The Foes' Great Confrontation

I'm pleased to meet you here, my friend,
Before our tales reach the end.
From me, you needn't fast defend –
I mean no harm to you!

Oh no, I mean no harm at all,
I'm only joking as I call
On madness and watch the world fall –
It's simply what I do.

Astonished, I am! Why, you know me,
This jester of infinite trickery,
This laughter, this smile, this treachery –
What, do you think I lie?

Oh, call me sinner, call me fool,
Call me a monster, call me cruel,
Call me stubborn as a mule –
You can't say I don't try!

Oh yes, you know me all too well,
Your lover from the depths of Hell.
But not a soul this fact you'd tell –
We're quite alike indeed,

For when you pry into my head,
You find that I'm in yours instead,
Your will decaying, dying… dead –
And on that, madness feeds.

And on and on the battle rages
Through glorious Gold and Silver Ages
Like knights within the histories' pages –
It's only just begun,

And once the final blood is shed,
And I've painted this city red,
All scattered with the laughing dead,
You'll realize – I've won!

But that's another time, my friend,
When both our tales have reached the end.