lived here. Rachel pushed me off of her and picked her shirt off the floor. "We're in here!" she yelled putting her shirt on. Sy came in the living room and said, "Whoa, I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" "Yes," I grumbled. Rachel hit me in my chest and said, "No, you didn't, what's up?" "I will be in the game room," I said. When I left I heard him say, "I have some great news, Rachel."