Raise Your Colors: Three Villains in Three Acts

Act I: Laughable

Purple Flag,

Green Flag

Wildly swirl above the

Shattered Dead

Scattered Dead.

Laughter rings cruelly in

The cold evening air

In shards of razors

And agony;

Bombs explode like fireworks

Set off in buildings

Across the city,

And the living run

Like dogs chasing cars,

Like herds of sheep.

And he crosses to you,

All long legs and laughter,

His gaze pierces you, and

He smiles.

You feel the chaos

Rising, rising –

And for a moment,

The briefest moment,

You see what Madness is:

A jester dancing beneath

A garish banner,

Laughing in victory.

Why So Serious?

Act II: Confounding

Emerald Flag,

Black Flag

Above the chessboard,

And you are no Chessmaster.

Questions bombard you,

Abstract concepts –

Wrap your head around that one,

You think you're so smart.

There's always something deeper,

Always something else,

So think outside the box.

Clues here,

Clues there,

But only one answer, and

It's not what you think.

It never is, not in Life,

And certainly not here, Heaven forbid.

This conundrum's no simple matter,

No jigsaw puzzle,

No Magic Ring Trick,

No Fox, Bird, and Feed –

This is merely

A Game of Chess,

Only strategy, wit and guile

Will help you here.

The question marks hang

In still air, trailing off



Is that too difficult?

I'm sorry, what was the question?

Alright then, another one.

Riddle Me This…

Act III: Terrifying

Black Flag,

Brown Flag

Dark as night –

Impeccable gloom is

Your Siren Song.

Surrender to Fear;

I will aid you.

Let your Nightmare unfold,

Face it head on,

Run away screaming, but

You can't escape.

You can never escape.

Why are you adverse to it?

It's merely research, my research.

I've a scientific mind,

Curious to a fault like

A cat, like a kitten.

I must know, and will not stand

For "No"!

I simply want to make

Your Fears come true,

As if on cue,

To hear the pulse race,

To see what scares people.

Spiders, Bats, and Clowns –

What are you afraid of?

What is it you won't face?

Tell me.

Tell me!

Two in one, but one is the other.

Expect the First, only to be

Haunted by the Second

With horrible consequences –

I'm dreadfully sorry, but

Dr. Crane's Not In.