Of Mad Love And Mayhem

I knew a lovely harlequin,
Her trickster side danced deep within,
And still will not come out.

It isn't that she hasn't tried,
Hasn't tried,
Hasn't tried,
But she would rather be a bride,
Her groom, of chalky skin.

She loves me too much, far too deep,
Far too deep,
Far too deep
To think a home life I would keep
And with that, be satisfied –

She's known me long enough to know,
Enough to know,
Enough to know
That come what may, rain, sleet, or snow,
I'll chase bats 'til I die.

Does she believe I never tire,
Never tire,
Never tire
Of her, like some spark'ling vampire?
… Hey, now that you mention it,

That's what she thinks we seem to be,
We seem to be,
We seem to be,
Though she'll get no respect from me –
But hell, if the shoe fits…

"This is the grin of a killer, Bella!
Killer, Bella!
Killer, Bella!
This is my grin and I killed her, Bella,
And I think I love you not!

I know a pretty harlequin,
Harley Quinn,
Her trickster side dances within,
But she is what I got.