Love Letter

I knew our destiny instantly
The first time that he glared at me,
The rage in his eyes so plain to see.

It happened on a killing spree –
The first attributed to me –
My first steps, laughing, wild, free.

His cloak as black as night could be
Left such the large impression on me –
So stoic even back then was he.

He scanned my form intensively,
Though he wasn't quite so tall as me –
I towered over him imposingly.

Our eyes met then – his like the sea
As blue, as chilling, pierced right through me –
My green orbs gazed back mockingly.

It was then I knew his intentions – he
Had planned to beat and capture me –
Oh, what fun this was going to be…

And since then, we've fought constantly -
I've tortured him, he's cold-clocked me –
All lover's spats in reality.

And still we battle for eternity –
But who am I to argue with destiny?